Family Farm and Home Hours


Family Farm and Home has quietly built an almost 20-outlet farm store retail chain from their Muskegon offices. Their company boasts direct ties to Quality Stores and is known for customer service excellence despite steady growth during a brutal recession.

Family farm stays feature all meals served family style and encourage guests to help with chores such as checking eggs or emptying the coops of chickens and guineas.

Hours of Operation

Family Farm & Home has quietly grown to over 30 stores in five states since opening its first location in Michigan almost 20 years ago. Based out of West Michigan, this privately-owned and family-operated company specializes in livestock feed; horse tack and three-point equipment; lawn and garden products; automotive accessories; tools; sporting goods; clothing; bedding; heating stoves; and sporting goods for dogs. Family Farm’s operations span three generations of agricultural experience inherited through generations.

Al Fansler, president, and chief executive officer, launched the company out of his Bear Lake basement home. Starting with three former Quality Store locations purchased through bankruptcy court liquidators in Coldwater, Benton Harbor, and Lafayette, Indiana, its expansion rate has averaged two new outlets yearly while remaining profitable with same-store annual sales increases throughout the recession.

Robert Hoover holds an unwavering sense of responsibility to his customers and the greater community. His mission is to educate people about agriculture’s advantages while passing down his enthusiasm for farming to future generations of farmers.

Holiday Hours

Family Farm & Home stores will typically be closed on most holidays; however, when this occurs, they will update their website and social media pages to inform customers when they reopen. In addition, online sales and promotions may occur during these closures, and you might see new products or holiday-themed items arrive for sale, plus gift cards or coupon codes to help you save on purchases.

What Is Family Farm and Home Like? Worked here for years – a great company that’s very family-orientated! The most notable advantage is flexible hours (critical if you have children).

Customer Service Hours

Family Farm & Home, located in West Michigan and owned by its founding family, specializes in rural living. Their store provides supplies related to livestock, horses, and pets; lawn and garden; work clothing footwear equipment (WFE); automotive products; sporting goods (ATG); heating stoves/accessories, etc.). With outstanding customer service at its core and vital growth since 2002.

Family Farm & Home has experienced remarkable growth due to its ability to meet customer needs. Their products cover everything from livestock feed and three-point equipment, pet food and supplies, work clothes, footwear and tools, automobile parts and fuel for automobiles, ice fishing gear, and hunting supplies – not forgetting an extensive selection of outdoor power equipment!

As part of its physical store locations, this company also maintains an online presence to complement them. Customers can browse the site to locate products of interest while contacting customer service for any inquiries. In addition, iPhone and Android users can access this company’s mobile applications.

Dennis Malaret is a frequent patron at the company’s Plainfield Avenue location in Grand Rapids and was delighted when they announced the opening of a Greenville store. According to Dennis, there’s nowhere he’d instead shop for supplies related to agriculture, livestock, pets, or lawn and garden than Greenville; employees there know him so well that they get concerned if they haven’t seen him for several days!

Email Hours

Whether it is additional product information or inquiries about our return policy, feel free to reach out via email and ask for help! If you are curious about joining our team as an employee or volunteer, feel free to submit your resume – we are constantly seeking hardworking individuals eager to join an expanding company!

What does it feel like to work at Family Farm and Home? Family Farm & Home has been proudly family-owned since 2002. Operating across five states with over 300 dedicated employees working across our business.