Family Farm and Home Manistee Expands


Family Farm and Home has expanded from its Muskegon headquarters to Greenville by opening its 71st store in Michigan. Specializing in agricultural and rural lifestyle products, Family Farm and Home will now compete against Tractor Supply at their former Quality Store building on Plainfield Avenue.

Muskegon-area customers will recognize the Greenville store from its former Quality Store days as it opens for business now and hosts a grand opening celebration on Friday.

Buying a Home

Family Farm and Home, founded in Michigan in 2002, operates stores specializing in tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work casual clothing, footwear, bird food, lawn and garden alternative heating, and alternative heating technologies. Their products can be found across the country. Family Farm and Home pride themselves on offering quality products at an unbeatably affordable price while offering additional services such as delivery and gift wrapping.

Manistee, Michigan, serves as a home for Fansler Enterprises’ corporate headquarters, and it is privately owned by Tim Fansler (president/CEO) and his son Tim Fansler (vice president/merchandising vice president). Muskegon will mark its third location within Michigan, following Allendale and Newaygo.

Retail sales at this company have experienced exponential growth. Its website has become one of the most visited for gardening, pet supplies, livestock feed, and other home and farm products online. Their customer service is unsurpassed, and their user-friendly catalog allows customers to shop by name, brand, or category; quickly locating items they need with just a few clicks. It has even been optimized for mobile devices so customers can shop anytime they have internet connectivity!

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Family Farm and Home is a retail store based in Michigan offering products such as tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work casual clothing, footwear, and farm supplies to customers throughout the Midwest. Their stores also feature lawn and garden equipment, alternative fuel sources, and work apparel options.

The family-owned retailer has experienced exponential growth over recent years. Employing over 2,200 people nationwide, making it one of the biggest independent retailers in America. Offering competitive salaries and benefits packages to qualified candidates, those interested in applying should contact its human resources department for consideration.

Manistee County is home to many fruit and vegetable producers. Some are fourth-generation farmers, such as the Miller Brothers in Onekama. What started as a strawberry patch has grown into producing strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, apricots, and apples and offering markets for local growers.

Cream Cup Dairy, owned by Mennonite couple David and Cheryl Miller, has become one of the prominent producers in Manistee County. Established to raise their children in an environment rich in character and work ethics, their efforts have proven fruitful as they now produce non-homogenized whole milk, 2% chocolate milk, butter cheese eggs – not forgetting butter from local suppliers – all distributed across 17 grocery stores and markets in Manistee County.

Buying a Horse

The purchase of a horse for a family farm and home manistee field can be both exciting and rewarding, but specific considerations must be kept in mind before making your purchase. First, decide the breed of horse that best fits your lifestyle and needs before beginning research on that specific species.

Family Farm and Home is a retail store based out of Michigan offering tools, hardware, automotive parts, pet supplies, work casual apparel, footwear, lawn, and garden supplies, alternative heating fuel, and alternative fuel products. The business has numerous stores throughout its state of operation.

Manistee County worker at Family Farm and Home reported they haven’t seen any customers trying to use ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment despite an earlier press release alerting workers of potential risks associated with purchasing horse dewormer for this use.

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Family Farm and Home, based out of Michigan, is a privately-owned retail chain offering products related to farming, home improvement, livestock feed, alternative heating systems, lawn and garden care, and bird food. Furthermore, this business has been open since April 2002.

Manistee, Michigan-based Family Farm, and Home employs 43 people at this location. Its merchandising and register assistants are responsible for providing excellent customer service and accurate information about merchandise carried. In addition, they must adhere to Family Farm and Home and OSHA guidelines to maintain a safe working environment.

G & D Alpaca Farm of Manistee offers comfortable pastures to alpacas. Like llamas, alpacas produce soft fleece, which can be made into high-quality products. Visitors are welcome to visit these lovely creatures, purchase unique wool products produced from them, and learn about their care and feeding. In addition, this farm is home to majestic elk with their graceful movements – perfect companions!