Family Farm and Home in Richmond, Michigan


Family Farm & Home is an FFL dealer licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Enter their license number into the ATF eZ Check search tool to verify this.

As part of the seventh generation on the farm, Leila works full-time, focusing on herd management. She aims to spread positive messaging about dairy farming.

About Us

Family Farm and Home, based out of Michigan, specializes in tools, hardware, automotive parts, pet supplies, work casual clothing, footwear, farm supplies, horse feed alternative heating lawn and garden, and bird food. Their Richmond store, owned by Mary Chambers and Dan Carry, ‘s a self-sufficient farming method of growing produce on a 40×40 plot and selling at the Birdhouse Farmers Market on Grayland Avenue every other Tuesday with produce such as cucumbers, tomatoes, squash herbs, leafy greens (using microgreens) available through organic methods & microgreens! You can check Family Farm & Home’s FFL status using ATF’s eZ Check tool eZ Check search feature on the ATF website.

Tools & Hardware

Family Farm & Home offers various tools and hardware around your home, yard, or workshop. Their pet products include food, toys, and treats for dogs and cats, automotive supplies, work casual clothing, and alternative heating products. In addition, they have automotive supplies, work casual attire, and alternative heating products. As Family Farm & Home are licensed Federal Firearms License dealers, their FFL number can be verified using ATF’s eZ Check search tool; please note, however, they only sell ECHO products without providing repairs or warranty services on ECHO products they operate as Sales Only FFL dealers independent FFL dealers.


Family Farm and Home offers an assortment of automotive products and services tailored to the specific needs of their customers, such as tire rotation, oil changes, battery replacements, and tire repair. Their staff has years of experience providing excellent customer service and various savings solutions that may benefit customers financially.

The company provides an assortment of automotive, tools, clothing, and footwear services, lawn and garden, alternative heating and farm supplies products, loyalty programs, extended warranties, and financing solutions.

Sun Path Family Farm, operated by Chambers and Carry, cultivates cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, squash, radishes, and leafy greens on a 40x-40 foot plot in Baltimore City. Each day, six to seven hours are dedicated to tending their garden; produce is sold at Birdhouse Farmers Market every other Tuesday on Grayland Avenue.

Pet Supplies

Family Farm and Home offers pet supplies for your furry family members, including food, treats, toys, and more. In addition, they sell Armada brand artisan pet food made right here in Richmond Hill! Additionally, Family Farm and Home offer fun activities to their visitors; children can take a hayride around historic Richmond Town; navigate their way through a maze; hurl pumpkins at state-of-the-art pumpkin chucking bungee; or pose for fall photo-ops at their historic double-decker barn!

Farm Supplies

Family Farm and Home is an American agricultural cooperative owned by farmer members. It supplies livestock and poultry feed, vegetable seed, fertilizers, bulk fuel, and farm supplies to its producer members and other customers. Family Farm and Home also provides crop services and guidance for farmers to help them produce higher-yield crops while protecting their land; its brick-and-mortar stores allow consumers to find everything they need all in one convenient spot, with staff readily available for a personal discussion about any needs; such an experience sets Family Farm and Home apart from other retailers.

Southern States Cooperative sold its farm supplies business to GROWMARK and its crop services division to CF Industries in 2020.