Family Farm and Home Products


Family farmers are at the core of America’s economic ladder. When family farms prosper, Main Street businesses and communities also experience growth.

Before initiating a family farm arrangement, it is wise to conduct an in-depth review of expected income to avoid costly surprises – both financially and emotionally – that may arise and potentially strain family relationships. This step should help safeguard against shocks that could prove expensive regarding money and relationships.

Lawn & Garden

Lawns add beauty and value to properties while serving as entertainment venues. Gardens help to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers that meet the daily nutrition requirements of family members and require ongoing maintenance such as mowing, mulching, watering, and pest control services for optimal growth.

Family Farm and Home was established in Michigan and offers specialty agricultural supplies and rural living solutions. Products sold include feed for pets, horses, and livestock, farm supplies such as lawn and garden equipment, home heating systems, hardware tools, automotive components, and work clothes/footwear from brands like King Kutter, Husqvarna mowers/chainsaws, and whole house generators.

Family Farm and Home offers an engaging workplace characterized by solid values such as teamwork, integrity, accountability, growth, hard work, and hard-working employees who enjoy competitive pay, benefits, and bonuses and excellent training and development opportunities at every location. They anticipate expanding by four or five new stores this year and over three years to grow to over 32 stores statewide in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.


Family Farm and Home offers an expansive selection of automotive products, such as chainsaws, snowblowers, lawnmowers, trimmers, and power tools. In addition, work wear, pet supplies, and pellet stoves are also offered at their locations across the US. At Family Farm and Home, we embrace teamwork, integrity, accountability growth principles in all we do.

Michigan-based retailer of agricultural and home products recently signed a lease for its inaugural location in Maryland, in Hagerstown’s Long Meadow Shopping Center located in Washington County’s high growth area. Long Meadow is also home to Pennsylvania Dutch Market, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General stores, and numerous others.

Family Farm & Home, a Michigan-based retailer of agricultural and home products, will open its first store in Maryland this summer. Their flagship stores are often situated in areas where residents still know one another well and value hard work as an essential value.

Work Wear

Family Farm and Home recently hosted the Grand Opening of their store at Flat Rock Plaza. There was a great sale selection, plus they invited the Wayne County 4H Club, which will have rabbits and other animals available for viewing throughout the weekend.

This company provides rural and suburban living merchandise, such as pet, horse, and livestock feeds and accessories; farm supplies; home heating; lawn and garden equipment; hardware; automotive; work clothing and footwear. Their specialty retailer operates 56 stores in three states.

Family Farm and Home Inc, based out of Michigan, plans to open its inaugural Maryland store this summer at Long Meadow Shopping Center in Hagerstown under RD Management LLC’s guidance, covering an area of 30,000 square feet in this 164,293-square foot center.

This company takes great pride in being part of local communities. Employees live, work, and play within the neighborhoods they serve, relying on core values like teamwork, integrity, accountability, growth, and hard work to improve themselves and, ultimately, the company in each location they operate in.

Pet Supplies

Family Farm & Home of Fenton, Michigan, opened their 32nd store on Oct. 24 in Fenton after filling an empty storefront since Farmer Jack supermarket closed there in 2007. Family Farm & Home offers specialty agricultural supplies and home products for rural and suburban living, such as pet, horse, and livestock feed and accessories; farm supplies; lawn & garden equipment; home heating solutions; hardware; automotive; work clothing & footwear.

Purina, ProPlan, and Blue Buffalo are among the more mainstream pet food brands available at PetCo; in addition to these offerings are holistic offerings from Orijen, Fromm, Muenster, and Ziwi Pets, as well as animal bedding, grooming tools, and treats.

This chain takes pride in being part of local communities, believing its success stems from teamwork, integrity, accountability, growth, and complex work values. Customers can count on receiving high-quality equipment, knowledgeable staff, and fair prices at every location – helping customers work smarter and faster so that they have more time with family.