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On August 11th from 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM is Freshman Orientation, an event designed to familiarize new high school students with tours and team-building activities on campus as well as match them with their FUZE mentors.

Fall Break

Fall break is a three-day school holiday held during the first week of October to give teachers time for professional development activities such as faculty meetings, grade-level meetings, and department meetings. They may spend up to 15 hours attending meetings.

Claremore Public Schools, serving Rogers County in Oklahoma and distinguished for their student achievement by exceptional educators and an engaged community, is a top school district within Oklahoma, recognized nationwide for academic excellence.

This page details significant holiday dates for the 2023/2024 school year; however, they may change and should be verified with your school district before planning any holiday-themed trips or gatherings.

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break for school districts across the United States takes place annually at the end of November and varies in duration depending on location. It typically covers Thanksgiving Day itself and two additional days: one to be celebrated immediately prior and one or more post. Some schools take Monday and Tuesday off, while others opt to take off the whole week.

At English state schools, the academic year is divided into three terms: autumn, winter, and summer. The autumn term typically begins in September or October and continues through early December; winter term concludes a few weeks after Christmas, while spring term typically runs after winter break to mid-April; finally, students return at the start of June for summer term classes.

The United Kingdom follows a Western calendar-inspired school year; each term lasts for two weeks before summer break begins, which typically lasts several months. Furthermore, schools also take short breaks during Easter and National holidays.

Students in Australia enjoy longer summer breaks than Canadian students, and the school year runs from late February or March until July, with three-week breaks for Christmas and New Year. Canada follows this same schedule but with some variations. Quebec students enjoy shorter winter breaks but longer summer breaks, as well as one for their local patron saint holiday, which allows them to visit family members or take a vacation before the end of their academic year; other national holidays include Canada Day and Labour Day.

Christmas Break

Christmas break is an opportunity for people to spend quality time with family and friends, go shopping, purchase presents for loved ones, or perhaps take an extended vacation – but before making travel plans this holiday season, it is essential to keep specific considerations in mind.

Christmas breaks vary in duration depending on both school and region, generally starting around late November and lasting for at least a week or more. While some schools provide students with both days before Thanksgiving and after the holidays, others do not take any days off at all; additional, there may be in-service days where teachers participate in discussions or training activities.

Many schools provide three weeks of winter break, while others may only offer one, although the length varies by state and district. Schools frequently close during the Christmas holiday break to give staff the chance to spend quality time with their families.

While Christmas may be the most widely celebrated holiday during this period, other festivities like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa may also occur over this time. Furthermore, it can often be debated whether or not to refer to this break as “Christmas break” rather than “Winter break,” depending on personal preference; some individuals may have grown up hearing one term over the other.

This year’s Christmas break will run from December 23 to January 3 and provides children with plenty of opportunities for fun with friends and relatives, while parents use this time to shop for gifts for their offspring.

Spring Break

Spring Break, traditionally held annually from March to April, is the most extended holiday of the year and gives students time to spend time with their families during a period of intense academic study. Teachers do not need to work during Spring Break.

Teachers may take up to two days of unpaid bereavement leave without pay in the event of the death of a family member, with this policy applying to first- and second-degree family members (father, mother, husband/wife/children, and grandparent/sibling relationships, including step-relatives). Teachers can use personal days in addition to this bereavement leave. Please be aware that this list may change.


Sprinkler breaks are short breaks in the school year that typically occur between Easter and summer break, giving students time to rest and catch up on schoolwork. Their duration varies depending on any holiday that must be considered when planning for this break.

CPS is committed to keeping its students safe. CPS works closely with the Claremore Police Department (CPD) to provide full-time officers who know both the school and the community well. School Resource Officers: CPS works in collaboration with CDPD to employ on-campus school resource officers who know both environments intimately.

GPS tracking in vehicles and an app called STOPit, which allows students, parents, faculty, and community members to report bullying, abuse, and neglect, have proven successful in creating a safer learning environment for students at this school. While these safety measures have proven helpful in creating one, the best way to guarantee safety for every individual student is for them to actively engage in their education and stay aware of anything that might compromise it – this way, they’re sure not to miss anything that could compromise it!