Chesterfield County Va School Supply List 2023-2024


As schools prepare to open this week and the new academic year starts, families are spending more on school supplies. A recent Deloitte study indicated that family spending on back-to-school items will rise eight percent this year.

Chesterfield County lies just south of Richmond and serves as the Cradle of America, with Revolutionary and Civil War historic sites, museums, and houses to visit. There are also outdoor attractions to enjoy here, including state parks, wildlife areas, and 59 public parks.

School Supplies List

Due to two Chesterfield elementary schools and Hopewell Public Schools starting school within a week, parents are stocking up on supplies their children will need for the new school year. However, according to a Deloitte study, back-to-school shopping costs have increased over recent years – potentially placing families facing inflationary hardship under financial strain. Therefore, community members have organized back-to-school supply drives in an effort to assist these struggling families.

Please keep in mind that the school supplies lists on this site are just general suggestions and may differ significantly from what your child’s teacher requires. We strongly suggest consulting your child’s teacher prior to making any purchases – thank you!

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Back-to-School Tips

As families return their children to school this week, costs for supplies and clothing can quickly add up. According to a recent Deloitte study, family spending on school products has increased eight percent year-on-year; some parents tell CBS 6 they don’t know how they will afford this year’s list of required items, but there are ways you can save money when purchasing back-to-school goods and services.

Parents in Virginia can take advantage of Virginia’s Sales Tax Holiday this weekend (August 5-7) to buy qualifying school supplies, clothing, and footwear without incurring state sales tax. Items eligible include hurricane and emergency preparedness supplies as well as back-to-school discounts or coupons from participating retailers, while online shopping opportunities may even offer consumers additional savings.

Parents should make sure their children have received all necessary immunizations prior to returning to school. These vaccines will typically be given by a physician in his or her office and include MMR, varicella, and Tdap vaccines. It’s also crucial that students get a physical examination before going back into classes; during this visit, the physician can check them for abnormalities as well as assess their overall health status.

Consider shopping during early back-to-school sales as another way to save on school supplies and save up to 20%. Many stores start their sales earlier than the traditional school calendar, enabling parents to save as much as 20% off purchases. Some schools even host special events or fundraisers designed to reduce school supply costs further.

Chesterfield County Public Schools system is gearing up to welcome back its students this fall. At a work session held September 14th, its newly formed Public Health Committee recommended that cohorts based on health metrics be brought back into classrooms gradually.

On Tuesday, the first cohort of students is set to return. CCPS has prepared its buildings by upgrading HVAC filters, disbursing personal protective equipment, and making sure all facilities are clean for students’ arrival. Furthermore, mitigation strategies have been put in place, such as mandating that staff wear masks during working hours and restricting student movements inside buildings.


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Back-to-School Night

Beginning this September, students across all grades are returning to classrooms across America. From kindergarteners to rising stars in high school, every child requires certain supplies in order to be ready for the academic year ahead. A study by Deloitte indicates that families may spend on average $840 this year for supplies and clothing compared to $740 last year; CBS 6 reports some parents may struggle to afford some items on their children’s lists due to inflationary increases.

Chesterfield County Public Schools will host Back-to-School Night this evening across its district in order to help ensure an easy start to a new academic year for both students and parents alike. At these events, participants can ask any questions and gain information on how best to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

Teachers will be on hand at this event to offer samples of supplies they are asking their students to bring into class and answer any inquiries you might have. Furthermore, the Back-to-School Fair will take place in Hermitage High School’s auditorium with an on-site DTAC mobile unit staffed by staff members that will offer help setting up online accounts or answering other queries that arise during this event.