IGNOU Results


IGNOU results mark an essential step in students’ educational journey and provide a platform for personal growth and professional advancement. Get the Best information about IGNOU Grade Card.

Students must ensure they print official documents such as IGNOU Results and Grade cards for future reference.

Term-End Examinations

IGNOU conducts its TEE (Term End Examinations) exams twice annually for its students. Each subject’s exams are held online using computerized testing centers and evaluated by experienced examiners before the results are posted to their university portal for viewing by candidates. If students are not happy with their marks, they have the option of IGNOU Revaluation to reconsider them.

IGNOU TEE results are usually released within 45 days after an exam and can be found on the university’s official website. For the June exam, results were made public on June 29th, 2023, and students can access them by entering their enrolment number and date of birth on that page.

IGNOU announces its Term-End Examination results by listing both the Mark Obtained and the Maximum Mark attained for each course/subject before converting this number to a percentage and uploading it onto an ONLINE IGNOU Grade Card for each student who took part in that particular paper/course examination. This final score identifies each candidate who successfully passed and can be seen by everyone who successfully took the examination.

Candidates taking their IGNOU results and grade cards as references are advised to print them for future job applications and higher studies as they will serve as a provisional document until receiving the official mark sheet from IGNOU.

Some candidates may encounter problems when checking their IGNOU Results and may receive messages such as “Enrolment Number not Found/Result Yet to be Declared.” In such instances, the student should wait patiently, as IGNOU usually announces once IGNOU HQ has received all data from regional evaluation centers. Revaluation processes can also be carried out if one expects more marks than what appears on their result or grade card; applications for IGNOU Reevaluation can be submitted online by uploading photocopies of answer scripts along with a demand draft made payable directly to IGNOU.

Grade Card

The Grade Card is an academic credential that displays the overall percentage, qualitative level, and grade points a student has earned in any course or term-end examination. Additionally, it indicates if a course/subject has been completed/not completed, as well as the weightage of assignments/practical marks as well as total marks in term-end exams. Students should understand its format in order to access results more efficiently.

IGNOU is an open university offering various programs such as BA, BSc, BCom, PGDM, MCA, M.Ed, and MSW diploma and certificate courses. Each program can either follow the Grading evaluation system or the Marking assessment system – when using the Marking assessment system, the marks scored by students during assignments, theory exams, and practical examinations are converted into grades A through E for display on an IGNOU Grade Card.

IGNOU grade cards provide more details of term-end examination scores and completion status of courses/subjects, so students should ensure they submit all assignments, attend theory and practical exams, and submit any revaluation requests as soon as they feel dissatisfied with their performance.

IGNOU’s revaluation procedure is similar to other educational institutions; students can request a reevaluation by filling out and submitting an application form with supporting documentation at one of their regional evaluation centers, along with downloading and printing their grade cards from IGNOU.

Suppose a student is dissatisfied with their IGNOU grade card. In that case, they can take part in the IGNOU Back Paper Improvement Exam within two years to improve their grades and attain better scores – this may aid them in finding better job opportunities or entering higher education institutions. Students can also use their grade cards as proof of qualification when applying for future jobs or college admission tests, providing assurance they’re on track toward reaching their future career goals.


Students dissatisfied with their IGNOU Term End Examination results may request for reevaluation of their answer scripts, which entails having another evaluator review their answers and assign new marks accordingly – this process may help increase grades substantially; applicants must understand its implications first before considering applying; anyone interested should reach out to either their regional center or examination authorities to gain more information.

Once reevaluation has been completed, IGNOU will publish its revised marks for each course on its website or other designated platforms. Revisions typically increase overall grades and GPA scores to make students more competitive in job markets. This can strengthen academic standing while simultaneously making them more affordable candidates.

To check your IGNOU revaluation results, navigate to its website and click on ‘Student Support’ and then ‘Results’ before being asked for your nine-digit enrollment number to gain access. When your results become available, view and download them for personal records or print hard copies for future reference.

Reevaluation: IGNOU offers reevaluation to any student dissatisfied with their current scores on any theory papers. Applicants can make an application within one month after results are posted on the university’s official website and pay an additional 750 rupee fee per paper for this service – the best score from both assessments will be included on your grade card.

To access your IGNOU reevaluation results, log in and select the Student Support tab from the top menu. Next, click ‘Result’ and enter your enrollment number into the given field; your IGNOU result will then appear on the screen, and you can download and print copies for your records. If you are dissatisfied with your results, an improvement exam may also help boost your CGPA while making you more competitive in job markets.


IGNOU has initiated its 2024 session re-registration process. Students may register online up until January. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some exams will be postponed until their effects subside; updated exam dates will be posted as soon as possible on its website.

Re-registering on Ignno is an essential process for students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, helping them keep tabs on their progress and stay on schedule with their studies. Re-registration is open to all registered students – free and can be completed in under ten minutes!

Re-registering provides students who missed term-end exams or couldn’t finish their program for whatever reason a great chance to pick up where they left off and complete their degree and achieve desired qualifications – this option is only available during January and July cycles of each year.

Students can easily access their results on the IGNOU portal by logging in with their registered ID and password. The results page will display their latest mark sheet for their course or program with explanations for every score compared to peers in their cohort.

Indira Gandhi National Open University utilizes a system of letter grades to ensure fair evaluations of students’ performances, providing more accurate and thorough assessments than the old Cumulative Grade Point Average system.

Re-registration with IGNOU can be an essential step for students who are dissatisfied with their performance. It offers them the chance to improve their results by taking Improvement Exams up to twice per course at an additional fee, helping to boost grades, GPAs, and competitive academic standings.

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