Deming Public Schools Calendar


Deming Public Schools is a public school district located in Luna County, New Mexico, serving approximately 5,200 students at 12 campuses in Deming. The community was founded in 1965.

The district offers various educational programs designed to foster productive, responsible, and culturally rich citizens for its students. Furthermore, academic support services are also provided.

Academic Advising Days

Staff must attend academic advising days at each of their respective schools in order to ensure student files are fully updated, provide staff an opportunity to review electronic and paper student files, and discuss educational goals with both parents and children.

Current statistics reveal 811 secondary students failing at least one class; to address this situation, the Board of Education has authorized five additional planning days without students for staff to use for planning, professional development, data research, and creating dynamic lesson plans.

Red Mountain Middle School, Deming High School, and Mimbres Valley High School will each host a day of academic advising. Teachers will use these days to work closely with small groups of students on reviewing grades, reviewing following step plans, and creating academic contracts to drive rigorous learning for the semester. New opportunities have also been highlighted, such as Pathway2Careers, which offers FREE career-connected learning resources for all students.

Early Release Days

Due to expected strong winds and dust storms, Deming Public Schools will dismiss 2.5 hours early each Thursday and Friday. Students should be picked up from their designated school sites by 6 p.m. No late route buses will run for Deming High School (DHS), Ramona Middle School (RMMS), or Deming International School (DIS). They also need to store any food items they brought into school in their backpacks before leaving campus.

New Mexico education officials have provided a revised timeline for returning to in-person learning following the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Eligibility dates for returning to class have been postponed until September 8, while school-based activities have been canceled, and teachers will receive an additional three days of in-service training prior to beginning academic year classes.

Deming Public School District offers services to both Deming and Columbus villages as well as rural Luna County in the southwest part of New Mexico. With 12 schools: one pre-K school, six elementary schools, one middle school (7th-8th Grades), and two high schools – and offering both traditional and blended learning options – Deming PSD provides comprehensive educational coverage in Luna County.

Professional Development Days

Deming Public Schools’ calendar is full of exciting events and holidays for both students and staff members alike. Students enjoy breaks throughout the year while teachers also undergo professional development days that provide a platform to learn more about themselves as teachers as well as get acquainted on a more intimate basis with colleagues in other departments. Furthermore, these days provide training and team-building activities that benefit the whole organization.

Professional development days for educators are invaluable resources that allow them to stay abreast of new research about how children learn, emerging tech tools for the classroom, and curriculum resources. Professional development days also give teachers a chance to meet one another, discuss goals and objectives for the next school year, and discover ways to enhance teaching techniques while networking among peers and gaining insight into educational trends.

On a typical professional development day, teachers will be divided into groups and attend seminars on various topics related to education and teaching methods. These seminars typically include discussion and comparison of viewpoints to help staff members better understand where each other is coming from. Furthermore, these days can also have guest speakers or motivational speakers as additional learning experiences.

An integral component of a professional development day is selecting an appropriate location. It must accommodate all attendees comfortably while being easy to park nearby and provide refreshments and any amenities needed throughout the day. Furthermore, the chosen venue must allow for multiple learning styles (active versus passive learning).

On the first Professional Development day, elementary school teachers will focus on early literacy through participation in Responsive Classrooms training sessions and the Pathways career exploration program; middle school teachers will learn more about the Pathways career exploration program while high school teachers continue training with BARR. Relationship-based approach to student support and interventions. All staff members, including librarians, secretaries, and custodians, will participate in training sessions as well.


Deming public schools celebrate holidays with enthusiasm, as they want their students to have an exciting and joyful school year, in addition to learning well. So they encourage participation in all activities and celebrations with great enthusiasm; they believe this will help their students become good citizens while meeting daily life challenges with ease.

Deming Art Center will host its annual Luna County Fine Arts & Crafts Show from May 2-30th, 2023, at 100 S Gold, with local artists and craftspeople from various mediums displaying their wares. Admission to this free exhibition is open to everyone living within Luna County. The exhibit runs from May 2-March 30, 2023.

Deming Art Center will showcase the exquisite work of Deming Quilting B’s in March. This exhibition will include bed-size quilts, wall hangings, and other smaller quilted items like Full of…, Twin Sisters, and Garden Party quilts; there will also be a raffle quilt for raffle.

Deming Public Schools’ Board of Education will hold a regular meeting at Columbus Elementary School on Tuesday, November 19. This event will be closed to the public; board members serve four-year terms.

This year’s Southwestern New Mexico State Fair will take place from October 2-6 in Deming and feature several divisions, including photography and art. Anyone looking to enter photos into the fair should attend a photo club meeting on Tuesday, September 4, at 9 am for guidance on entering photos into competitions at this fair.

Deming will host its first Southwestern New Mexico State Fair next month, and it promises to feature local photographers and artists, food vendors, activities, and much more! Hosted by Deming High School JROTC Wildcat Battalion.

Deming Elks Lodge 2750 will host smoke-free bingo on Monday, August 27, at 5:30 p.m. Doors will open, and payouts will include winner-take-all and top three lines games; total payouts expected to exceed $1,200.