Madman Mike Marcum


Many have heard the tale of Madman Mike Marcum, a Missouri resident who constructed a time machine before dying during a time travel accident. This tale has since become well-known throughout society.

Mike Marcum, then 21 and with two years of college electrical training, installed a Jacob’s Ladder on his porch in Stanberry, Missouri, in 1995 using a modified CD laser to reduce air resistance between poles.

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder, found in the Bible, symbolizes our soul’s journey up and down towards heaven. Furthermore, this passage marks how God appeared to Jacob through this dream – something He frequently does to prophets who receive messages through dreams and visions – an experience many consider blessed.

The Ladder is composed of six wooden pieces assembled like stairs. Each piece features pictures on both sides that are not just regular images; rather they are engraved into the wood itself – creating a temporary artwork. The Cotsen Jacob’s Ladder dates back to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, with figures representing people, buildings, and angels on each piece; its pictures serve as ephemeral artwork. Similar toys were sold as toys in the nineteenth century; however, there are some key differences: the absence of bells on this version and painted surfaces rather than carving; original toys are likely made out of lottery sheets cut up from lottery sheets themselves!

Mike Marcum claimed he had constructed a time machine capable of transporting objects over one block away. He made multiple appearances on Coast to Coast with Art Bell radio show and explained he used a rotating magnetic field as part of his device’s construction.

Marcum claims one experiment he conducted with his machine was throwing guinea pigs into its circular vortex and claimed they would disappear into it and eventually reappear either on the east or west sides of his warehouse parking lot, never both sides simultaneously.

He threw a sheet metal screw into the vortex, which disappeared for approximately half a second. Next, he decided to test his machine on himself by jumping into its arc upon awakening in an Ohio farm field with no food and miles away from civilization – something which happened approximately 14 days after jumping.

Electromagnetic Vortex

Mike Marcum claims to have built and utilized a time machine, traveling back through history to meet past versions of himself and future ones. Unfortunately, Mike’s tale remains murky as his story remains unclear – however, it should be noted that Mike himself was raised in a rough neighborhood but later became one of South Central’s premier producers, working alongside legendary rappers such as Mike D and Mustard.

Mike had recently completed serving a prison term for stealing power transformers when Art Bell invited him as a guest on a Coast to Coast Radio show. During this interview, Mike discussed his screw and plans to build a time machine, promising only legal activities. Mike gave out his phone number and received nonstop calls for three days after each show – many listeners shared ideas, funding, or spare parts that helped Mike immensely in creating his time machine.

His next step was to build a much larger and more powerful machine than his initial one, which operated with only kilowatts of electricity. Mike added a rotating magnetic field similar to what had been employed by the US military in their Philadelphia Experiment, hoping that this would make his journey through his electromagnetic vortex more efficient and successful.

After several weeks of testing with his guinea pigs, Mike felt confident enough to attempt the giant leap and travel through a time portal. Unfortunately, however, his experiment failed miserably, and he barely recalled who he was or his name two years later! Police suspect he went through the vortex to gain lottery jackpot wealth – possibly through lottery numbers from future lottery tickets, yet it remains uncertain if Mike traveled through time; regardless, his story has captured people worldwide’s imaginations.

Power Transformers

Madman Mike was an eccentric inventor from Missouri who claimed he was working on creating a time machine. He appeared twice on Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show in 1995, each time saying that his time machine was almost completed. Following his second appearance, however, Madman Mike disappeared utterly.

Marcum first described his contraption during an initial interview with Art Bell. According to him, his device created an electromagnetic vortex large enough for someone to enter, and it would take only 30 days to build his time machine.

After his initial interview, listeners approached Marcum by donating money and parts for his machine. With their generous assistance, he was able to build a larger and more advanced version than previously, including adding a rotating magnetic field, which he believed was critical in making it work properly.

Marcum announced in his next appearance on the show that he was only one month away from completing his time machine, giving out his phone number to audience members, and receiving phone calls nonstop over three days.

Once he connected the transformers to his machine, it drew more power than anticipated and caused a blackout in his neighborhood. Gentry County Sheriff Eugene Lupfer promptly arrested him.

Madman Mike’s tale is one of the scariest time travel tales ever told, making you question whether or not he built a time machine – but an entertaining and fascinating narrative!

After stealing six large transformers from a local power plant, Marcum began conducting experiments. Unfortunately, during one experiment his CD laser time machine caught fire, prompting him to realize that larger transformers would be necessary in order for his machine to function effectively – prompting him to steal more from local power plants.

After repeated efforts, Mike Marcum’s time machine began drawing too much power and caused a blackout in the neighborhood, leading to his arrest by Gentry County Sheriff Eugene Lupfer inside his own home. Many believe that Mike Marcum succeeded in building a working time machine despite its controversial nature.


Mike Marcum, then 21 and majoring in electrical engineering, began constructing what he believed to be a time machine on his porch in Stanberry called Jacob’s Ladder device. While conducting experiments on it, he observed something peculiar. According to him, a circular vortex-shaped heat mark appeared on its surface, causing alarm, but it suddenly dissipated after throwing a screw through it.

Madman Mike made several appearances on Coast to Coast AM between 1996 and 1997, claiming he was only one month away from completing his time machine project and providing Art Bell with details. Unfortunately, he suddenly vanished without a trace soon after making his initial appearance.

Mike Marcum’s time machine may have worked by creating a force field, allowing for travel through time. Unfortunately, however, no evidence supports this assumption and various theories have been regarding how time machines operate.

Mike Marcum’s story remains one of the most terrifying accounts of time travel ever told. Many inventors have attempted to build working time machines over centuries, but none has succeeded; yet many believe there may exist technology capable of making time travel possible.

Mike Marcum would often test his machine by throwing guinea pigs into its vortex, which would allegedly vanish from within its arc and later appear either east or west of his warehouse parking lot, but not either north or south of it.

When he used his time machine on himself, he claimed he woke up in an Ohio farm field miles from any towns nearby and that a picture was taken in 1941 featuring himself clad in modern clothing.

After being arrested for stealing transformers, Mike Marcum appeared on Coast to Coast Radio to discuss his time machine. He informed the host that it was nearly completed and promised that future transactions would be conducted legally.