Octopath Traveler II Review


Octopath Traveler II builds upon the striking HD-2D visual style that made its predecessor so successful, expanding upon it in every aspect. Its new characters are captivating; their stories interweaved in an environment evoking an authentic era of Nintendo RPGs.

The new cast features an intriguing collection of personalities – from Hikari, the warrior prince, to Therion, the scoundrel – who can each bring an exciting narrative twist that may hit hard.


Octopath Traveler II is one of the finest examples of HD-2D graphics technology, boasting stunning visuals that surpass even its acclaimed predecessor. With its distinct style and art direction reminiscent of classic JRPGs from the 90s, Octopath Traveler II stands out among modern games as one of the year’s most stunning titles.

The game follows eight new protagonists as they traverse Solistia’s diverse world of cultures and industries from east to west, using Path Actions to customize their experiences and strategic turn-based battles – day transitions into night for an extra dimension to explore on each map area.

Although Octopath Traveler II may have improved in many areas, not everyone will like it as much as the original game. Storylines may still feel disjointed from one another, while most dungeons still follow linear paths with treasure chests scattered along them. Still, Square Enix noted player complaints and made improvements that make this game significantly better than its predecessor.

Octopath Traveler II marries HD 2D graphics with 3D character models to create a breathtaking world, especially when the game switches into full-HD mode. Environments are richly detailed, while character models look beautiful regardless of the method chosen.

The soundtrack and voice acting in Solistia 2 are outstanding, especially considering they were taken over from their predecessor. The music adds the perfect atmosphere while reminding of classic SNES JRPGs; it is a fantastic addition that fits perfectly within Solistia’s world.

Octopath Traveler II NSP continues the world-famous RPG franchise that has sold over three million copies worldwide. This installment boasts enhanced HD-2D graphics and offers an expansive world to discover captivating characters and innovative gaming mechanics.


Octopath Traveler II is an RPG that takes the eight-story format of its predecessor to new heights. Expanding upon its HD-2D graphics – which combine retro pixel art with 3DCG to form stunning worlds for heroes to explore – Octopath Traveler II also boasts increased character interaction, improved travel banter, and a deeper soundtrack, as well as the return of Path Actions that allow taking advantage of an opponent’s weaknesses and Break & Boost, its combat system.

The characters in the game are incredibly well-crafted, offering unique perspectives of life around them. Their stories are filled with twists and reveals that add depth. Furthermore, there are countless sidequests to complete, which unlock further chapters for each character in their narrative arcs.

Crossed Paths is an exciting addition to Octopath Traveler II, allowing two protagonists to collide and start an overlapping narrative between their journeys. This provides more interconnection in the world, creating some of the most engaging scenes within the game.

Latent Powers add an exciting element to the gameplay by enabling players to unleash special abilities during battle. When your gauge fills up, these special powers activate, offering different options depending on which character you use; Ochette may use unique movesets, while Throne may utilize skills that break the target’s shields.

Finally, the game also offers Secret Jobs, these special skills that can be unlocked at town guilds. While regular jobs may be easier to come by than their secret counterparts, Secret Jobs offers players additional ways to customize each character and fight tough bosses while further customizing their playstyle as well as using these abilities in battle. They make an ideal way to expand one’s playstyle while adding depth and challenge to the main fighting.

Octopath Traveler II is an outstanding sequel that surpasses its predecessor in every respect. The story is more captivating, the visuals more beautiful and dramatic, and its soundtrack equally stellar – fans of its genre should not miss this game! I highly recommend Octopath Traveler II to players seeking an immersive, memorable gaming experience.


Octopath Traveler 2 is Square Enix’s second installment in their popular JRPG series and builds upon its predecessor in many ways. Featuring HD-2D graphics that blend retro pixel art with 3DCG technology and expanded gameplay compared to its predecessor, players will experience traversing Solistia through one of eight unique characters with their own stories.

First and foremost, what’s striking about the game is its vibrant world. This can be seen especially in its character designs drawn from classic cartoons of the 1930s and 40s, as well as its setting – one undergoing an industrial revolution evident by cityscapes and steam engines found throughout. Furthermore, its world is divided into Eastern and Western continents, with each region containing unique cultures and landscapes.

At the core of gameplay lies its turn-based combat system. Reminiscent of Shin Megami Tensei’s Press Turn battle system and Bravely series, this mechanism sees both player and enemies act out their class actions alternately; Temenos focuses on healing while Throne utilizes daggers and speed as strategies.

Crossed Paths is another exciting addition to the game that adds story-focused scenes between two intersecting characters, adding depth and breadth to their stories. Unfortunately, there are only eight scenes available, and it would have been nicer if there could have been more!

There may not be much post-game content here, but its story remains an engaging adventure. The dungeons are well-designed, and the characters are intriguing. However, at times, the narrative can become repetitive, while voice acting could use some improvement.

Overall, Octopath Traveler 2 is an impressive sequel and entry into the HD-2D genre, sure to please both fans of older RPGs and those looking for an immersive adventure in an exciting, colorful world.


Octopath Traveler excels with its turn-based battle system, and that is where its second game also excels. It uses more of a traditional combat interface than its predecessor and introduces strategic elements like enemies’ shields that can be broken by attacking weaknesses and an easily read UI to display their turns.

At first, it may seem complex, but once you understand how the system works, it becomes very intuitive. SP is the resource that allows you to perform any action – attacks, defense, buffs, debuffs – including attacks and skills like Steal (which requires using “Steal” as an invocation command).

Octopath Traveler II builds on its predecessor’s excellent battle system by adding latent powers for each of your characters, which function like limit breaks when they reach certain thresholds above their HP bars. Latent powers may be activated during battle to give an additional hit or two but generally only become helpful during boss fights.

Overall, Octopath Traveler II battles are as exciting and engaging as ever, thanks to new character “latent powers” and returning composer Yasunori Nishiki’s stunning battle themes that add another level of immersion into each battle experience. However, its removal of exceptional Advanced Jobs was somewhat disappointing.

Octopath Traveler II is an incredible JRPG that takes its setting to new levels. Boasting improved HD-2D graphics, an expansive world to explore, and an enthralling cast of eight unique characters – it makes the ideal entry point for both newcomers and veteran players alike.