Run Around by Blues Traveler


Run Around is a song by Blues Traveler composed by John Popper and first performed at a solo show before later recording as part of their 1994 album Four. Its lyrics contain nine stanzas without a rhyme scheme, representing how one dream can overshadow all others.


Run-Around was written and performed first live during John Popper’s solo show in 1993 before appearing on their 1994 album Four. This track was inspired by a failed relationship, followed by depression; its lyrics contain nine stanzas, four of which form its chorus; its rhyme scheme follows no set pattern, instead with some lines simply rhyming by chance.

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A song hook is an integral component of any good song. It should capture the topical essence of the track while drawing listeners in, be it as simple as one melody repeated throughout or complex like entire verse and chorus arrangements – no matter its complexity; it should remain simple enough to be easily remembered by listeners.

A compelling hook should be memorable and should evoke emotion. Selecting a melody phrase that complements the rest of the song’s structure is also crucial; experiment with multiple ideas before deciding which sounds best to find one that stands out. Including musical tricks such as going up or down semitone notes within scale can also add charm.

Not only should a compelling hook feature melodies that capture the audience’s attention, but it should also have lyrics that catch their ears and are easy for listeners to remember – for instance, Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” contains only short, memorable phrases that help ensure its effectiveness.

Create an eye-catching melody by making clever use of rhythms. Alternating between two and four beats will add variety and keep listeners hooked, and using some distinctive notes like Drake’s money note in “YOLO” or Ah-ha, ha-ha before “Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees can add extra interest.

But Anyway

But Anyway is an emotional track exploring self-reflection, rebellion, and relationship complexity. With its catchy melody and universal themes, But Anyway has quickly become a fan favorite within Blues Traveler’s fan base despite failing to achieve mainstream chart success.

The band has featured their music in various media, from television shows and movies to Woodstock ’94 performances as a last-minute replacement for Prince, commercials, and video games. Their hits include Run-Around, Hook, and But Anyway; Woodstock performances included them too, as they replaced Prince on Saturday Night Live season premiere – in addition to commercials using them too!

Blues Traveler began touring nationally during the 90s, quickly building an audience. Their live improvisational performances won critical acclaim and mainstream exposure; David Letterman even introduced them to a broader national audience!

Blues Traveler continued touring and recording after bassist Bobby Sheehan died in 1998, recording Save His Soul, a critical and commercial success. They even played at the Lollapalooza music festival!

Traveler’s Blues was released by Blues Traveler in 2021. The album contains original compositions and covers by John Lennon and Sly & the Family Stone; reviews have been favorable, and it has even been nominated for a Grammy Award! Additionally, Blues Traveler continues touring and creating new music, guaranteeing their lasting influence within the music industry despite any setbacks they might encounter over time. Blues Traveler remains committed to their fans and craft.

I Want to Take You Higher

This high-energy song by the Stone Family Stone discography first made its debut on B-side to their 1968 Dance to the Music single, later recorded and reworked by Ike and Tina Turner, who made their version that reached just below its original on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1970. Additionally, this track can be heard regularly on the Canadian children’s show Hilarious House of Frightenstein, where Wolfman uses it as his theme song, while Chantoozies have also used this track to open their concerts recently.

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I wish this song received more airplay; it is the ideal tune to bring cheer during those long winter nights between Christmas and New Year. With its upbeat melody performed by Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, and their band members, it is impossible not to smile as this uplifting tune plays. Although an obvious choice, it remains one of our best-loved Christmas tunes!

Brenda Lee made this charming rockabilly classic popular during the 1950s rockabilly craze, yet her voice remains undiminished when conveying her genuine joy at Christmas. At only 15, Brenda recorded this masterpiece that has endured until today!

Even though this holiday standard only made number seven on the UK chart, its timeless quality remains timeless. Featuring soothing strings and soothing vocals that invoke the unbridled excitement of Christmas time, its many interpretations over the years include Harry Belafonte’s slow-burning, ultra-classy rendition, which remains as powerful today.

Even though it didn’t reach the Top 50 upon release, this song has quickly become an enduring holiday classic due to its charmingly infectious lyrics and playful trumpet riffs. Perfect if you need some dancefloor filler!

LCD Soundsystem returned after a brief hiatus with one of the most unforgettable Christmas songs of all time: I’m Not In the Mood For Christmas This Year, but I’ll Come Home To You. This song remains memorable from its opening lines of “I’m not feeling Christmas this year, but I’ll Come Home To You” throughout its slow buildup until its expansive wall of sound finish.