Bad Friends Tour 2023


Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee of Bad Friends podcast fame are taking their dynamic relationship on tour this year through Live Nation-produced tour to audiences all over the country. This tour shows audiences their often contentious yet dynamic relationship.

With its combination of comedy and sometimes crude humor, Bad Friends tickets should not be missed! Get yours today to experience their unforgettable show for yourself.

What is Bad Friends?

An unhealthy friendship can be devastatingly destructive to your health and happiness, leading to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and even physical symptoms such as stress and high blood pressure. Although admitting you have bad friends may be difficult, it is essential for overall happiness that we recognize these types of people and move away from them as soon as possible if necessary. Here are some indicators of whether you may have one.

“Fair-weather Friends”, as the phrase goes, are defined as people who only make contact when it’s beneficial or when they need some sort of attention from you. Such individuals might often seek your company or request unreasonable favors while leaving you at times when you really need their company the most. Furthermore, such people often speak negatively of others.

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One sign of a bad friendship is when they push you hard to be better than them, regardless of any hurtful consequences. Bad friends tend to be competitive individuals who push people away by forcing them into competition with each other for superiority and are not supportive of individual gifts and talents that distinguish each individual person; their sole focus may lie more on having the latest technology or impressing their social circles than helping their partner develop personally.

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Santino & Lee

The Bad Friends Podcast tour 2023 showcases the dynamic and sometimes “contentious” relationship between comedians Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee, famous for their highly successful podcast. Their show promises explosive banter and hilarious jokes; their tour promises an exceptional experience for their listeners!

This show offers a wide range of comedy styles, with Santino and Lee’s incredible chemistry forming its core. Santino’s dry sense of humor pairs nicely with Lee’s emotional wild card qualities to form a dynamic duo with plenty of expletive-filled banter and hilarious observations or outlandish stories to keep audiences laughing throughout their performance.

While this show may not be appropriate for younger audiences, it’s still an entertaining and satisfying way to spend an evening laughing together as family and friends. Running for approximately 90 – 2 hours and covering various topics like political incorrectness, personal experiences and relationships this show promises an evening full of laughs!

Santino is currently busy with several other projects besides his hit podcast: FX’s Dave alongside Lil’ Dicky is his most watched series to date and he has guest appeared on multiple TV shows like E!’s Chelsea Lately and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM as well as Netflix shows such as ANIMAL PRACTICE and AND JUST LIKE THAT.

He has become well-known for his spectacular stand-up performances at top comedy festivals like JUST FOR LAUGHS and SXSW, appearing on COMEDY CENTRAL’S CONAN, hosting his own hour-long comedy special and co-hosting the half-hour comedy special WHISKEY GINGER.

In 2015, he also toured the US with his stand-up special called Cheeseburger. Unfortunately, its tone can sometimes seem disjointed; particularly during its first half when politics dominate the discussion and alienate half the audience; while its second half takes longer to pick up steam but remains worth watching for fans of his podcast series.

Ticket Prices

‘Bad Friends with Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee” fans won’t want to miss seeing these two hilarious comedians perform live at the State Theatre! You will laugh yourself silly as these comedy titans present hilarious anecdotes and hilarious observations with an audience-pleasing show that is sure to put smiles on all faces!

The Bad Friends podcast tour 2023 is traveling through 32 cities across America, and tickets can now be purchased for these shows online. Artist presale starts Wednesday, March 1, while general sales begin Friday, March 3. Select your city and stadium venue from a list before using presale code OPENER to gain entry to ticket sale.

Tickets to Bad Friends vary in price depending on where and how close to the stage you sit, your proximity, VIP tickets or meet-and-greet passes, and whether or not they require VIP entry. To find the best prices for tickets for this show, it is wise to search various websites and compare prices before making your decision – often, middle and upper section seats offer great savings while higher seating tends to cost more.

Look out for VIP packages available at each concert; these offer fans an enhanced concert experience. While ticket prices for these VIP packages may be more costly than standard tickets, they often prove worth investing in because of the unforgettable memories created at these events.

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The Bad Friends Podcast is one of the most well-respected comedy shows on podcast, garnering an immense following over time. Starring Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee as they discuss their sometimes contentious relationship while providing laugh-out-loud entertainment, it has quickly become one of the nation’s premier comedy podcasts and will be coming to State Theatre on November 30. Don’t miss this incredible comedy show!

These experienced comedians bring years of experience to every performance, both television and stand up comedy alike. Both hosts boast careers spanning television and stand up comedy; Lee is best known for his appearances on MADtv (appearing every episode), Pineapple Express, Harold & Kumar movies as well as co-hosting Bad Friends podcast with Santino as well as hosting his own solo podcast called Whiskey Ginger which regularly accumulates millions of downloads every week.

Santino stars alongside Lil Dicky on FX’s hit series Dave and has also appeared on comedy central’s @Midnight with Chris Hardwick. Additionally, Santino boasts an extensive stand up career which has been showcased at Just For Laughs and SXSW festivals; their dynamic on stage will surely engage and delight audiences as they share stories that are both outrageous and relatable.

Venues will vary between tours, but Bad Friends Podcast performances tend to take place in small theaters and arenas with seating capacities ranging from 1,000-3,000 attendees. Orchestra seating provides superior views of performers.

Tickets will go on sale three to six months prior to the first performance, and for maximum success it is recommended to use an established ticketing provider such as Vivid Seats which offers 100% buyer guarantee and was named by Newsweek as one of their Top 100 Companies of 2022.