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CATCH YOU ON THE REBOUND is back with an all-new cast featuring Brenton Wood, Barbara Mason, and Aaron Frazer – don’t miss this show! Don’t miss it!

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R&B Singer Brenton Wood

Catch You on the Rebound tickets vary in cost depending on where you live; tickets to shows in New York will differ from those held in Chicago or Kansas City. Seating capacities also differ; smaller venues might have under 1,000 attendees, while larger arenas can seat between 16 and 19,000 spectators.

Alfred Jesse Smith, better known by his stage name Brenton Wood, hails from Shreveport, Louisiana, but relocated to California in pursuit of music. While studying piano, he found inspiration in Sam Cooke and Jesse Belvin, which helped him hone his songwriting abilities. At the same time, most of his early singles on Wand Records and Brent Records did not chart “Gimme Little Sign” hit number nine pop and 19 R&B charts, reached number 9 pop & 19 R&B, respectively.

Wood’s keen understanding of romance may explain his songs’ widespread popularity among lovers of all ages. Since performing his oldies hits for audiences in concert over recent years, he remains busy touring shows to captivate new and returning audiences well into his seventies.

Released his first single in 1967

Brenton Wood released his single in 1967, and it became an immediate success. It told a heartfelt tale of lost love and the longing for reconciliation; its infectious rhythm and soulful vocals connected deeply with listeners – and still resonate today!

Alfred Smith, also known by his stage name Brenton Wood, had an intense passion for music that began after graduating high school. His musical influences included Sam Cooke and Jesse Belvin, who greatly inspired him.

His first single, entitled “The Oogum Boogum Song,” quickly rose to 19 on the R&B charts and quickly established him as a gifted singer-songwriter. It promptly went on to gain immense popularity and solidify his position. Its timeless appeal can be attributed to the relatable themes and captivating melodies found within each of his songs.

Released his first album in 1970

“Catch You on the Rebound,” released in 1967 and performed by Brenton Wood, quickly became one of his signature hits. Its soulful sound and passionate lyrics distinguish it from other soul music songs, while its timeless appeal can be attributed to its relatable theme of lost love and its potential reconciliation.

Wood’s success with this hit helped cement soul music’s popularity during the 60s while simultaneously establishing him as a talented singer-songwriter.

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Released his second album in 1980

Brenton Wood is an old-school R&B singer known for the unique blend of sweetness and lightness in his music. As one of the pioneers of the Lowrider Oldies music genre, his songs helped define it. His performances are timeless; live shows are fantastic! Brenton joined Bullseye to discuss his career and motivation to perform; tickets to his live shows can be purchased through Ticketmaster; prices depend on location, venue, and tour date, so use event filters and interactive seating chart to find your perfect seats and purchase today!

Released his fourth album in 1995

Brenton Wood released his fourth album, Waterfalls, in 1995, and it features an eclectic blend of styles spanning funk and dance music. It includes hit singles such as “Waterfalls,” “Smoke Break,” and “I Can’t Believe.” Waterfalls quickly rose to the Billboard 200 chart to reach number seven!

Catch You on the Rebound ticket costs vary by venue and location; prices tend to be higher in cities like New York, Chicago, and Kansas City; however, with TicketSmarter’s comprehensive event filters and interactive seating chart, it is easy to locate competitive ticket prices for any event type imaginable – don’t delay in securing your tickets today – you won’t regret it! Katie Presley is a culture writer living and working in Washington, DC; her work has been published in NPR Music, Bitch Media, and Ms magazine, among other publications.

Released his fifth album in 2000

Catch You on the Rebound is a must for fans of old-school R&B music! They have scheduled several dates on their tour, such as Connecticut’s Fox Theatre at Foxwoods and St. Charles’ Arcada Theatre. Tickets to see their show can now be found through the Event Tickets Center, with seating capacities varying at each arena but typically consisting of lower or upper sections; our interactive seating chart can help you select one best suited to your budget; additionally, we also provide presale tickets and VIP packages. Check out their full lineup and secure tickets today!

Released his sixth album in 2002

Catch You on The Rebound tour dates typically encompass multiple shows spread out over several days, with ticket prices for each concert depending on its city and venue of performance – for instance, New York ticket prices could be significantly higher than those in Chicago or Kansas City.

No matter where you reside, Catch You on the Rebound is bound to perform near you this year! He is well known for combining R&B, doo-wop, and soul music into one unforgettable performance for fans around the globe. Concerts typically are announced 3-6 months in advance, with tickets going on sale shortly after that through the Event Tickets Center, so there is no need to fear missing out! We offer many ticket options, so there’s no way of missing seeing this legend perform live!

Released his seventh album in 2007

Tickets to Catch You on The Rebound will depend on where you plan to see the concert; prices for attending Catch You on The Rebound performances in New York may differ from those in Chicago or Kansas City; TicketSmarter provides competitive ticket pricing at all major venues nationwide.

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Released his eighth album in 2010

Volbeat performances draw in audiences of several hundred to several thousand. Ticket prices may differ based on where the band performs – for instance, tickets in New York may cost more than those purchased for Chicago or St Charles performances; ticket costs also depend on seating capacity and tour length – though you can avoid high ticket costs by using services like Ticketmaster.

Rewind, Replay, Rebound: Live in Germany was released as the band’s live album from their 2010 tour. The 27-song set features recordings from shows in Stuttgart, Cologne, and Hamburg, as well as studio versions of hits from the Servant of the Mind album.