Anyma Tours Latin America With Interscope Records


Anyma of acclaimed electronic music duo Tale Of Us with MRAK has announced an exciting partnership agreement with Interscope Records, which will see its historic catalog distributed globally by Interscope’s global music distributor network.

Anyma’s live show is known for its cutting-edge visuals. Most recently, he performed at Tomorrowland 2023, where his mesmerizing soundscape and stunning visuals left audiences mesmerized.

Tour Dates

Anyma is an emerging Lithuanian independent artist making waves in the music industry with her soothing R&B Pop music featuring psychedelic undertones. With over 50 million streams on music platforms and 3.5 million followers on TikTok, Anyma is quickly making an impression in her field. Her debut album Genesys boasts handpicked collaborations from such artists as Grimes, Sevdaliza Chordial CamelPhat Chris Avantgarde, and Rebuke Cassian; its themes explore technology, nature, and humanity with articles covering pieces of technology, heart, and society, all available now via Afterlife/Interscope Records/ Universal Music Canada.

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Anima will expand her global reach with an immersive Latin American tour supported by Afterlife’s signature production. This event follows in the footsteps of their traveler Afterlife Tulum events, which featured label acts Adriatique, Argy, Kevin de Vries, and Tale Of Us as support acts alongside Anyma herself.

Anima has made waves with her velvety, melancholic R&B pop music featuring psychedelic influences – creating an unparalleled sound. Her debut single ‘Leave Me Be’ became the top seller on Lithuanian charts and now boasts over 3.5 million followers on TikTok!


Anyma’s music transcends ordinary perception. From smooth R&B pop to psychedelic techno, Anyma has created music that defies categorization. She has gained notice from major labels as well as audiences worldwide for her distinctive and innovative sound, creating unforgettable live shows that combine music with stunning visuals for an extraordinary experience.

Anyma’s latest single, “Welcome To The Opera” (feat. Grimes), showcases his ambitious style. Boasting Grimes’ airy falsetto vocals and shuddering synths, this futuristic track reaches heights never experienced before.

Anyma’s single marks the inaugural release under his partnership agreement with Interscope Records. Through this deal, Anyma will release his debut album with them as well as future collaborations, such as an EP with MRAK and Carmine Conte.

Over the past month, Anyma’s single “Ride My Waves,” featuring dreamlike vocals and hearty bass lines, has become an irresistibly catchy highlight of his sets. The exciting and appropriately named track testifies to his ability to create musical experiences that resonate with fans worldwide.

Anyma’s latest sci-fi-inspired EP, Genesys, will continue his exploration into melodic techno. It features original tracks as well as remixes by RUFUS DU SOL and Fred Again.

Anyma’s pioneering musical concept continues to unfold through live shows, exhibitions, and releases. His otherworldly visuals explore the intersections between technology, nature, and humanity in today’s society and their coexistence in our modern lives.

The 2024 Latin American leg of the Anyma Tour will bring its otherworldly melodic beats to six cities, promising an experience sure to enthrall and delight fans. Hosted by event series and record label Afterlife, this breathtaking show will feature state-of-the-art visuals in the form of giant figures that interact with the audience during the performance – adding an extra dimension with Augmented Reality elements! Fans should prepare themselves for an extraordinary sensory journey into another dimension!


Anima, one half of Tale Of Us and founder of Afterlife Records, creates an incredible musical journey when she performs solo onstage. Melodic beats and futuristic visuals will transport you on an unparalleled sonic adventure! She currently boasts 50+ million streams on various music platforms, as well as over 3 Million followers across TikTok and Instagram, making waves with her luxurious RnB Pop with psychedelic undertones.

Anima has enjoyed great success this year with high-profile collaborations, most recently an eagerly anticipated single by Grimes called Welcome To The Opera. The track brings together Anyma’s distinctive signature style with Grimes’ sound – which regularly features in both Anyma’s live performances and his recorded material – for an innovative experience that pushes creative boundaries to unlock previously unexplored realms of sound. This highly anticipated release speaks to their shared desire to push creative limits further while exploring uncharted territories of the soundscape.

Anima has also been working on immersive audio-visual projects that seamlessly combine his music and art, creating an unmissable sonic and visual experience that will be revealed at future live shows, exhibitions, or releases.

Last month, Anyma collaborated with visual artist and filmmaker Alessio De Vecchi to produce the audio-visual artwork ‘Eva 0’ – the inaugural piece in a series that explores themes related to technology, nature, and humanity coexisting – another step on Anyma’s path as a pioneering musical concept that is revolutionizing our perceptions of music and artistic expression.

Anima has proven himself not only with his productions but also by crafting remixes for artists such as Fred Again, Swedish House Mafia, and Rufus Du Sol. His latest offering is an electrifying remake of Fred Again’s Spiritual Machine track that blends dreamlike vocals with synthesizers into an undeniably Anyma sound.