What Are the Sizes of LED Panel Light?


Add new life and light to your home with innovative LED panel lights. Perfect as replacements for ceiling troffers, these flat panels have various grid sizes to make installation a snap. The Amazing fact about super bright led light panel.

LED lamps also work effectively under low power supply conditions and provide soft lighting, creating soft illumination across a wider area.


The round LED panel light boasts an eye-catching, elegant design ideal for contemporary interiors. It fits easily into a standard 4-inch recessed grid ceiling and works with the most common incandescent dimmers – making this fixture suitable for residential, office, school, and healthcare facilities.

These fixtures come in various sizes and shapes to complement the ambiance of any space, be it residential or office. Round fixtures work better in residential environments, while rectangular fixtures would better fit with retail outlets or offices.

These fixtures boast excellent energy efficiency, converting 95% of their electricity into light. Their ultra-slim bodies allow for more excellent heat dissipation and require less power for operation; as a result, you’ll save on your electric bill too! Mains powered and complete with everything needed to start immediately, such as brace screws and LED driver.


Square LED panel lights are often found in commercial settings like offices and lobbies, creating an air of professionalism and formality. However, residential areas also make great use of them due to their sleek appearance, which makes them suitable for modern living spaces.

Square LED panel lights feature ultra-thin profiles for improved heat dissipation and greater energy efficiency, helping save up to 75% on utility bills.

Furthermore, square LED panel lights are easy to install – from hallway walls and kitchen ceilings to washrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, all the way to living rooms! Your choice of installation depends entirely upon the illuminated space and personal preferences; options include built-in, mounted, recessed, and suspended installations – the latter option is particularly suited to ceilings and other hard-to-reach places.


LED light panels come in different styles and types, so selecting one to complement your space’s decor and style is essential for creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in any space. Furthermore, select an easy installation type, as this reduces risks such as damaging panels or paying someone else to do the installation.

Rectangle LED panel lights are frequently used as replacements for fluorescent tubes or grid lights, being thin enough to easily fit into any ceiling and boasting energy-saving benefits like dimmable options as well as being glare-free, long-lived, and dimmable options – perfect for commercial and residential settings such as offices, schools, warehouses or large auditoriums. Furthermore, these fixtures come in various colors and finishes; white is most prevalent; you’ll also find black and gray LEDs.


Edge-lit LED panel lights are an ultra-slim flat panel style with light emitting from either side of a panel and disseminated via a diffuser. Often found in office and retail environments, edge-lit LEDs boast an excellent UGR rating of 19 or less for efficiency.

The slim frame of each panel makes installation simple and flexible; they can be mounted flush against a standard drop ceiling, surface mounted directly to walls or ceilings, or suspended from cables – giving users maximum versatility when installing new construction projects and retrofits of existing troffers.

Due to their versatility and efficiency, LED panels have quickly become a commercial staple. Their long lifespan makes them suitable for replacing fluorescent fixtures in schools, offices, and retail buildings, as they require less maintenance than their predecessors.

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