Suspended CeilingCeiling Lights 1200×600 Backlit Panel.


Our recessed, suspended Ceiling lights 1200×600 backlit panel is an excellent solution to upgrading modular fluorescent fittings. Not only do they look professional, but they also consume significantly less power than their 4-tube fluorescent predecessors while having very minimal energy costs. Receive the Best information about Suspended ceiling lights 1200×600.

This LED panel light features a white powder-coated aluminum frame designed to complement most standard suspended ceiling grids while conducting heat away from the panels. This frame also acts as an effective heat sink.

Low Power Consumption

This 1200×600 LED panel light offers high luminous flux with low power usage, saving up to 50% energy compared to traditional fluorescent troffers. Delivering up to 120 Lumen per Watt and certified by GS and TUV for safety, the panel comes with a dimmable driver for easy installation.

The white powder-coated aluminum frame fits most existing ceiling grids while serving as a heat sink for the LEDs. This helps keep their temperature under control and extend their lifespan, as well as providing backlit panels made of PMMA which resist yellowing over time and ensure optimal light transmission.

This LED panel can be retrofitted into your suspended CeilingCeiling or used as part of a new installation (please see requirements below). With the 3-position switch, you can choose whether you prefer warm, neutral, or excellent lighting using this LED panel and further reduce power consumption by customizing how warm, neutral, or cool light appears in each direction – saving money and resources!

Long Lifespan

These LED panel lights feature an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, making them an excellent choice for commercial and residential environments. Their color rendering index (CRI) rating ensures colors appear in line with natural lighting conditions.

These panel lights are constructed of durable material that’s hard to break and shock-resistant, making them an excellent option for businesses searching for fluorescent replacement fixtures that are also simple and fast to install.

LED panels are ideal for business offices and can be utilized in hallways, conference rooms, and bathrooms. Available in multiple color temperatures with glare-free illumination. A great alternative to traditional ceiling lights that help boost productivity in the workspace, these LED panels also come with built-in emergency packs and dimmers. Furthermore, these panels can save over 30% compared to functional TL5 luminaires.

Low Maintenance

With electricity costs steadily on the rise, switching to LED lighting makes financial sense. Not only will LED panel lights reduce energy use, but they’re also easy to maintain and offer significant cost-cutting over their lifespan in comparison with drop-in ceiling fittings.

Locating the ideal LED panel lights is straightforward if you know what to look for. Minor indicators could include powder coating rather than paint and an aluminum heat sink with good construction quality. However, the ultimate deciding factor should be what material the light guide plate (LGP) is constructed from; an MS LGP provides the optimal combination of transmission and durability.

Our 1200×600 backlit LED panels are an ideal replacement for existing modular fluorescent four-tube ceiling grids, as they consume half the power and offer significant energy savings. Constructed white powder-coated aluminum frames for easy installation using our double-insulated driver, which plugs into an existing lighting circuit with both live and neutral wires for a hassle-free setup experience.

Energy Savings

With 50% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent fixtures, this LED panel light offers significant cost-cutting potential in electricity usage. Boasting high lumen output with only 60W consumption and dimmable capability – these savings translate to significant cost savings on electric bill bills!

LED panels are perfect for retrofitting existing fluorescent light fittings in suspended ceilings, while they can also be surface mounted using mounting kits onto flat or recessed ceilings. Their bright white light creates an atmosphere similar to daylight in any room.

This panel features a solid aluminum frame coated in white powder paint to match most suspended ceiling grids. It comes equipped with a double insulated driver (transformer) that wires into your lighting circuit’s live and neutral wires for instant start and flicker-free operation – ideal for office spaces! Furthermore, its color temperatures range from 3000K (warm white) to 6500K, commonly known as Daylight lighting conditions.

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