How to Get a Life Coach Certification


Getting a life coach certification is relatively easy and requires computer and Internet access. You can study for the exam anytime or at night, and the resources are available online. Once you have completed the exam, your results will be sent in a pdf or electronic certificate. You will also receive a hard copy certification.

ICF-accredited life coach certification

If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, an ICF-accredited life coach certification is the next step. This certification course will teach you how to conduct coaching sessions with various clients. It includes training videos and live training calls. You’ll also take an exam to verify your knowledge of coaching skills.

ICF-accredited life coach training programs are recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), a nonprofit organization that oversees the growing field of professional coaching. Accreditation protects consumers from bogus programs and practitioners who don’t know what they’re doing. Most ICF-accredited life coach training programs also provide training on how to start a professional coaching practice.

There are two ICF accreditation options: the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and the Professional Certified Coach (PCC). For the Associate Certified Coach, you must complete 60 hours of coach-specific training and at least 100 hours of client coaching. For the Professional Certified Coach (PCC), you must have 125 hours of training and 500 hours of mentor coaching.

The Associate Certified Coach certification course costs $4,180 and includes ten hours of mentor coaching. This course is not affordable for most people, requiring a 6-month course with live sessions and no funding options. If you’re considering ICF-accredited life coach certification, look at the core essential training courses. These programs cover all ICF core competencies and can be completed online at your own pace or on a fast-track course over six days. The training program begins with a one-hour initiation call and includes four 2-hour follow-up sessions. However, the course is more costly than the introductory CEP course.

Distance learning life coach certification

A distance learning life coach certification is a great way to gain a coaching degree. You can study at home at your own pace and complete the course in two to four weeks. The course includes comprehensive courseware, expert tips, and a test to show that you’ve completed it. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate and transcript, and you can even practice coaching with clients on a limited basis. You’ll also have faculty members available to answer questions and help you succeed in your new career.

The life coach certification program offered by Coach U combines online courses with hands-on training. The program is ICF-accredited and contains more than 1,000 pages of course material. There are mandatory and elective courses, and a three-day intensive course costs $3,547. This is slightly more expensive than the basic CEP certification but includes resources and certification.

The best life coach certification programs include business-building modules and templates to help you start a coaching practice. These tools can help you develop your brand and build your clientele base. However, you may not need them if you’re a brand new coach, and some programs don’t offer business-building support after your certification.

A distance learning life coach certification can give you a worldwide perspective on the field of life coaching. Distance learning programs also make life coaching certification more accessible to those who want to work from home or are unable to attend class. A distance learning program may feel daunting at first, but thousands of people have found success with it.