Universal Sompo Car Insurance Review


If you are looking for car insurance, you should know that Universal Sompo offers several benefits and exclusions for its insurance policy. Read on to learn more about this company’s benefits and exclusions and how easy it is to purchase and renew the policy. You can always contact their toll-free customer service line if you have any questions.

Benefits of Universal Sompo Car Insurance policy

A Universal Sompo car insurance policy is an excellent choice for people who want to protect their vehicle. These policies have a comprehensive scope of coverage and optional and add-on benefits that are useful for specific situations. The company has an excellent claims settlement ratio and 86 branches across India. The company also offers attractive discounts for customers.

This insurance policy has various benefits, including cashless repairs, roadside assistance, and optional personal accident cover. The company also offers a no-claim bonus of up to 50%, which can lead to a discount on your renewal premium. No-claim bonuses also apply to new customers and can be transferred between policies.

Universal Sompo has a strong customer service team available 24 hours a day to help customers with any questions or concerns. You can call or email them anytime, and they can help you initiate cashless claims. Plus, you can pay for your policy with your credit card, debit card, or net banking. Furthermore, if you need to make a claim, Universal Sompo has a network of over 3500 garages to assist you.

Exclusions covered by the policy

The Universal Sompo car insurance policy provides comprehensive and third-party insurance coverage. They also have a nationwide network of nearly 3,500 garages and can provide 24 hours of emergency assistance to policyholders. In addition, they offer comprehensive policies that cover loss or damage caused by ordinary wear and tear, driving without a valid license, and alcohol. These policies also offer a no-claims bonus that enables you to save money by paying no premiums for up to five years.

If you need to file a claim, you can do so online or through a toll-free number. This method is convenient because you can compare multiple policies and pay with a single click. You can also choose to have your claim processed cashless or through reimbursement. Either way, you will need all of your documents ready.

Universal Sompo car insurance is available for individuals, families, and businesses. Their retail insurance products cover motor vehicles, personal and group health insurance, household and jewelry insurance, and more. They also offer specialized insurance packages for business owners and SMEs.

Easy to purchase

Universal Sompo car insurance is an affordable car insurance service that provides a comprehensive range of cover options. You can choose from third-party and comprehensive cover, and you can also opt for optional add-ons. Universal Sompo car insurance is easy to purchase online, and the website provides several valuable tools for comparison. This provider also has a round-the-clock customer support system. Customers can also benefit from its extensive network of 3500 garages.

When you buy Universal Sompo car insurance online, you get to choose whether to renew your policy or not. You can either renew your policy online or through an offline agent. You can also file a claim online or offline whenever necessary, and the claim process is quick and easy. Purchasing online means you can easily compare the cost of premiums, coverage, and claims. In case of an accident, the insurance company will pay the garage for repairs. Once you file a claim, you should get the payment within seven working days.

Universal Sompo General Insurance is a partnership venture between two nationalized banks, one private sector bank, and an FMCG company. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and 17 regional offices throughout India. It offers several insurance plans, including health, travel, and home insurance. It also offers several discounts, including discounts for approved anti-theft devices.

Easy to renew

Universal Sompo offers you a convenient and hassle-free car insurance renewal process. The insurer works round-the-clock to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. It offers you a range of optional extras to further reduce the premium amount. You can also opt to lower your premium amount by raising your voluntary deductible. In addition, the insurer offers discounts for disabled drivers and those who have modified their vehicles.

You can renew your Universal Sompo car insurance policy either offline or online. The online option makes it easy for you to renew your policy. Once you have completed the online process, you can receive your policy instantly. You can also file a claim if necessary. The claims process with Universal Sompo is also streamlined. All you need to do is fill in a renewal form and provide information about your car. You will be provided with quotes and other policy details.

Universal Sompo car insurance is easy to pay for. It covers the cost of roadside assistance, replacement keys, and engine repair. If your vehicle breaks down, the insurance company will arrange for a towing facility and reimburse your expenses. You can also get discounts if you use approved anti-theft devices.