Aviva Life Insurance Reviews


If you’re looking for an affordable non-participating unit-linked life insurance plan, you should consider Aviva. They offer two different levels of cover and a five-star rating. Plus, they have savings plans, too. This Aviva life insurance review will teach you more about their products and services.

Aviva Life Insurance is a non-participating, unit-linked life insurance plan.

If you’re looking for a non-participating, non-voluntary life insurance plan offering a wide range of features, you might consider Aviva Life Insurance. The company has a toll-free number and offers online and offline payment options. You can visit one of its branches to make a claim.

Aviva Life Insurance is one of the leading players in the private life insurance industry. It offers various individual and group insurance plans, including health, savings, retirement, and children’s. In addition, the company also offers plans that are specifically tailored for the armed forces.

A non-participating, unit-linked life insurance plan is one in which the insurance company manages the whole portfolio and has no policyholder participation. It pays out the promised amount to your nominee or family when you die. This type of insurance is considered a “modern” insurance plan because it combines investment and insurance into one policy. Your premium is split into two parts: one part goes to insurance coverage, and the other is invested in your chosen market funds. The investment part of your policy gives you returns based on your fund selection and market performance.

It offers two levels of cover.

Aviva offers two options if you’re unsure about which level of cover is right for you. They offer level cover and decreasing cover, also called mortgage cover. Both of these policies are available to UK residents aged 18-89. The level cover policy will provide you with a set level of cover for a period. However, if you want to protect your family’s finances, you can choose the shorter-term option.

A level-term life insurance policy will pay a lump sum if you die during the term of your policy. A decreasing term policy will pay a smaller lump sum but will be cheaper in the long run. For this policy, you’ll have to pay a monthly premium between PS5 and PS100. However, it does not require a medical exam.

It has a five-star rating.

Aviva Life Insurance is a leading insurer in the UK, with more than 15 million customers. It offers a range of insurance policies and has recently won two significant awards – the ‘Risk and Resilience’ award at the British Insurance Awards and the ‘Best Protection Provider’ award from Money Marketing. Defaqto has also awarded it a five-star rating for its life insurance products.

The company offers two main types of life insurance: level term and decreasing term. Level term is the most basic and covers you for a fixed amount of time while decreasing term covers you for a more extended period. Both options are available for individuals and families. The company also offers a free 12-month life insurance policy for parents of children under four. Parents must be aged between 18 and 66 to apply. Paid premiums cover up to PS15,000 in the event of death. Aviva Life Insurance is open to residents of the UK aged 18 to 70. It excludes members of the Armed Forces.

It offers savings plans.

Aviva Life Insurance offers savings plans that provide a death benefit and a regular income after you die. These plans offer a 210% guaranteed return on premiums and protect your family in the event of your death. The Aviva Annuity Plus Plan is another savings plan that guarantees a guaranteed monthly income to the insured after retirement. There are five annuity options, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. These plans also have tax benefits and are suitable for those who don’t want to pay high taxes on their savings.

Savings plans are an excellent way to protect yourself from life’s uncertainties. Aviva has many different savings plans, including ULIP, guaranteed income, and annuity plans. These plans are highly flexible, offering customizable features while providing live coverage.

It offers a free 12-month policy for parents of children under four

Aviva is allowing new parents to get life insurance coverage for themselves and their children for a limited period. The free policy is valid for 12 months and will cover both parents for PS15,000 each if they die during the year. As long as you are under 30, you can apply, and the insurer will not ask for any payment details.

The policy can take a year or less, depending on your financial circumstances. The free 12-month policy from Aviva is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. You can opt for a policy with regular or self-invested payments or a five-year, self-invested term plan.