The Hairy Business of Yeon-Joo Episode 2



Yeon-joo tries to reconcile with Dae-hyun, but it all goes wrong. They temporarily reunite when she convinces Chairman Jo to promote him, but this isn’t enough to keep them together; Dae-hyun struggles with insecurity and resentment of wealthier coworkers at GS Corporate, specifically Seung-Joon, who seems obsessed with her; Yeon-joo resists Seung-joon’s advances while working to advance his position within their company, yet their relationship comes under threat when she encounters Saet-but from his hometown who manages his convenience store manager job – testing both parties’ relationships to the fullest!

As a novice attorney, Myung-seok’s unusual way of communicating with her peers was misinterpreted, making her feel an outcast from society. But her supervising lawyer Jung Myung-seok, and support staff member, Choi Soo-yeon, quickly adjusted and helped Myung-seok become an efficient legal assistant.

Eun-byul’s debut in Fancy Girls comes under threat when delinquents who tried to rob her take compromising photos of her and demand money. Despite pleas, they decided to release these images, which became widely circulated online and caused Eun-byul to lose the trust of friends and fans.

Young-woo finds himself emotionally invested in defending Gye Hyang-sim, a North Korean defector arrested for demanding money from a severely battered debtor but fled instead to care for her daughter. At her trial, she makes a passionate plea for leniency by likening herself to mother whales protecting their babies – impressing Jun-ho, who grants her probation.

Young-woo accepts an assignment regarding a local temple charging entrance fees to visitors. While visiting, they are led by an enthusiastic abbot and visit a cliffside temple where Myung-Seok shares how his overworking led to him burning out and losing Ji-su, ultimately leading him to ulcerative colitis diagnosis.


Jae-Jae is an esteemed K-Pop host who is best known for her engaging interviews with idol groups. Being an ardent fan herself allows her to connect with fans while creating an enjoyable interview experience for all parties involved, earning much praise from K-pop fans alike. Jae-Jae also often advocates for dramas and films being released at SBS; despite all this success, she still goes back into full-time producer duty each day!

She recently became embroiled in controversy after making an insensitive gesture with her hand during an interview at a music festival, which many took as a sign of male hatred by various online communities. South Korean society is notoriously sensitive to any movement of feminism; celebrities such as Irene from Red Velvet were recently called out for using feminist books, and Son Naeun from Apink was called out for wearing a phone case supporting female rights.

Jae-Jae and the MMTG team remain true to their original core values and continue to bring fresh, innovative content to viewers. Additionally, they conduct extensive research on any idol they feature on their show and provide viewers with valuable information. Furthermore, the team continuously provides English subtitles within 24 hours after video release – their most recent video featured K-Pop group ITZY and discussed their journey as an idol group as well as what distinguishes them from other groups; specifically, they highlighted Ryujin’s romantic comedy lead characteristics as an example.


Ga Ram is quick to blame her mom for moving too quickly after Dad died when, in reality, it wasn’t so fast at all; Mom just wanted Ga Ram out of her messy life!

Seon Jae was the hero of this episode; he got to meet Ga Ram, for whom she has long felt unheard, and have the conversation she blames her mother for not having. It was particularly moving when Seon Jae revealed Hee Jeong had told him she could never be enough for Ga Ram and how that negativity has poisoned their relationship over ten years.

Bok Joo and Joon Hyung reunite, reminding viewers they are best friends who always support each other even if they disagree with decisions made by one or the other. In the weightlifting room, they jokingly suggest dating before Joon Hyung gets too close, causing her to panic about breaking her jaw.

At first, she convinces herself he’s flirting, yet she still looks pretty interested. They begin discussing their plans together; he eventually suggests opening his gym when they graduate.

Ga Ram is on the brink of giving up her relationship with Seon Jae, worried he will see her only as weak against men. When Seon Jae shows up at her gym to convince her otherwise by praising her performance in an indoor competition he organized, she resists his efforts and pushes him away. Instead, he makes her more forcefully before trying to provoke an altercation wherein he physically pushes and dares her to hit him; Ga Ram beats him into submission while going him against him while simultaneously hitting him with an umbrella stick he never expected!