Suede Business Cards


Suede business cards are an effective way of exuding luxury and sophistication. Their velvety surface exudes prestige, making them ideal for businesses in the fashion, beauty, or luxury industries.

These cards are also water resistant, making them highly durable. Furthermore, they can be enhanced with various printing effects like foil stamping, embossing, and debossing to add a professional touch.


Suede business cards add sophistication and class to your brand, setting it apart from competitors. Made from soft material that leaves an unforgettable feel in the hand of anyone holding your card, Suede cards won’t fade or tear with use and will make an impactful first impression on anyone who comes into contact with it.

Suede business cards can help create an impressive first impression and set you apart from competitors, making them ideal for companies in the fashion, beauty, and luxury industries; however, suede cards can also be used by any organization looking to give off a premium look and feel.

These cards feature a premium soft suede lamination applied directly after printing onto 16pt C2S stock, increasing its thickness by one point for more stability and durability. Water resistance makes these cards even more robust, while their velvet material provides protection from liquid spills or excessive handling, helping prevent their contact information from fading over time.

Beyond their luxurious feel, these cards can also be enhanced with special finishes such as foil stamping, embossing, or debossing for an eye-catching design that stands out. Furthermore, you may have hand-painted edges on your business card that match your branding scheme for further personalization.

Double-layer business cards provide another alternative that features your branded colored sheet between two white sheets for a layered effect. Lamination options such as gloss, matte, or soft-touch lamination add elegance and strength to this business card design.


Suede business cards are an excellent choice for businesses that wish to make an impression statement and create a sense of elegance and sophistication in their image. Not only are these cards durable, but they’re also great for companies in the fashion, beauty, or luxury industries – or any business looking to leave an everlasting impression on potential clients and customers.

Suede business cards stand out from traditional cardstock because they feature a luxurious velvet texture. At the same time, thicker and more robust than regular business cards, suede business cards offer the added benefit of water resistance and scratch resistance for long-lasting impressions.

Suede business cards feature soft textures that can be enhanced using various printing effects such as foil stamping, embossing, and debossing to give a rich metallic finish and highlight specific design elements. Furthermore, these techniques create depth and dimension to the overall appearance of the card by providing a three-dimensional effect that adds depth and dimension to its look.

When selecting the material for a business card, two materials stand out: suede and silk. Both offer distinctive looks and feels that will undoubtedly impress business associates and clients; however, there are critical distinctions between them that could help you choose which option will be most beneficial to your company.

Suede and silk business cards both feature matte finishes, though silk has been around longer and has more of a classic aesthetic. Suede stands out with its velvety texture, while silk reflects less light; therefore, suede would be better suited to designs featuring dark backgrounds or fonts.


Suede business cards offer an elegant way to leave an impressionful and distinctive first impression with clients and associates. Made from high-grade paper stock, these cards can be personalized using various printing options, including full-color print or spot UV coating, to leave an unforgettable first impression and build relationships. Furthermore, add foil stamping, embossing, or debossing for a sophisticated finish!

Suede business cards provide your printed colors with an exquisite feel while remaining scratch-resistant, perfect for businesses that wish to convey luxury and elegance. It is ideal for fashion, beauty, and luxury industries but can also be utilized by any company looking to stand out.

Suede cards are printed on premium 16pt C2S stock and then laminated with a 1.5 mil scuff-resistant soft velvet laminate for an overall thickness of 19pt. The suede laminate provides an enveloping soft feel while its muted colors reduce the contrast of dark hues. We can round the corners of these cards for an elegant finish!

The scuff-resistant finish on business cards is designed for durability but isn’t waterproof; therefore, you must handle them carefully as the surface may easily be scratched by handling. To protect their surface and avoid potential damages from moisture exposure or direct use, store business cards in protective cases when not being used directly with water.

Suede business cards provide many custom printing options and finishing techniques. At our printing facility, spot UV and foil stamping courses add rich metallic hues that enhance the appearance and draw attention to important information like a logo or phone number on your cards.

Our printing process utilizes four-color printing with cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks for vibrant results. In addition, we can use special techniques to produce colored edges on your business card that will stand out from the crowd – an effective way to emphasize particular elements or create an unexpected visual effect.


Soft-touch business cards provide a more luxurious appearance than standard business card printing, making them an excellent choice for high-end businesses looking to convey exclusivity and luxury. These cards feature thick velvet paper stock that can be personalized with special effects such as spot UV coating; embossing/debossing can also be added, along with colored edges or die-cut layers for even further personalization.

These business cards stand out from the competition thanks to a scuff-resistant laminate that protects them from scratches and moisture damage, increasing durability and color saturation for increased visual impact. The lamination can be applied on both sides for an impressive effect that makes these business cards stand out!

Suede business cards are the ideal solution for individuals and companies who want to create an impressionable first impression with clients and connections. Suede cards can help graphic artists, real estate agents, and other professionals project a premium image for their brands.

These cards offer another advantage for high-end businesses: resistance to dirt and stains. Their scuff-resistant laminate helps ensure the cards always appear presentable after repeated handling; additionally, their velvety soft feel enhances their visual aesthetic while offering unique tactile experiences for recipients.

Suede business cards add texture and depth to any design, especially black ones. Their velvety surface reflects less light than glossy paper, making writing on it with a pencil or pen easier without smearing text. Furthermore, this soft texture stands out against any printing and draws attention to what matters on each card.

Suede and silk business cards make an excellent impression yet are distinct enough from each other to stand out from competitors. Both textures look luxurious; your decision depends primarily on personal taste and desired image projection. Suede cards may provide more consistency than silk cards, while both provide premium aesthetics that help set them apart.