The Best Seasons of Alone


Alone has quickly become one of the cult TV shows since its premiere on History in 2016. This survival series has brought us extraordinary builds, emotional breakdowns, and unforgettable triumphant moments of glory.

Fans have long debated which seasons were the best; while some believe season three to be their favorite, others consider it the worst.

1. Season 1

Alone thrust ten people into one of the world’s most challenging wilderness locations in competition to last as long and win $500,000. While this can be risky for both contestants and producers, Alone has proven adept at finding charismatic participants with brilliant survival hacks – making for compelling viewing!

The show also has a solid moral core, featuring themes like family over everything and humility before nature as cornerstones. And despite nature’s challenges and dangers, contestants find laughter in their struggles.

Controversial elements arose during this season as participants were permitted to use barbless hooks when fishing, and while some managed to build magnificent shelters for sheltering, others did not succeed so quickly.

2. Season 2

The second season of Alone follows ten intrepid survivalists as they attempt to survive in the wilderness independently without assistance from anyone else. This series chronicles their daily struggles as they face everything from territorial bears to freezing weather conditions.

Contestants receive limited survival gear and must compete to remain alive in the wilderness for as long as possible, with regular medical check-ins to monitor progress. The contestant who lasts longest wins a grand prize of $500,000.

The season debuted on April 21, 2016, and included 13 one-hour episodes, selecting participants on their survival skills, on-camera personality, and learning speed of camera equipment. Leftfield Pictures produced the series for HISTORY while David George, Brent Montgomery, Shawn Witt, Gretchen Palek, and Zachary Green served as executive producers; its distribution by NBC Universal International Television Distribution was overseen.

3. Season 3

History’s popular survival series Alone returns with Season 3, moving the action to Patagonia in South America. Ten hardened survivalists will attempt to survive alone for as long as possible in Patagonia’s wilderness.

Contestants receive limited gear, wilderness experience, and cameras for recording their journeys. Their mission: find food, water, and shelter while protecting themselves against pumas and wild boars who threaten them – those who make it the longest will receive a $500,000 cash prize!

Zachary Fowler was an extraordinary competitor on season three of Alone, who quickly won over many viewers’ hearts. Today, he remains active online, sharing information about his slingshot business and outdoor adventures on social media, teaching young people camping skills and outdoor survival techniques at camp, and living with his wife and two dogs in Texas.

4. Season 4

This intense survival series pits ten individuals (seven pairs in Season 4) against nature with only essential items at their disposal and provides them with total isolation to find ways to survive for as long as possible – the winner being awarded a prize pool worth $500,000 at its conclusion.

Participants of this season-long trek battle frigid temperatures and inhospitable terrain while also contending with challenges such as their partner’s bad temper or illness.

This season brings an innovative new element: all ten contestants work in pairs for the first time. If one of their teammates is medically removed or taps out, both are eliminated from the competition; however, if at least one survives until the end, both can split a $500,000 prize pot equally.

5. Season 5

Alone stands out from traditional reality shows by featuring contestants with nothing but their equipment to ensure their best chance of survival in an unfamiliar wilderness environment. Contestants must build shelters, locate food supplies, and deal with deadly predators before finally coming home in one piece.

Jesse was known for his military training and hunting abilities; however, his greatest strength lay in his ability to think creatively. He used every resource, such as deer hearts, to make jerky or brain-tanned hide products.

Alone: Season 5 premiered on the History Channel on June 14, 2018. Mongolia was chosen as this time’s location, featuring non-winners of prior seasons, and participants were put through an exhaustive endurance test involving freezing temperatures and wild animals.

6. Season 6

This season of Alone features ten new participants and is set in the Canadian Arctic Circle. Contestants must overcome various challenges posed by nature – especially avoiding dangerous Polar bears – which pose potential threats.

Contestants in Survivalist must deal with extreme temperatures and limited resources, using their knowledge of wilderness survival techniques to stay alive. Three finalists fight until the bitter end for supremacy in an intense test of will; whoever emerges victorious will be declared victor.

Jordan Jonas won season 6 of Alone by surviving 77 days in the Arctic and successfully hunting a bull moose, wolverine, squirrels, rabbits, grouse, and fish – as well as fighting freezing temperatures, starvation, falling from a cliff, and suffering a broken arm! Jordan Jonas is an inspiring survivalist and an incredible example for others to emulate.

7. Season 7

History Channel reality show Alone drops ten contestants into a remote environment, and the contestant who survives the longest will win an initial prize of $500,000. But season seven offers even more fantastic tips – reaching 100 days means taking home a jackpot worth an astonishing $1 Million prize.

Contestants select from a limited list of survival items before heading into the wilderness. With an exception for medical check-ins, they are left alone to provide food and shelter. While participants can “tap out” at any time during the competition, only winners remain until victory has been achieved.

Kielyn Marrone, Callie Russell, and Roland Welker are the final three surviving contestants and will be revealed as winners this Thursday evening. To stay informed and in anticipation for that night’s announcement of who comes out victorious, watch highlights from Thursday night’s finale on the History Channel website as well as more clips from each season – plus spinoff series Alone: The Skills Challenge and Alone: Frozen are also available!

8. Season 8

Contestants in this season of the show are placed in some of the harshest environments imaginable and must survive as long as possible to earn themselves $1 Million as prizes for victory.

Though this season didn’t feature any particularly dismal participants, it did struggle to maintain the high level of suspense viewers have come to expect from this show, by including family members as potential contestants, it took away from its central theme and reduced stakes significantly.

Still, Alone produced some of its most outstanding winners this season. Carleigh may have been medically evacuated at the end, but she made history by lasting an astounding 86 days and being one of Alone’s most remarkable competitors ever – her dedication and ability to see the positives in every challenge made her an instant fan favorite!

9. Season 9

Alone Season 9 featured some tenacious competitors vying for survival in one of its most intense seasons, with several contestants coming dangerously close to starvation. Canadian high school teacher Alan Tenta ultimately emerged victorious and impressed viewers with his advanced wilderness skills and incredible mental fortitude.

In this season, participants were isolated for up to three months in remote locations with no outside contact other than periodic medical check-ins and no protein supply available – an experience that tested their abilities and resilience.

Some contestants pushed themselves hard to survive, while others succumbed to despair and longing for home. One participant even reached organ failure. Overall, however, this season proved both exciting and compelling.

10. Season 10

Alone’s Season 10 debuts a new group of brave participants ready to put their survival skills through rigorous trials in remote northern Saskatchewan, fighting against territorial bears and wolves while braving bone-chilling temperatures.

Alone stands apart from most reality shows by not relying on producers to artificially generate conflict or foster rivalries between participants, instead having them record their experiences independently in the wilderness while medical check-ins only happen occasionally to ensure everyone remains healthy enough for further participation.

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