Real Insurance Review


Those looking for life insurance with no blood tests or medical exams can look no further than Real Insurance. The company is an award-winning provider of insurance products and has won a gold Trusted Service Award from Feefo since 2017. The company’s website uses simple language to explain the benefits of life insurance and is dedicated to keeping your information private.

Real Insurance is a life insurance policy with no medical or blood tests.

If you’re looking for a life insurance policy with no medicals, you have come to the right place. Real Insurance is a life insurance policy with a completely paperless application process. Instead of spending hours filling out a medical history questionnaire, you can have the examiner visit you at home or another convenient location. This way, you can avoid all the hassle of undergoing a medical examination and apply for Insurance in a shorter time.

Real Insurance entered the Australian market in 2005, offering innovative cover options at competitive prices. It also provides caring customer service and a simple claims process. The third largest insurer backs real Insurance in the world. This means that clients highly regard Real Insurance.

Most life insurance policies require a physical exam and a verbal questionnaire. In addition to asking about your medical history, the exam includes checking your height and blood pressure. Some life insurance companies may also require that you take a blood test to detect serious illnesses, including HIV and AIDS.

Life insurance policies vary, but some do not require a medical exam. While this type of Insurance is a better option for people with health issues, it is still important to meet the requirements of your insurance provider. A medical exam helps an insurer determine how much risk you pose and can make the difference between an expensive and low-cost policy.