Metromile Insurance Reviews


Metromile is an insurance provider that offers insurance by the mile. Customers simply enter their zip code, vehicle information, desired coverage level, and estimated miles driven. Once approved, they receive a Pulse device plugged into the car’s computer or OBD-II port. The device allows the insurance provider to monitor their vehicles. Customers can check their accounts online and see how much coverage they have.

Payment-in-full discount

If you have multiple cars and want to save money on insurance, consider getting a paid-in-full discount from Metromile. The company offers flexible billing options and a help center that can answer all of your questions about billing, coverage, and more. You can also use the help center to make changes to your account or to make claims.

As with any policy, reading the small print before signing on the dotted line is essential. Check that the coverage limits are the same as the other company’s and that your deductibles are the same. Also, check the number of complaints and reviews from consumers. If there are many, that may be an indication of poor service.

Metromile insurance is available in eight states. This type of insurance is ideal for low-mileage drivers. Traditional policies usually reflect annual mileage of around 10,000 to 15,000 miles. However, you could be paying too much for car insurance if you only drive a few miles per year. Metromile offers a low-mileage discount that can save you as much as $741 a year.

Safe driver discount

If you are a safe driver, you can qualify for a safe driver discount when you purchase your auto insurance policy through Metromile. The insurance company uses a telematics device to monitor your driving habits. Although many other companies track your driving habits, Metromile promises to only look at how much you drive and how often you drive.

Metromile has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2013. The company has only received twelve closed complaints in the past twelve months. It has 213 reviews on Google and an overall 3.8-star rating. While most reviews are negative, most focus on the company’s service. The most common complaints focus on rate increases every six months, while the company’s customer service is praised by many.

Another positive aspect of Metromile insurance is its rental reimbursement coverage. If you get into an accident and need a rental car, Metromile will reimburse you up to $30 per day. This coverage is for 30 days. Additionally, it offers roadside assistance. This cost-effective service covers lockouts, jump starts, and flat tires.

Multi-car discount

If you are looking for a multi-car discount for car insurance, Metromile Insurance may be a good option. The company has low rates and a high-tech experience, making it an excellent choice for those who drive infrequently. But the company’s customer service has not always been a positive experience. Many complaints were reported to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, indicating poor customer service.

There are complaints about Metromile’s claims processing time. Many customers report that the company does not respond quickly to their claims. Many customers must submit claims online and wait a long time for a call. In addition, the low mileage discount does not apply to drivers who exceed ten thousand miles a year.

Metromile offers several types of discounts to its customers. You can save money by accumulating several policies, taking defensive driving classes, and driving a safe car. It also offers a senior discount for those who are over 65 and maintain a good driving record. In addition, you can customize your coverage levels and add additional coverage as needed.

Pay-per-mile pricing

Metromile insurance reviews indicate that this San Francisco-based company is an excellent choice for drivers interested in pay-per-mile pricing. This company offers easy sign-up and significant savings. In addition, their claims team comprises insurance industry veterans dedicated to providing quality service. Furthermore, claims are processed and paid out as quickly as possible thanks to the company’s AI-powered claims technology.

The rates for Metromile insurance are very reasonable, and they offer a high-tech experience for infrequent drivers. However, Metromile’s service is far from perfect, as they have received many complaints filed against them by consumers. You should compare different quotes before purchasing your insurance. You can also check with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for feedback on customer service. Depending on the state you live in, the cost of your policy could vary significantly.

While most pay-per-mile insurance companies base their rates on the number of miles driven, Metromile differs. While many pay-per-mile insurance companies base their prices on more traditional information, such as your age and driving record, it uses a formula that calculates your premium based on actual miles driven. Using the app, you can also monitor your mileage and other data to determine how much you spend on insurance.