South Florida Institute of Technology


South Florida Institute of Technology offers three career programs with one-year certificate programs at undergraduate tuition & fees of $9,250 per student.

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South Florida Institute of Technology is a private for-profit school at Harris Commons at 3011 South Babcock Street. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, it offers undergraduate degrees with open admission policies that enable students from varying academic backgrounds to reach their educational goals.

Prospective students meet with an admissions representative to discuss their educational and career goals during the admissions process. Once done, an admissions representative will give them a school catalog and take them on a tour around campus, during which students may even get to sit in on classes!

Universities provide their students with many advantages, including part-time work. Students may earn up to 20 hours a week during an academic term and use this money towards tuition payments, books, and living costs.

Furthermore, this school boasts a highly high student retention rate due to the highly-specialized education it offers its graduates – making them highly sought after in the job market. Newsweek ranks it among America’s best colleges.

FIT College of Aviation and Technology is excellent for science, engineering, psychology, business aviation, or aviation studies students. Their campus boasts a beautiful botanical garden that attracts nature lovers; also located only one hour from the beach for easy sun and relaxation! Students will find this city safe, with everything they require conveniently located nearby on campus.

Programs offered

South Florida Institute of Technology (SFIT) offers students an impressive range of programs, from degrees, certificates, and college credit options to skills training programs designed specifically to pursue a specific area of work. SFIT also provides additional academic programs designed to give students a world-class education that will lead to their future success.

The University of the Pacific is known for its expertise in science and engineering studies, being one of the first schools to offer a bachelor’s degree in aquaculture. Furthermore, the campus hosts various research centers such as Wind and Hurricane Impact Research Laboratory and Institute for Marine Research; again, there are impressive facilities and a wealth of academic and social activities.

SFIT’s Computer Business Application program aims to develop individuals’ business acumen and familiarize them with ERPs as they learn about operating them, accounting, human resource management, and finance are also covered in-depth. Meanwhile, their Plumbing Technician Program delves deeper into developing the skill sets required for success in construction industries.

SFIT University boasts a significantly higher than average Student Loan Default Rate at 15.2%, which should be of particular concern given that 66% of its student body depends on loans to cover educational costs. Thankfully, SFIT’s Financial Aid office is ready and willing to assist its student body with their financial needs. It is also an invaluable source of information about available scholarships and work-study opportunities.

Admissions Process

The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for which admission requires fulfilling academic requirements, submitting official transcripts, taking standardized tests, and any additional pre-enrollment procedures such as sending in financial aid applications or taking placement exams – with guidance provided via its website for each of these procedures.

This school is moderately selective, meaning that applicants should possess both an outstanding GPA and SAT/ACT score to gain admission; however, its requirements are less strict than other schools, and with these credentials, you could still gain access – even if extracurricular activities fall short of expectations.

This university offers excellent scientific, engineering, and psychological degrees, top sports teams, and an outstanding Greek life system. Additionally, its small size and dedicated professors help students find their path toward career fulfillment.

USF’s historic invitation to join the Association of American Universities has marked a momentous step forward for their institution. USF becomes Florida’s first public university and one of only two state universities chosen, celebrating a monumental achievement after decades of effort toward this goal.

The University of Melbourne is an ideal choice for international students due to its diverse student body and emphasis on cultural competence, study abroad opportunities, and its convenient location – two miles away from Downtown Melbourne and Orlando Melbourne International Airport, six miles away from a beach, 45 miles from NASA – Kennedy Space Center, and 75 miles from Orlando FL.

Financial aid

While college costs continue to skyrocket, applying for scholarships can make education more affordable. Florida Institute of Technology offers many scholarships, including Scholarship for Exceptional Students program and Florida Tech Foundation Scholarship; complete your FAFSA form online – free and open to everyone starting October 1st, so don’t delay!

The FAFSA is a federal application designed to determine your eligibility for various financial aid forms. To complete it, you’ll need a valid social security number and tax data from previous years; otherwise, you can use last year’s information from earlier filings if available. Once submitted, universities will send your estimated tuition and fee costs through an estimated package. You could also use the Net Price Calculator tool for an idea of what similar students paid in previous years.

Private loans may provide the extra help necessary if your institutional aid falls short. With lower interest rates than federal loans and repayment over an extended period, personal loans are an ideal way to cover college costs. Just keep in mind they require a refund after taking them out!

SFIT provides several programs tailored towards healthcare careers for medical assistants and patient care technicians at SFIT. Their courses prepare graduates to enter private clinics or hospitals. Furthermore, SFIT stands committed to offering financial aid packages to eligible students.

Student life

At our school, students can participate in various student activities and involvement opportunities designed to engage them with college life fully and lay a solid foundation for future career success. They provide students with a chance to meet new people while strengthening leadership capabilities based on what their current student body needs and desires – creating an unforgettable college experience!

At FIT, students come from various backgrounds. There are numerous organizations for them to join that range from social groups to service initiatives; Squamish is one such co-ed group dedicated to maintaining and promoting the botanical gardens at FIT and participating in jungle and beach clean-ups in its immediate community. Alpha Phi Omega, another social service club on campus that started recycling before the institution-wide program was implemented, is another famous club.

In addition to student organizations and clubs, FIT boasts professional associations that provide networking and job placement opportunities for its graduates. One such association is the American Society of Civil Engineers which offers hands-on projects and competitions for its members; another professional group for civil engineers at FIT sponsors field trips where students can connect with industry professionals.

FIT’s athletic teams, known as the Panthers, compete at the NCAA Division II level. The school offers 18 sports, including men’s and women’s basketball, football, cross-country running for both genders, men’s golfing, and male soccer. Furthermore, intramural leagues are offered. Furthermore, its Athletic Department includes full-time and part-time coaches with an athletic training center and weight room on campus.