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Speco Technologies provides cutting-edge video surveillance, electronic accessories, and audio products for residential and commercial properties. Their reputation rests upon providing affordable yet dependable merchandise at competitive prices while delivering world-class customer service, product training, and technical support services.

Speco has expanded its technical support team by hiring Drew Helford from Farmingdale State College, who specializes in networking. He will report directly to their technical support manager.

Product Lines

Since 1964, Speco Technologies has been committed to offering only top-quality residential and commercial sound, security, CCTV closed circuit video surveillance equipment, and electronic accessories. They are widely used by contractors, installers, builders, engineers, and architects who require affordable yet dependable security products and solutions for their commercial and residential needs. Speco’s security products and solutions feature CCTV and IP video surveillance equipment and an impressive selection of audio products.

Speco offers a comprehensive line of CCTV camera products, from infrared and low-light cameras, dome and bullet cameras with different lens sizes and night vision capabilities, surveillance monitors for affordable monitoring, and network video recorders (NVR) capable of remotely managing multiple sites and cameras.

Speco has also developed an affordable surveillance management software with multiple site support that is easy to use and features a user-friendly graphical user interface, making this perfect for small business applications and large enterprise installations.

Speco eagerly anticipates 2022 as they plan to unveil several exciting products, such as white LED cameras with bullet and dome housing that enhance existing light to provide color pictures even when other cameras cannot. Furthermore, an advanced digital deterrent camera that works both audiovisual deterrence against crime will also be created – something Lauttamus takes great pride in offering among our portfolio of security solutions.

Video Solutions

Speco Technologies’s mission is to offer reliable merchandise at an affordable price point while offering exceptional customer service and technical support for its products. Their range includes IP video surveillance solutions and audio effects for residential and commercial purposes.

With millions of burglaries occurring annually across the U.S., having an effective camera system is more important than ever. Speco’s line of cameras is designed to act as an effective deterrent and capture any perpetrators of crimes as they occur – they also serve as invaluable resources in recovering stolen goods and prosecuting criminals.

Speco Technologies is “incredibly excited” to launch two White LED cameras – O5LB1 and O5LT1 – explicitly designed to illuminate low-light scenes or events and capture clear photos. Also making its debut this year is a Digital Deterrent camera, offering both visual and audible deterrence against any crime that may arise.

Speco’s innovative Intensifier technology amplifies and maximizes existing light to produce vibrant color images in places where conventional cameras cannot. Available on several indoor and outdoor IP and HD-TVI cameras from Speco, this is an excellent way to provide increased security under low-light conditions.

SecureGuard Client, the latest innovation from SecureGuard Systems, allows users to view their cameras on smartphones or tablets from a central location – home or office. Featuring an easy and user-friendly interface, SecureGuard Client makes viewing cameras quick and effortless, enabling accessing cameras, creating groups, changing camera settings, and watching video all from within your smartphone or tablet device.

Since 1968, Speco Technologies has remained committed to offering top-quality residential and commercial sound, security, CCTV closed circuit video, and electronic accessories. Contractors, installers, builders, engineers, and architects trust Speco products for both their commercial and residential needs – their products can be found in homes, schools, and office stores worldwide as they are recognized for their high quality, reliability, affordability, and ease of installation.

Education & Training

Speco recognizes the value of education in selling their products, so they provide numerous seminars designed to assist technicians and integrators in becoming more adept with them. All classes offered for free provide professionals with an opportunity to keep abreast of industry trends and how best to utilize space equipment.

This company also provides technical support materials like application diagrams and video tutorials to its clients to help design functional multiple-speaker systems that are simple and cost-effective. Furthermore, product training ensures all customers can fully use their Speco surveillance devices.

Since 1962, speco has been committed to offering top-of-the-line residential and commercial sound, security, CCTV closed circuit video surveillance products, electronic accessories, and electronics at affordable rates – guaranteed to delight their customers for years. They work closely with contractors, installers, builders, engineers, and architects as trusted security partners.

The Speco D8WCS 8-Channel DVR with Digital Deterrent is a potent unit that allows users to record high-quality footage simultaneously from up to 8 cameras using its Linux operating system. This covert device has various recording modes, including Time Lapse, Event, Pre-Event (up to 30 minutes of pre-event recording time), Text In, Panic Modes, and Audio Only mode support. It can even be set to operate with audio only!

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Speco Technologies provides innovative residential and commercial sound, security, CCTV closed circuit video, and electronic accessories designed to fit every installation need. Their top-rated devices are top-rated but affordable and dependable – customer service and technical support are outstanding! Speco takes great pride in offering professional installers, builders, contractors, and engineers options tailored to their unique requirements.

With millions of burglaries occurring yearly, an effective security system is an invaluable deterrent against criminals and a tool for recovering stolen property. Speco’s NVRs fully comply with NDAA requirements, and recorders use encrypted United States-based DDNS servers – keeping sensitive information safe from hacker attacks.

Distribute music throughout small to medium-sized rooms using the Speco Technologies AA1 A-Live Amplifier and Streamer. It is a multi-zone system capable of streaming your preferred streaming services, local audio files, or any other source device.

Speco Technologies’ 4-Channel DVR, known as the DA4RS 4-Channel DVR, is an efficient Linux-based storage solution capable of recording CIF resolution images from up to four cameras at 120 frames per second and using H.264 compression technology to reduce file sizes, thereby saving storage space and bandwidth requirements.