Restaurants and Lassi Shops Near Me in Kolkata


Kolkata offers many restaurants that specialize in providing delectable meals, complete with convenient delivery services, so customers can experience restaurant-grade cuisine right in their home environment.

This legendary lassi shop near me in Kolkata features blue walls with visitors’ passport-sized photos. It offers delicious mango lassis topped with makha sandesh for guests to drool.

Paranthe Wali Gali

This narrow alley, known initially as Dreeba Khord, was once nearly abandoned with only a few severe and silver shops until the Gwalior Brahmin family took control. They initiated an enduring legacy that has transformed it into one of Old Delhi’s most beloved eateries: Paranthe Wali Gali is now considered an institution by those who love street food, making Chandni Chowk or Lal Quila your starting point and taking a cycle rickshaw ride from there to reach it!

Paranthe wali gali is famous for its delectable parathas stuffed with exotic fillings. Additionally, you’ll find other delicious street foods here, like chole bhature and chaat. However, due to all the ghee used to fry these parathas, Paranthe wali gali might not be ideal if you’re on a diet.

At Paratha Market, you can try an assortment of parathas such as potato-filled, paneer paratha (cottage cheese-filled), and gobhi parathas topped with cauliflower and gobhi fillings, plus sweet parathas topped with rabri. Some shops even serve sweet parathas with toppings for sweet lovers, like dal biji bikaneri, a mixture of kheer and gulab jamun, to complete your dining experience!

Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala in Paranthe wali Gali offers tasty kachoris that are both crispy and filled with spices and potatoes and served alongside hot aloo curry and chutneys – these bite-size bites can satisfy both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

One of its best features is that it’s open all year round for takeaway food service with friendly staff at reasonable prices and prompt service – not to mention delicious meals like mango lassi. Don’t miss it when visiting.

Stop at Kanwarji’s for some authentic jalebis on Chandni Chowk’s main road; this shop offers top-quality jalebis. Don’t miss it when visiting Old Delhi – stop at Kanwarji’s! Located here, you will experience authentic flavors.

Paramount Sherbets

No visit to Kolkata would be complete without visiting Paramount Sherbets – a family-run shop behind College Square specializing in classic sherbets and syrups in various flavors, prepared fresh on-site using wooden beaters churning machines. A single glass typically costs 15 INR – something worth trying!

Nihar Ranjan Majumdar established this sherbet shop as a meeting spot for revolutionaries who discussed ways to overthrow British rule. Today, this historical lassi shop still operates and is run by its second generation; you can glimpse the past when entering its long hall with high ceilings and gently rotating ceiling fans; its walls are decorated with deer antlers, adding charm.

Paramount Sherbets offers thick and creamy lassis that make the perfect treat during hot summer days. Their signature mix consists of curd, khoya kheer, sugar water, and kesar – one of their most beloved sherbets! Paramount Sherbets also provides rose and mango syrups – not forgetting their friendly staff, who can assist with whatever else you require!

Paramount Sherbets offers an ideal location for enjoying sherbet quietly; unlike many lassi shops in the city, this establishment values peace. Sit back, sip away, and converse in low voices while sipping your drink with family members from the Majumdar family or other patrons of this establishment.

This cozy shop may be small, but it boasts plenty of seating and offers an ideal escape from city life. Service is quick, so you can quickly enjoy your sherbet. Plus, their lassi is made fresh with quality ingredients – not overly sweet, but perfect for those who don’t care for excessive sweetness in their beverages!

Lokenath Lassi Shop

This shop prepares lassis by hand-churning fresh yogurt mixed with rabri. Its thick consistency quickly satisfies sweet cravings, while the place specializes in other milk products like kulfi, rabdi, and paneer. Established in 1890 and located near Nirala Chaat and Sweets, it has long been in business.

Green mango and orange lassis here are delightful, while prices are reasonable and service is speedy – something worth experiencing while visiting this part of town! Don’t leave without trying one when in town!

Lokenath Bhujiawala presents his signature crunchy noodles-shaped savory items made of gram flour with added spices – an increasingly popular tea-time snack. Ready-to-eat and packaged in sealed packages, they contain proteins rich in their respective packages & can be stored away from direct sunlight to maintain shelf life.

Allahabad’s oldest restaurant and a trendy tourist spot, popular both within and beyond Allahabad, has long been known for offering unique experiences to visitors. People seeking something memorable in Allahabad should visit this establishment, famous for its delicious Rabdi, Peda, Kesar-Gulab Jal rabdi, and Kulhad Wali Lassi, which is Instagram-worthy.

Yadav Tea Lassi Shop

YADAV’S Lassi and Tea Shop can be found inside Dunlop supermarket inside MRGAYANI Shopping Complex at Dunlop in Kolkata 700108, West Bengal, India,, and boasts a Google rating 4.8. It is situated near Baranagar Road railway station. Serving delicious Lassi and Tea, they are open daily from 10:00 AM until 10:30 PM.

Old Delhi’s Chaat Shop is known for offering delicious yet cost-effective dishes like sooji halwa, poori, cooked vegetables, and omelet toast at reasonable rates. Furthermore, they also provide affordable lassi drinks.

At Chandni Chowk’s corner lies one of Delhi’s most beloved lassi shops – offering various flavors such as rose, mango, Kesar, and almond. Perfect for cooling off in Delhi’s hot summers. Popular choices include mixed fruit chaat and aloo kachalu (scooped-out boiled potato filled with chickpea filling, spices and lemon). Established in 1910, this small establishment exudes charm and character!