Top 5 Meat Shops Near Me in Kolkata


Kolkatans have quickly adopted DIY charcuterie boards, prioritizing artisanal meat produce over standard frozen options such as hand-rolled chorizos, Kalman-style pastrami, and Texas-style briskets.

If you’re an adventurous vegetarian or meatarian, check out one of the Haringhata Stores across town – they specialize in unconventional meats such as quail, duck, and turkey!

Kalman Cold Storage

Kalman Cold Storage in Kolkata encapsulates many aspects of city life, serving smoked sausages, lean bacon, and spiced collar meat that have satisfied Kolkatans for decades. The shop is best known for its Hungarian sausage, a chewy and spicy specialty made of minced pork mixed with garlic, black pepper, and salt and then smoked for 12 hours – an ideal treat for Kolkatans as it can be eaten as both an accompaniment to salads as well as being used as a delicious snack! The family runs Entally Family Sausage Co., making many sausages, including smoked pork bhare, spicy grilled sliced sausage, and garlic-packed kebab. In addition, Entally is famous for its ham, samosas, minced pork for momos, and other pork dishes – although initially it was home to outcasts and scavengers during colonial era times, later becoming home to the Anglo-Indian community and their sausages!

Since the death of its European owner in the 1970s, his Bengali family has managed the business. Over seven decades, little has changed in culture, technology, or industry trends – even basic health standards or best practices have not been updated to accommodate them. Equipment has worn out beyond repair, keeping up with demand, which has decreased by 70 compared to what it used to be, becoming increasingly difficult.

One can see why Kolkata delis have been adversely impacted by a nationwide cow slaughter ban, leading to a sales decline of all types of meat in Kolkata. Customers have become suspicious, and their trust in eating meat has decreased; many buyers now purchase precooked ham, kebab, and other meat products from supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants rather than delis.

While Central Kolkata boasts a rich culinary history going back centuries, much of South Kolkata was constructed post-1914 after World War One when many migrants from Partition refugees settled here. Because of this development pattern, beef cuisine did not establish deep roots here as in other areas of India.

Whole Hog Deli

Whole Hog Deli is a family-owned BBQ restaurant known for serving high-quality meats and delicious sides, such as pulled pork, chopped brisket, and chicken slow-smoked on hickory for up to 14 hours for extra tender and full flavor. Their friendly staff creates a cozy atmosphere – ideal for family meals!

Takeout service at this restaurant makes dining convenient for those who prefer eating in their own space. Their takeout menu offers only high-quality meats that have been slow-cooked to ensure tender and flavorful bites. There is also an assortment of side dishes and desserts, such as baked beans, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, fried okra, and some items, including cornbread.

This restaurant is a top pick among Americans searching for great barbecue cuisine in the United States, offering sandwiches, salads, grilled items, beverages, and catering options for parties and corporate events. They have built an excellent reputation among their patrons thanks to excellent customer service and delicious meals!

This restaurant specializes in delectable barbecue fare and offers an impressive array of other foods – including pies and cakes made with fresh ingredients for that homemade flavor. They’re mainly well known for their refreshing iced coffee in a mug!

Those craving southern-style barbecue should visit Northwest Arkansas’ Whole Hog Cafe for succulent meats like their succulent, juicy ribs that fall off the bone and delicious pulled pork that ranks as the best in town.

This deli offers an impressive selection of processed foods, such as Kalman ‘s-style spicy pork sausages and meatloaf. Their bacon is worth tasting as well. And, of course, you can sample Bandel cheese – an exquisite local delicacy!


Whether you want a quick DIY charcuterie board or try making pastrami and brisket from scratch, Kolkata offers several artisanal meat shops that carry quality produce. A few chains offer standard frozen options, and many local producers are curing, smoking, and providing meat made with love directly.

The pandemic has led small-scale producers to prioritize quality over quantity, with many experimenting with unique flavors and cuts. According to Jacob John of East of Bangalore on Instagram, pork shops in Bangalore have tripled since it first hit. He uses small batches of bacon from his East of Bangalore shop on Instagram, as his brick smoker can accommodate around 20 kg of meat! Chefs such as Gautam Krishankutty (Gonzo Garbanzo) and Karishma Sharma (The Tenth Muse) have also adopted this route to delivery via social media; Coorg recipe specialist Curly Sue specializes in these dishes!

Sambaran Mitra of Gurgaon-based chef and consultant Sambaran Mitra started Meathead “on a lark” over two months ago as other work had dried up, leaving “my smoker just lying there.” Since then, the made-to-order business has expanded into 30 cities across India with various rubs and marinades available.

His Texas-style pastrami and brisket are favorites among customers, retaining moisture to give a distinct mouthfeel and flavor. Smoking the meat for six to 16 hours with an offset reverse flow stick burner ensures delicious results. In addition, lean chops, bacon, and meatloaf are popular orders.

Munna Meat Shop

Munna Meat Shop in Kolkata is a grocery store widely recognized for its excellent customer service and proximity to JSR HWRH, Howrah Bridge, and Science City Kolkata, making it an ideal option for meat shops nearby. Email and phone number contact details are provided so customers can contact them directly; download a comprehensive list of Chicken & Mutton Shops in Kolkata with star ratings for marketing, sales, and analytics teams.