Imagine Homes Management Reviews


Imagine Homes is a company that focuses on providing high-end single-family rentals. This company was founded in 2016. The company was established with the goal of offering homeownership experiences that are hassle-free. They are currently operating in Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

About Imagine Homes

If you are in the market for a new home, you have likely heard of Imagine Homes. The company was founded in 2006 by Jim Bastoni and John Friesenhahn. They are an innovator in the building industry and have been credited with using the latest and greatest technology to create some of the nicest homes in the industry. It is not surprising then that their name should be mentioned in the same breath as Google or Microsoft.

While there are no official statistics, the company has been responsible for seven jobs in the last 12 months. However, these employees have not been surveyed for their opinions on their experiences with the company. Therefore, we cannot vouch for their alleged plethora of accolades, but we can say that the company has made the right moves at the right time.

Company culture

Company culture is one of the most important elements of growing a business. It can be used to steer decision making and encourage new teams. Imagine Homes management is looking to continue building the company’s culture.

Imagine Homes is a growing company and wants to maintain its strong culture. To do this, it’s crucial to evaluate its current benefits. This includes things like pay practices, employee promotions, and performance management.

Creating a great company culture can also help to attract high-quality candidates. Google, for instance, has a renowned culture. The company provides its employees with free food, gyms, employee trips, and dog-friendly workplaces. Moreover, they offer open presentations by high-level executives.

Working conditions

Imagine Homes is a tech savvy real estate company with an impressive collection of data tools and technology to boot. It buys thousands of single family rental houses across several states. The company aims to maximize profits while keeping on-site human labor costs in check.

Imagine Housing is a company that prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind. The company also uses the latest in data tools and technologies to increase home prices, raise rents and improve customer service. They’re also known for their slick marketing campaigns. This company, which has offices in San Francisco, Incline Village and Cincinnati, is backed by Wall Street investment firms.


If you are thinking about applying for a position at Imagine Homes, consider the following: The company offers a range of perks and benefits, including a comprehensive training program and a supportive work environment. In addition, the company has an e-mail address, phone numbers and accounts payable information.

One of the most impressive things about this company is its mission. They develop permanent affordable rental housing and provide supportive services to their tenants. Its website has an online job application and an email form. Moreover, it is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Lastly, the company is owned by Beazer.

According to the company’s website, the most important function of the company is its commitment to quality customer service. This includes a comprehensive operational strategy for the next 18 months.

Company History

Imagine Homes is a custom home builder that also provides construction services, such as renovating existing homes. It operates in Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis. In the last year, it purchased 49 houses in Hamilton County and 27 houses in Cuyahoga County.

Imagine Homes is affiliated with Colchis Capital Management, a deep-pocketed West Coast investment fund. According to its analytics platform, it pools investments totaling $975 million. Using high-tech loan platforms, Colchis Capital Management entered the real estate market during the Great Recession.

Its mission is to automate the landlord-tenant relationship. The company has a number of different teams that provide ad hoc marketing initiatives, such as monthly blogs, and dedicated support for back-end processes, such as property management.