Healthy Pets Insurance Reviews


While there are plenty of 5-star reviews, feedback on Healthy Pets Insurance is very mixed. Most of the complaints are based on claims that are not as expected and that don’t follow the policy’s terms and conditions. However, there are also several 1-star reviews. In these cases, the customer service department is less than helpful, and you may find it challenging to get a resolution.

Reimbursement options

Reimbursement options for Healthy Pet insurance plans vary depending on your policy type. Most plans offer a 70-90% reimbursement rate for covered services. You’ll need to file a claim to receive reimbursement for any covered services. A lower reimbursement rate will reduce your monthly premium, but you must consider this when choosing a plan.

Healthy Paws also varies its reimbursement options depending on your pet’s breed. For example, if your cat is a mixed breed, you may not qualify for the highest reimbursement level. However, you can still choose from a range of deductible options. In addition, both companies offer fast claims processing, and you can choose to pay the veterinarian directly or receive a payment through the insurer.

Once you have selected the type of coverage you need, you can adjust the reimbursement level and the annual deductible amount. You can choose from 60 to 90% reimbursement and a deductible of up to $500. Enter your contact information and mailing address to sign up for Healthy Paws. Then, pay the first premium. Healthy Paws does charge an administration fee of $25.

Co-insurance for older pets

When buying pet insurance for older pets, it is essential to read the fine print and understand the co-payment requirements. Most policies require owners to pay a co-payment once the animal reaches a certain age – usually eight or 10 for dogs and cats. This will be deducted from the policy’s limit, so it is essential to understand the terms and conditions before purchasing the policy.

There are three main types of pet insurance. The first type is an essential accident and illness policy with a $250 deductible per-condition annual limit. The second type is Whole Pet coverage, which covers unexpected accidents and illnesses. This type of insurance has a cap of $10,000 per year, a $250 deductible, and a 50% or 70% reimbursement percentage.

Older pets can be more expensive to insure. However, the policy does not cover medical expenses for older pets with preexisting conditions. If you document them beforehand, you’ll be reimbursed if the policy covers the condition.


According to the Healthy Pets Insurance Reviews website, this pet insurance provider offers good value. This website offers comparisons of pet insurance policies and policy wording. However, it does not provide the full Insurance Product Information Document (IPID). You can read the terms and conditions of Healthy Pets policies and compare them with other insurers’ policies.

Healthy Paws is available in all 50 states, though the terms and conditions can vary based on your geographic location. The quote tool will help you find the best deal in your area. Most reviews note that the customer service is friendly, and claims are processed quickly. However, some customers have complained of sudden cancellation of policies or prices being raised too high.

Mobile app

Consider a mobile app to track your pet’s health data if you have a pet. This app lets you find out if your pet is healthy and get a free quote. In addition, these apps offer flexible plans to help you keep your pet healthy and happy. You can also use these apps to get regular checkups and prevent diseases.

There are some limitations, though. This plan doesn’t cover preexisting conditions. It also requires a two-week waiting period, and there is a 15-day waiting period for hip dysplasia. However, healthy Paws offers flexible reimbursement options, and you can file a claim via the mobile app. Once approved, claims will usually be processed within ten days or less.

Healthy Paws Insurance offers a plan that covers accidents and illnesses and reimburses up to 90% of the veterinary costs. In addition, it has no lifetime, annual, or per-incident limit on the reimbursement amount. You can even make a deposit option on the app to ensure your insurance coverage will cover unexpected expenses.