Powder Valley Carrys 300 WSM Brass in Stock


The 300 Winchester Short Mag is a prevalent hunting and target shooting rifle cartridge popularly used for hunting as well as target practice. A high-quality brass casing is essential to consistently and accurately firing this cartridge; an ideal 300 wsm brass is made of premium materials with precise tolerances that deliver consistent pressures and velocities over time – as well as being durable enough to be reloaded multiple times without issue.


Lapua products offer superior accuracy and consistency to meet the demands of hunters, target shooters, military service members, and law enforcement professionals alike. Powder Valley stocks many Lapua items – including its legendary 6.547mm Mauser case as well as Scenar-L match-grade bullets for match shooting – so you can depend on Lapua to help get the job done!

Lapua cases are constructed from premium quality brass and designed to withstand repeated reloading. Their case heads are drawn to an exceptional hardness for enhanced precision while their necks and shoulders have been annealed – steps designed to preserve accuracy and integrity over time. Furthermore, Lapua cases feature thick and metallurgically reinforced rims that ensure deformation resistance at high pressures.

Lapua cases feature a smooth reloading process and are simple to trim, while their consistent flash hole size makes seating primers simple – helping ensure consistent ammo performance with every shot you fire. Furthermore, their long case life ensures they can be loaded and shot more often than other brass brands.

Lapua’s 308 Winchester cases stand out by being exceptionally consistent. Lapua’s reloading process produces high-quality cases that are uniform in shape, size, and weight, as well as resistance to oxidation – ideal for long-range shooting.

Lapua Reloading processes offer unparalleled consistency and quality while being environmentally friendly. Their operations use less energy than other manufacturers while recycling brass for future use – making Lapua an ideal choice for anyone seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Lapua cases are highly durable, holding their primers securely for repeated reloading without losing accuracy; hunters and competition shooters frequently choose them as their go-to choice for hunting or competition shooting. Even Finland found that its Sako TRG-42 sniper rifles could fire over 8,000 rounds before showing any signs of decay in accuracy.


Winchester brass in stock is widely considered the finest available and manufactured with extremely tight tolerances to ensure smooth feeding and positive chambering for outstanding accuracy. Furthermore, Winchester cases allow multiple reloadings, making them suitable for hunters as well as competitive shooters alike. American-made, these cases can help achieve high levels of precision shooting.

The 44-40 Winchester brass cartridge case has left an indelible mark on firearms history and remains popular today among reloaders and enthusiasts. Due to its versatility, lever-action rifles, as well as single-action revolvers, utilize this cartridge case and use it extensively when hunting small game and varmints.

No matter if it’s for fun or competition, ammunition is critical to your success. At OpticsPlanet, Winchester Brass reloading components offer superior quality that is easy to work with – helping you to achieve results!

As a beginner to reloading, it’s important to note that cases must first be annealed in order to ensure hardness and prevent them from collapsing under fire. Annealing also helps preserve shape and integrity for improved performance and performance results.

Considerations should also be given to the size and design of the case neck, which is defined as the diameter of the opening at the bottom of the case that holds the bullet. A case neck that is too large will not withstand the pressure applied by its contents; similarly, its rim must be thick enough to support the weight of the bullet without sustaining damage when loading it into its casing.

Winchester Reloading Brass comes in various sizes and headstamps to meet your individual reloading needs. Every piece is magnetically screened, machine sorted, and hand-inspected prior to packaging for quality assurance before being polished in stainless steel chips for a shiny, smooth surface – all before being placed into vacuum-sealed bags to inhibit corrosion and tarnish formation.


Nosler cartridge brass is designed for ease of reloading and designed to meet all of the rigors associated with handloading. Crafted from superior-grade materials and subjected to stringent quality controls, its wide array of chamberings makes Nosler brass an excellent choice among handloaders due to its quality and consistency.

The 26 and 28 Nosler centerfire rifle cartridges have become highly esteemed in both competitive shooting and big game hunting circles. Both cartridges offer flat trajectories with bone-crushing terminal ballistics capable of downing virtually every North American game animal from standoff distances. Both cartridges are designed to fit into either standard or extended actions for ease of use, permitting lighter bolts compared to magnum-sized rounds such as 30-06 Springfield Magnum or 378 Weatherby Magnum rounds.

Both 26 and 28 Nosler rounds utilize a rebated-rim design. Their cartridge rims are narrower than their bases, and their overall cartridge length matches that of the 6.5 Creedmoor; this enables both cartridges to reach high muzzle velocities while producing flat trajectory lines; however, longer barrels may be needed than usual for maximum effectiveness.

Though the 6.5 Creedmoor is widely used, another increasingly popular cartridge is the 28 Nosler. Released for public use in 2013, it offers flat trajectory shots while supporting heavier projectiles for big game hunting. It was developed in 2013 and was the subject of much scrutiny by shooting enthusiasts prior to being made public.

Nosler cartridges take their names from both their 6.5mm bullet diameter and the company that developed them; both models (.26 and.28 Noslers) can fire very accurately placed 6.5mm projectiles while being capable of firing wider 7. mm projectiles.

The 26 and 28 Nosler are both equipped with large rifle magnum primers that make them compatible with various powders, making them suited to use at different ranges and velocities. Furthermore, their increased speed translates to better kinetic energy at longer ranges while simultaneously offering increased accuracy at closer ranges; however, their longer barrel lives than other big-game rounds are the trade-off for this high-performance capability.


The 35 Remington cartridge is an adaptable cartridge suitable for lever-action and pump-action rifles, providing ample power and penetration when hunting big game. Furthermore, its large caliber and heavy bullet weight make for reliable accuracy – perfect for taking down targets with one shot!

Comparing various brands of brass is critical when making a selection decision, both regarding its quality and price. Reloading brass should be used at least three times before becoming unusable for loading purposes. To achieve optimal results, the brass should be cleaned and lubricated after every use in order to minimize case neck stretching while simultaneously aligning properly with a bullet.

Reloading ammunition can be an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby, but it can also be expensive. One way to reduce spending while saving time and money while reloading is buying individual components in bulk at wholesale pricing – saving both time and money when compared with purchasing expensive complete ammunition packages.

No matter if it is Lapua or Remington brass, what matters most is its high-grade composition and proper maintenance. After every use, clean and lube, trim to size as necessary and use a practical primer pocket uniformer and deburred. If loading large magnum cartridges, be sure to weigh each piece of brass after every reload to ensure it remains within specifications.

Hornady crafts its brass with the same precision and care they put into their bullets, testing for wall concentricity and pressure calibration before inspecting every piece by hand and shipping it out to customers. Their dedication to quality ensures their cartridges perform consistently shot after shot.

No matter if you shoot full-auto or lever action, quality reloading brass will enhance your performance and help ensure the best accuracy possible. When hunting big game or target shooting, brass quality plays a critical role. Be prepared to spend money when choosing the ideal brass for your needs, and do your research when purchasing.