Why You Should Have 22 250 Brass in Stock


Reloaders with serious ambitions often purchase 22 250 brass due to its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It can be used both for target shooting and varminting activities – it offers optimal performance regardless of its purpose!

Lapua’s world-class rifle brass begins with superior raw materials and metallurgical expertise. It is drawn extremely hard for unsurpassed reloadability and longevity with primer pockets that resist stretching and brittleness, guaranteeing unrivaled reloadability and longevity.


The 22 250 is one of the world’s most versatile and beloved mid-sized cartridges. First introduced as an offshoot to Savage 25-3000 parent case in the 1930s, its popularity really took off when Remington officially standardized it in 1965. Capable of shooting bullets ranging from 35 grains up to 75 grains accurately, this versatile firearm excels at both varmint hunting and whitetail deer hunting alike.

To maximize performance, you must select high-grade reloading powder and rifle combinations. Medium burn rate powders such as CCI or IMR tend to work best for hunting small game and predatory birds. Always begin loading 10% lower than your maximum pressure in order to avoid overcharging your gun; case web growth, seating depth changes, and temperature can all affect the forces you see in the barrel.

The 22250 case is highly durable and easy to reload, making it an excellent choice for competitive shooting. Furthermore, its versatility means it can accommodate a range of projectiles. To maximize accuracy and barrel life longevity, high-grade powder should always be used; otherwise, fouling may occur and decrease barrel life significantly.

When selecting powder for the 22250, look for products with low-temperature coefficients and are insensitive to changes in barrel heat. Also, keep your barrel diameter in mind, as this has an enormous influence on load density and powder temperature.

Reloading this cartridge is relatively straightforward, as its rimless case makes for easy trimming and punching. All major die-makers offer an assortment of reloading dies for this cartridge that is constantly expanding their selection – an affordable hunting option!

Reloaders need to select an appropriate bullet with an accurate seating depth to achieve actual results. They should also take care not to overcharge their cartridge, which can result in excessive bolt lift and poor ejection. Lubrication can help reduce friction during this process and facilitate efficient ejection.


Reloading 22 250 brass cartridges is an excellent way for gun enthusiasts who value accuracy and precision to maximize the use of their firearm. This cartridge can be fired across a wide range of weapons, with its flat trajectory making it an excellent choice for varmint hunting as well as long-range target shooting. Reusing 22-250 brass can save money over time as multiple firings can occur with quality rifle brass that has been cut to length, deburred, chamfered, and deburred before firing. Also, be sure that you anneal your brass after each firing to ensure consistent accuracy!

Lapua Reloading components are designed for serious reloaders who demand only the best from their ammunition. Their cases are made from premium raw materials and undergo intensive smelting and metallurgical processes that ensure each is hard, solid, with precise internal volumes that resist stretching or brittleness – as well as being capable of withstanding more reloading cycles than competing brands of rifle brass.

Sig Sauer cases are constructed from American premium brass and go through rigorous in-line and postproduction quality assurance testing to ensure each casing meets the stringent quality requirements set by professional shooters. Their long lifecycle provides maximum performance from each case, while their uniform dimensions and precise sizing guarantee optimal rifle performance.

Bitterroot Brass offers superior 22-250 brass cartridges as well as several other rifle calibers, including the 6.5 Creedmoor, 7.62x54R, and 8x57mm Mauser Prvi Partizan rifle calibers. Their customer service team is friendly and helpful, making their business an invaluable one-stop solution!

The company offers high-quality rifle brass that helps optimize accuracy while giving them an exciting reloading experience. Consistency of bullet seating depth and load pressure is critical when loading 22-250 cartridges that may be sensitive to slight variations.


The 22-250 is an outstanding varmint cartridge with impressive velocity and flat trajectory that allows for a wide variety of bullet weights, making it suitable for target shooting, hunting, long-range applications, and long-range target practice. Its versatility and accuracy have long made it popular with target shooters and hunters. High-quality 22-250 brass can help ensure maximum accuracy if used correctly, and sorting and separating cases by headstamp can maintain consistent accuracy over time.

The.22-250 has a minimal body taper and sharp shoulder, creating a higher case capacity compared to its Remington counterpart. This increased case capacity enables an increase in propellant load, which increases the velocities and performance of the cartridge. Furthermore, its narrower rim reduces stress on necks for extended case life and is more rigid for easier trimming.

Serious reloaders recognize that the rim of a 22-250 rifle case is an integral component of its tolerance, especially when loading heavy bullet loads. A thin edge could result in bullets being knocked off center from pressure from powder. A skilled reloader should use a case gauge to measure its diameter, then anneal their rims afterward in order to strengthen them and make them less vulnerable to deformation.

Consistent primer seating is another crucial aspect of accuracy. A high-quality priming tool will ensure uniform depth of seating, assuring proper ignition of powder charge. A skilled reloader should also have access to an accurate powder scale that dispenses precise amounts of powder evenly and consistently across their cartridge cases and confirms that they have been cleaned prior to reloading.

Reloading ammo can be relatively straightforward and can produce excellent results. Beginners should start out using quality primers and bullets; gradually increase powder use until you find an optimal combination. Reloading can provide more accurate and economical ammunition solutions than purchasing factory ammo directly.

Reloaders have taken great strides toward perfecting this cartridge, creating winning combinations of bullets and powders to use when hunting varmints at ranges up to 400 yards. Many rifles used for this caliber hunting have chambering explicitly designed for it; many shooters have found that its shot power makes for effective killing shots on targets at that range.


The 22 250 is a highly versatile round designed to be used for both target shooting and hunting. It can accommodate a range of bullet types – hollow point and soft point ammunition can both be loaded onto it for use – making it a favorite among both hunters and shooters. Furthermore, due to its easy reloading system, it makes for a cost-effective solution among high-volume shooters.

The rimless cartridge features a case with an ergonomic neck fit to facilitate consistent bullet seating and consistent accuracy, producing reliable rounds with high velocity and large capacity. In addition, its light weight helps reduce recoil, making this cartridge suitable for many shooters.

To maximize the performance of a 22-250 rifle, selecting high-grade brass is critical. This is particularly important when handloading; although quality brass may be costly, investing in it will yield optimal results from your gun. When selecting components for reloading purposes, consider factors like length of case length, number of flash holes, and headstamp when making decisions about components for reloading.

A quality piece of brass should be weighed, deburred, and trimmed before full-length sizing and with its case mouth chamfered on both the inside and outside. Lubrication may also help prevent stretching of the case. When sizing brass use a die with smooth surfaces for best results to minimize chances of damage to its neck.

When it comes to hunting varmints and predators, few cartridges can compare with the 22-250. Capable of shooting coyotes, bobcats, prairie dogs, woodchucks, and other fur-bearing creatures alike – it even works on coyotes! However, due to the lack of knockdown power for deer hunting, ethical kills are.

Lapua World-class brass begins with only premium raw materials and exceptional smelting and metallurgical expertise. Smelting pays close attention to grain structure, hardness, and consistency – this ensures hardiness and reloadability with unsurpassed life cycles and unrivaled reloading cycles for each case made from this brass alloy.