Upgrade Your Nissan 350Z With These Stock Wheels and Tires


If you’re in the market for new wheels and tires for your 350z, there are various upgrades you can try. Staggered setups, coilovers, or lower springs could all make an impactful statement about what type of car owner you are.

Lowering springs are an economical suspension upgrade that offers between a 1″ and 2.3″ drop in ride height.

Nissan 350z’s stock rim size is 18×8 +30 offset front and 18×8.5 +32 offset rear. Knowing both lug patterns and offset will ensure your wheels fit securely onto the car without any complications.


This stock wheel comes standard on both base and enthusiast trims of the Nissan 350Z. They are strong yet lightweight for an eye-catching appearance on the car, with a low offset that fits most tires without issues such as uneven wear, rubbing, or handling problems.

Enkei wheels are one-piece castings constructed using its proprietary MAT process, making them extremely lightweight and rigid. This reduces unsprung weight by 10%-15%, which reduces energy absorption by the wheels, making this particularly advantageous for track-driving vehicles or high-performance driving applications.

These wheels range in size from 14-19 inches. You can use them to maintain OEM fitments or upsize and stagger the car by mounting wider rear tires. Plus, with options like silver, gold, and black finishes – you are sure to find the ideal match for both style and budget!

The RPF1 wheel is an efficient, lightweight wheel with an innovative pocket design around its bolt circle that increases rigidity while decreasing heat during aggressive driving. The dual open stance spoke design is similar to that found on Honda McLaren F1 race wheels, and its twin spokes help disperse stress during curves and hard braking – an aspect that contributes to its incredible durability.

Although being cast, the RPF1 weighs only 18.2 pounds in an 18×9.5 size despite being significantly lighter than popular forged wheels such as Volk TE-37. Its rigidity and affordability features make the RPF1 an excellent choice for daily drivers as well as serious track enthusiasts.

If you’re searching for wheels that are lightweight yet cost-effective, the RPF1 may be just what your Nissan 350z needs. These wheels allow for larger rear tires, which will improve grip at high speeds while improving handling and reducing vibrations when driving on rough roads. But beware; these wheels require modification to your suspension; depending on ride height, it may require rolling fender liners or using spacers to avoid rubbing issues.


The Nissan 350z is one of the most sought-after cars to customize, making headlines for starting trombone jokes and co-inventing the “drift boi” stereotype – not to mention being cool! There are many ways to personalize and customize your 350z; cost-effective upgrades include aftermarket wheels and tires with custom fitment for your vehicle, as well as various finishes ranging from matte black to gloss red rims!

The Nissan 350z typically runs 18×10.0-20×9.5 wheels, giving drivers access to a wide range of tire sizes. Many aftermarket wheel suppliers make custom rim sizes specifically for your car – you should know your hub center bore for optimal fitting! A hub center bore is measured as the distance from the center of a wheel to its rim’s center.

An essential element when selecting wheels is offset. Offset refers to the distance between your wheel and fender; higher balances provide more clearance, while shallower ones create flush fits, while deeper ones can lead to more excellent rubbing or scrubbing.

If you want a more aggressive look for your 350z, lowering kits are an easy and affordable way to reduce its ride height. Most kits provide between a one and two-inch drop in ride height, which will make your car appear more aggressive while making room for wider wheels and tires. Coilover setups offer even more significant customization potential; they provide many different adjustments that let you control how your car handles.

Before buying wheels for your Nissan 350Z, you must understand its lug pattern. This bolt pattern determines which size rims will work with your car without any rubbing issues or clashing.

Meister S1

Work Wheels’ Work Meister S1 wheels have become one of its signature products since its introduction. First created as an early product line and still popular today, these iconic rims come with various widths, offsets, and custom color lips and faces; their 2-piece construction with integrated center hub and full material barrel also makes these more robust options than cheaper wheels often bend or break easily.

The 350z stock wheels are an excellent way to maintain the factory aesthetic. Offering plenty of punch, they pair seamlessly with any suspension setup and work well at zero degrees camber; additionally, they still tuck slightly under your fenders while offering enough clearance with zero camber setups – though be warned: they may rub if used with a lower suspension setup.

When purchasing wheels for your Nissan 350z, you must understand its lug pattern and hub center bore. Lugs are connected to hubs in an arc-shaped fashion; their diameter forms the bolt pattern or PCD. On this particular vehicle, its lug pattern measures 5×114.3; therefore, you should select wheels of this size when purchasing them.

Nissan 350z stock wheels range in size from 17 inches for the base model up to 18 inches in the Touring and Nismo models, with a staggered setup of 18-inch front and 19-inch rear rims on Nismo wheels. Aftermarket wheels for this car come in various rim sizes to meet customer preferences, including customized options suited to their hub center bore. It is essential to select wheels that match up perfectly, or else fitment issues may arise.

The 350z has a low offset, which allows drivers to run big tires without fear of them rubbing on the fenders. If you intend on slamming your ride, we advise rolling the fenders or adding spacers; this will enable larger tires to sit further out for improved traction and handling.

Meister S2

Meister S2 wheels are an excellent choice for drivers seeking an aggressive look. Available in various finishes and customizable to meet individual needs, these wheels also boast a step rim barrel design to give them even more style. Meister wheels are suitable for street and track use alike and come equipped with torque specifications so you know which tires will work best with your vehicle.

Meister wheels are proudly manufactured in Japan to a superior standard. Certified by JAWA for quality assurance, these lightweight aluminum wheels make an excellent choice for daily drivers as well as racers alike. Meister has also taken an active part in motorsports through teams like TODA Racing. Made to JAWA standards for quality assurance. Lightweight yet robust construction makes Meister wheels perfect choices for daily drivers as well as racers.

These wheels stand out due to their 5×114.3 lug pattern and 18×8 width; both feature 18-inch tires with widths of 18 inches. You can pair this wheel set up with either front 275/35R18 tires or rear 255/45R18 tires, depending on what tire size suits your vehicle best and determines ground clearance as well as the power output of your engine.

These wheels are an ideal match for the 350z because of their low offset, which prevents any accidental contact between the wheel and body of the car, and lightness; lightweights also improve traction and handling. If lowering your 350z, camber can help ensure the wheels fit under fenders without rubbing against each other.

Work wheels are an ideal choice for Nissan 350Z owners seeking a fresh new look. Their variety of sizes, styles, and finishes makes them suitable for any build, while their lightweight aluminum construction reduces weight while increasing traction – in Japan, this certification level is known as JAWA (Japan Automobile Wheel Association).