Run-Around Lyrics by Blues Traveler


Run-Around was Blues Traveler’s breakout hit and propelled them into fame – not to mention landing them many TV appearances, including Letterman!

This song conveys the pain of being in an unsuccessful relationship. The narrator believes they’re being ignored, giving up, and leaving without resolution.


Hooks in music refer to rhythm or melodic phrases that become memorable to listeners; vocal lines that repeat themselves may also serve as hooks, like this Blues Traveler song, which offers an analysis of formulaic pop songs through lyrics.

This song first made its debut on their 1994 album Four. Since then, it has become one of their most renowned singles, becoming an instant classic among their fanbase. An intelligent critique of pop songs’ formulaic nature; its third verse references Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s story; its lyrics state, “Nothing is sense when the hook brings you back!”

John Bratt performed the song during season four of American Idol, and it served as a great showcase of his talent. The lyrics fit perfectly for the show’s finale, and fans may spot allusions to its usage within episodes; its inclusion was completely intentional by showrunners.

Run Around

Blues Traveler’s Run Around song expresses the heartache of an unsuccessful relationship, as its lyrics portray its protagonist’s perception that their partner is playing games and giving them the runaround. Furthermore, this song acknowledges that their powerlessness to save their relationship may mean they would be better off without one in their lives altogether.

Blues Traveler scored their breakthrough hit with “Wish You Well,” breaking free of jam band territory to join the mainstream music mainstream scene. It made the top ten on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and eventually garnered them one Grammy award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

Lyrically, the song centers around John Popper’s unrequited love for Felicia. Though fictional, this story accurately represents how musicians must balance band life with personal responsibilities. At the time of recording this single by Blues Traveler (then still known as a jam band with guitarist Chan Kinchla and drummer Brendan Hill performing alongside bassist Bobby Sheehan and keyboardist Chuck Leavell, who wasn’t yet part of Blues Traveler), their initial hurdles to recording it proved inconsequential: it went down very well indeed.

Poker Face

Every week, at least 15 crime shows offer us whodunit escapism by serving up propaganda-infused tales ripped from the headlines. But with its provocative premise and superb cinematography, Peacock’s new murder mystery, Poker Face, offers character-driven puzzles instead of simple coganda. Director Rian Johnson of Knives Out delivers ten episodes from this 10-part series, which stars gravel-throated Orange Is the New Black star Natasha Lyonne of Russian Doll fame as a director while director Rian Johnson from Knives Out provides ten episodes in which to experience all this new reality TV genre.

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As a result of her skill, she can also use her poker face to manipulate men by taking away their better judgment and convincing them that she is leading them. The song can be an allegory for this situation as women use this strategy against each other.

A poker face refers to an expression-free surface, making it harder for others to read your emotions. Poker players must maintain this look during games as it helps them bluff against opponents without other players knowing that you’re trying to hide behind it all.

Lady Gaga achieved fame with her 2008 hit song Poker Face, which millions of people sang along to. Yet many may be unaware of its true meaning – we will explore this week the true definition of poker face and its relevance in everyday situations.


Felicia was featured as a fictional character in the 1995 comedy film Friday, playing an evil local girl who relies on others for financial assistance. When Craig Jones (portrayed by Ice Cube) declines her request for his car, Felicia berates him and uses her favorite line from that scene – “Bye Felicia.” It became viral after it was posted online in 2007.

In 2015, this quote experienced a brief resurgence following the release of Straight Outta Compton by F. Gary Gray’s biopic about hip hop group N.W.A (the 1995 movie featuring its origin). Straight Outta Compton included a scene where Felicia, played by Sandra Bullock in Straight Outta Compton, gave oral sex to Eazy-E before being removed by other group members – prompting some to view this quote with misogynistic connotations.

Felicia is a feminine given name that translates to “happy, lucky.” This term can be found among saints, poets, astronomical objects, plant genera, and fictional characters; as well as being used as a common nickname. Felicia first appeared in Latin as Felix, meaning “full of joy,” though later also used as a surname and nickname for female relatives and a pet name for cats! Felicia Zamora has written several poetry collections featured in literary journals like Poem-a-Day at The Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day as Alaska Quarterly Review Crazyhorse & Open.