Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Laptop Review


Introducing the Legion 5 Pro, the world’s first 16-inch QHD gaming laptop. This beast is packed with powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics and AMD Ryzen processing. This combination is designed to deliver devastation in the arena.


Using a hybrid display, the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro delivers a great gaming experience. However, this laptop’s display is not good enough for everyday design or creative work.

Lenovo’s display is only a small step up from what’s available on most other laptops. It offers a bright and impressive display but doesn’t do so well with HDR.

Lenovo’s screen also has a relatively high resolution and is a full inch taller than the average 15.6-inch notebook. While it’s not the brightest or the best display on the market, it’s more than adequate for gaming and other light-duty tasks.

It’s not the best touchpad on the market, but it’s not bad. The touchpad has a large dead zone on the top. If you plan to use this laptop for gaming, you’ll want to consider how the touchpad behaves.


Whether you’re into gaming or creative work, the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro has enough computing power to support current games. The laptop also has a great design, including a robust case and solid build quality. This machine is one of the strongest gaming laptops Lenovo makes.

The Lenovo Legion is a powerful gaming laptop, thanks to its AMD Ryzen 7 5800H CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card. It has enough power to run the latest games at high quality. The CPU is fast and efficient, with plenty of threads to support multi-threading applications. It’s also power-efficient in lower power modes.

The Legion 5 Pro is available in several different configurations. The cheapest one is $1,149 and includes a Ryzen 5 5600H CPU and GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card. The higher-end configurations include a 10th gen Intel CPU and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 or RTX 1080 graphics card.


Whether you’re looking for a gaming laptop or a solid laptop for general use, you’re likely to find it in the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro. It’s a big machine, but it’s also very stable.

The Legion 5 Pro uses the same hardware as the Legion 5 and Legion 7(i), but with a more powerful CPU and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics chip. The Legion 5 Pro has a large display, as well. It has a QHD screen that covers about 95% of the sRGB color space. This makes it a good multitasking machine.

The keyboard for the Legion 5 Pro is an RGB-illuminated island keyboard. It’s similar to the keyboard on the Lenovo IdeaPad laptop, but it’s a little bigger and has a few extra features. You get an E-Shutter button, a Backspace key, and a Numpad. It also features a white light that highlights the buttons.


Whether you’re a gamer or a productivity enthusiast, the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro can meet your needs. It has an impressive display, solid connectivity, and an excellent design. You’ll also enjoy a long battery life and a comfortable keyboard.

The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro has a full-size island keyboard with RGB-illuminated keys. It features soft-click buttons, a double-height Return key, and a number pad.

The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is built from an aluminum and plastic shell. The hinge extends past the screen and is designed to be stable. The front edge is slanted and the lid has a Y-shaped LED logo. The hinge is labeled I/O and USB-C, while the rear edge has a single USB-C port.

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro has a display with excellent resolution and brightness. It supports a variable refresh rate and covers almost 100% of the sRGB color space. It can be calibrated using Calman. Its maximum brightness is 565 nits.


Depending on what you are looking for in a laptop, Lenovo’s legion 5 pros should be on your shopping list. It has a solid design, plenty of power, and plenty of connectivity options. It is also reasonably priced.

Lenovo has been in the high-end gaming laptop business for a few years now. The Legion line is a well-rounded collection of machines with enough power to run most modern games at high resolutions and graphics settings.

Lenovo’s legion 5 pro has an innovative TrueStrike Keyboard with four-zone RGB LED backlighting. It also features a turbo-charged dual fan design for improved cooling. The keystrokes are on the small side of a gaming laptop, but the response is solid. The laptop also features Nahimic 3D audio, a feat in its own right.