What Are the Sizes of LED Panel Light?


Interior decor hinges heavily on lighting. LED panel lights can add a beautiful accent to your home and help increase brightness within each room. The Amazing fact about long led panel light.

These ultra-thin lights have excellent heat dissipation properties and can be used anywhere from homes, hospitals, and offices to outdoor spaces.


LED panel lights come in various sizes to fit seamlessly with any space in your room, with lightweight bodies making installation simple on surfaces such as false ceilings. We offer various wattages depending on your requirements.

Choose between round or rectangular shapes depending on your aesthetic preferences; round panel lights provide a cozy feel, while rectangular lights offer more formal sophistication.

Flat panel troffers are indispensable fixtures in offices, schools, and commercial facilities where overhead luminaires are the primary source of ambient and task lighting. Equipped with edge-lit technology and featuring an anti-hot spot diffuser to diffuse harsh hot spots.


LED panel lights come in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for use in offices, retail outlets, beauty parlors, and residential spaces. Round LED panels add a soft yet cozy charm, while rectangular ones add more formal appeal – round panels offer soft lighting with soft edges. In contrast, rectangular ones create more formal atmospheres.

Select those with high CRI ratings to ensure proper lighting when shopping for LED light panels. Also, ensure the lights are UL listed to protect your space, and dimmable panels are preferable to save energy and money while creating less environmental impact.


There are various LED panel lights for residential and commercial settings, some warm while others cool. Furthermore, their shape has an effect; round panels create a more intimate ambiance and may work better in residential areas, while rectangular ones offer a more fabulous professional presence when lighting retail and office areas.

Many LED panel lights are dimmable, allowing you to customize the brightness according to your needs. Be sure to choose a dimmer switch compatible with the light type you select, and always opt for one with a UL listing to ensure safety if using your panel light in public areas.

Energy efficiency

Unlike fluorescent lights that spread light in all directions, LED panels focus their brightness downwards for greater efficiency, thus decreasing energy usage and associated operational costs.

LED panel lights produce much less heat than their fluorescent counterparts, helping reduce air conditioning costs in buildings and other commercial establishments.

LED panel lights offer high-quality bright illumination in various color temperatures that can complement any decor. When searching for an LED light in your interior space, 3000K to 4500K lights offer optimal results; look for lights with this temperature range, as these should blend beautifully with furniture, walls, ceilings, rugs, and other home decorations. If your room features cool hues such as blueish whites or mint tones, choose natural-looking bulbs; otherwise, when decorating in warm colors like browns and tans, opt for natural-looking bulbs as these will help highlight them more naturally than conventional bulbs.


There are various kinds of LED panels designed to meet specific applications. These include rectangular and square panels with white light/RGB color-switching capabilities, round panel lights suspended from ceilings or walls, and surface-mounted flush mount options.

LED lights are ideal for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and other public buildings. Their slim profiles and easy installation make them great options, while reduced power usage helps reduce energy costs over traditional bulbs.

As they don’t produce harmful UV rays like fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs are safe for the eyes and don’t cause fabric fading – not to mention lasting up to 13 times longer!

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