HP Omen 15 Review


Those of you interested in purchasing a new laptop would be well advised to take a look at the HP Omen 15. This notebook has everything you could wish for, and it is one of the most affordable on the market.

Keyboard layout

Unlike most laptops, the Omen 15 shines when it counts. Its 512 GB NVMe SSDM is not only impressive but it is also one of the most reliable laptops we’ve encountered to date.

Despite its hefty price tag, the OMEN 15 offers a level of performance that’s worthy of a high-end gaming system. The Intel i7 8th generation processor paired with 16 GB of RAM and a whopping 1TB of hard drive space offers a slew of performance-boosting options. The included Intel UHD Graphics 620 is a worthy upgrade to the stock AMD variant. The HP OMEN 15 is a beast of a machine.

In terms of hardware, the aforementioned Intel UHD Graphics 620 and AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics cards are more than sufficient for most of our gaming needs. The Omen 15’s speakers do a decent job of delivering sound to the masses. The Omen 15 is not without its kinks though. The screen is wobbly at times and the hinges are stiff.


Designed for 1080p and 1440p gaming, the HP Omen 15 is a mid-range gaming laptop that delivers solid performance at a decent price. However, it lacks a few key features that should be considered before purchase.

The HP Omen 15 comes with a Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 4600H CPU that supports a variety of input devices and various modes of communication. The processor is also paired with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics, which provide enough power for 1080p gaming. However, the Omen 15’s cooling system can’t keep up with the CPU and GPU under heavy workloads. Its cooling system uses short heat pipes to keep the laptop cool.

The Omen 15 display produces a crisp picture with deep blacks and decent color temperature. However, it is a little bright compared to the G5 15. This is a definite issue if you’re going to be gaming at night or in low-light conditions.


Taking a step back and looking at the broader scheme, the HP Omen is a powerhouse. A dual-core Hexa core processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, a 256GB PCIe SSD, and Windows 10 all fit nicely into the 15-inch chassis. A 200W AC power adapter is all that’s required to get the blood pumping. HP’s laudable attention to detail is evident in the myriad ports on offer. The display is a 15.6-inch IPS panel delivering a 144Hz refresh rate, which is a notch above the competition. The speakers are bang for your buck with dual-array microphones, which is more than enough to get the job done.

The HP Omen isn’t exactly cheap. The entry-level model costs $849. The 2021 high-end model retails for $1150. While the price tag is more than the average PC consumer is willing to pay, it offers ample proof of quality.

Storage limitations

Despite having one of the largest screens in its class, HP Omen 15 still has a few limitations. For starters, it’s a bit heavier than you would expect. It also has a weak battery. A single charge isn’t enough for a full workday, but the Omen 15 should be able to handle the occasional intense workload.

The HP Omen 15 isn’t as beefy as some of the other mid-tier gaming laptops, but it punches above its weight class. The CPU grunt is impressive, and the design and features are top-notch.

The Omen 15 features a 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 144Hz display. It’s also bright, with wide viewing angles. However, the screen doesn’t have frame-rate-smoothing technology. This means you’ll have to switch games on and off if you want to play them at a decent frame rate.


Whether you’re a gamer looking for a new laptop or you just want a new PC to play on, you’ll want to check out the price of the HP Omen 15. This gaming laptop is one of the best values on the market today. It’s packed with features and delivers great performance for the money.

HP Omen 15 features a full-HD panel with a crisp 144-HZ refresh rate. The screen also features a pixel density of 141 pixels per inch. It also features Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, which ensures that the monitor’s refresh rate is consistent with the game’s frame rates. It’s also equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, an SD card reader, and an HDMI port.

HP Omen 15 isn’t perfect, however. It’s a bit heavy and the battery life isn’t great. It’s also not the best choice for frequent use outside of the home.