LED Panel Light – 1 x 1 LED Panel Light


These ceiling panel lights will brighten any room by eliminating dark spots and fitting seamlessly into existing suspended grid systems to give a contemporary and clean appearance. DLC Premium-rated, they may even qualify for utility rebates! Have the Best information about 1×1 led flat panel light.

They’re small and straightforward, making them perfect for travel shooters looking to minimize their gear.

Living Room

Family and friends congregate in the living room to socialize or watch TV. Therefore, this space must be warm, welcoming, and well-lit; LED lighting provides this extra glow, while false ceilings/POP panels allow designers to add design elements for maximum visual effect.

Flat LED panel lights use less energy and require minimal maintenance compared to fluorescent bulbs, not emitting harmful UV rays and being quicker and easier to install in tight areas or grids without needing mounting kits. They’re an ideal solution for residential spaces.

Each fixture comes equipped with a three-act color and wattage selectable switch on the back that allows you to choose from 4000K cool white, 5000K bright white, or 6500K daylight light to give you more control of your lighting experience. Many fixtures also include an additional dimming option compatible with traditional dimmers – providing additional control.


Designed for commercial and residential ceiling surface mounting, this LED panel light mounts directly to junction boxes for an easy and seamless installation. Utilizing Even-Glow technology, the fixture evenly illuminates rooms without visible bulbs or hot spots – offering dimmability and multiple color temperatures and wattages to suit different lighting needs.

These overhead luminaires can create an inviting and cozy environment with high CRI ratings, typically associated with general lighting products with good visual performance. CRI scores of 80 or greater are often associated with general illumination products that deliver exemplary illumination levels.

Lighting LED panels deliver superior brightness with lower power usage than fluorescent fixtures, helping you lower energy usage. Select edge-lit panels or back-lit models based on your design goals, with edge-lit models using LED strips to light a diffuser for slimmer profiles. In contrast, back-lit models place LEDs across rows on the frame’s backside for uniform illumination.


Kitchens are gathering spots for families after long days. LED panel lights make an excellent addition, offering soft illumination without harsh shadows and boasting an impressive color rendering index rating that makes food and appliances look their best.

Compared to fluorescent ceiling lights, flat LED panels produce less glare and energy savings than fluorescent alternatives, boast longer lifespans without mercury exposure, and can even be surface mounted onto T-bar ceilings for convenient mounting options.

Choose an LED panel from a wide selection of colors and wattages when making your selection. For instance, opt for fixtures with selectable white shades allowing easy transition between 4000K cool white, 5000K bright white, and 6500K daylight lighting. Furthermore, dimmable models can help set the ambiance in any space with one flick of a switch – great features in retail environments and grocery stores where products need to be highlighted!


Every bathroom deserves to look its best, so LED lights are a practical addition. LEDs can illuminate mirrors and other accessories while being energy efficient – creating an uplifting environment in your bathroom!

Slim and compact designs enable these lamps to fit easily into most spaces, with various shapes available that make it easier to complement other aspects of design. Some even come equipped with color-changing capabilities to set any room’s atmosphere!

These fixtures can help upgrade existing ceiling fixtures or be used in new construction applications. When selecting one for replacement or new construction use, opt for one with a 0-10v dimmer switch to provide maximum flexibility and longevity. It would be best to look for panels made using quality aluminum heat sinks and frames made from quality material; an excellent quality indicator would be light guide plates made of acrylic (PMMA) or methyl styrene.

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