LED Round Panel Light


LEDs boast high efficiency and can be directed, making them suitable for many applications. Furthermore, their costs tend to be less than traditional bulbs and tubes. Have the Best information about 2×2 Led Panel Light.

LED panel lights offer significant energy savings when used to replace fluorescent ceiling fixtures, are easy to install, and feature modern designs that integrate well into existing systems.


This LED panel light features a round design that’s simple to install in any home or office, coming with multiple color options to meet any decor. Plus, with its built-in LED driver and mat plexi cover for cooling purposes and evenly dispersion of light throughout a room.

LED lightbulbs use less energy than their conventional counterparts, making them an energy-saving choice for your home or office. Plus, their enclosed fixtures are safe to use – perfect for spaces where lighting is essential for safety and efficiency.

Before purchasing LED lights, verifying their power factor, light appearance, and CRI is essential. You can find this information on their packaging label – for instance, if a 7-watt light with a power factor of 0.7 is indicated as such, it will use 10 watts which can save money over time.


EGK LED panel lights consume less electricity and last much longer. You’ll only need to replace them less often, thus cutting costs and protecting you and your home or office from excess heat production. They produce far less heat, too – perfect for inside and outside use!

Finding the appropriate light is vitally important when undertaking any project. Look for lights made with aluminum heat sinks and quality light guide plates made of quality material; panels with only two-year warranties shouldn’t be trusted. Also, look for frames completed in powder coating rather than paint finishes designed with sturdy construction.

SANDMARC’s compact LED panels come in RGB and Bi-color varieties, the former offering you more than 16 million colors to create. At the same time, its counterpart can switch between tungsten and daylight balance, making these light sources perfect for photography and video productions. Incorporating quality-grade acrylic bulbs that eliminate color distortion as well as shockproof design features, these light sources can even be used outdoors!


LED panels have been developed to use less energy, saving on electricity bills while reducing environmental pollution. Many homeowners and office managers opt for this lighting option due to its cost savings and reduced environmental pollution levels; many are now opting to switch. But selecting an LED panel light that meets your space requirements is essential – one good rule of thumb would be selecting at least 70 lumens per watt of brightness for best results.

LED bulbs with high lumen-per-watt values typically boast higher power factors than other bulbs, measured as the ratio between actual load wattage used at load and apparent load wattage as recorded on your meter.

Syska is a trusted manufacturer of premium LED light products. You can find their selection on Moglix, an ecommerce website that sells quality lighting. Their products feature top-of-the-line materials and advanced techniques, available in surface-mounted and recessed LED panels.


As LED panel lights have become an essential component of interior decor, choosing the appropriate model for any area in your home or office can make a dramatic statement about who you are and your taste in lighting design. To find your perfect option, search for manufacturers with warranties and good reputations; select panels featuring powder coating instead of paint finishes; and opt for those featuring well-constructed frames with good frame construction, as this can ensure balanced illumination of all spaces within the house or apartment.

Choose from cool white, natural white, and warm yellow LED lights for task lighting that boost focus and efficiency, while warm yellow creates an enjoyable ambiance. Multi-color LED panels offer additional decorative lighting possibilities while using less energy than traditional bulbs – not to mention they’re mercury and lead-free – saving money while saving the planet!

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