Stylish and Clean 600×300 LED Panel


These 600×300 led panels were specially created to fit standard T-Bar Troffer ceilings, reducing lighting costs in commercial properties. Both stylish and attractive, it can easily be surface mounted to walls or ceilings and remain dust free, perfect for places such as bathrooms and kitchens. An exceptionally fantastic fact about 600×300 led panel.

This light is also extremely lightweight, making it much simpler to transport around a location than typical flash heads. This feature can especially prove handy when using it with a tripod setup.


This 600×300 led panel is an outstanding premium product with a 5-year warranty and comes in 3000k, 4000k, and 6000k hues from the drop-down box. Dimmable options such as DALI, 0-10v, and TRIAC can also be selected as desired.

These panels feature side lighting that can be directly built into a T-bar troffer ceiling or surface mounted directly to a plaster sheet ceiling, and they boast low energy usage with over 50000 hours of lifespan.

Replace traditional panels containing four 18W fluorescent tubes and cut energy usage by up to half. Dimmable panels offer additional savings. Installation is straightforward; follow the easy installation steps without special tools or knowledge. They are fireproof and feature an effective thermal management system designed to prevent overheating; furthermore, their aluminum frame acts as a heat sink to help regulate temperatures.

Color Temperatures

The 600×300 led panel comes in various colors to meet operating conditions, including DALI, 0-10v, and TRIAC systems. You can mount it below your ceiling or directly on a surface; plus, it has a 5-year warranty and 70,000-hour LED rating!

It includes a user-selectable power switch that allows you to change the color temperature according to your environment, providing energy savings and adequate lighting in any given space.

Excellent light panels can create a contemporary atmosphere and be used for product display or retail. Warmer light panels work better in spaces like restaurants, salons, and spas where relaxing atmospheres need to be created – they give more natural-looking environments while rendering products accurately with excellent color rendering capabilities. Our LED backlight panels come in warm, neutral, and perfect temperatures.

Power Options

With its large size, this panel is perfect for music video lighting. You can mount it quickly onto a light stand to easily direct light where necessary, and its cold shoe mount allows direct head-on illumination of camera subjects.

This ultra-thin LED panel was created to replace standard 600x600m fluorescent troughs, saving money through SMD technology and using half the energy consumption of traditional panels. Featuring side lighting that eliminates glare and is available in three color temperatures – 3000K, 4000K, or 6000K -it fits neatly into standard grid ceilings for use anywhere in an office.

Famous in commercial spaces, this recessed LED panel boasts a user-selectable power mode to reduce energy use by 15%. Available in an assortment of popular colors and with an easy-to-use control system that automatically optimizes brightness based on the room environment, UGR19 compliance makes this luminaire an excellent choice for workplace environments by alleviating eye strain and headaches caused by glare.


LED panels offer an energy-saving alternative to fluorescent grids in offices and commercial buildings. Utilizing SMD technology, these LED panels consume significantly less wattage while producing quality illumination. For instance, installing one 30W panel to replace four standard 18W T8 fluorescent tubes will result in immediate savings of 32W of electricity consumption.

An additional advantage of LED panels is their longevity; estimates exceed 120,000 hours of operation under normal conditions, providing more than two decades of use under ideal circumstances. Like all lighting products, their lifespan will decrease over time due to wear; this can be offset by regularly cleaning the panels to maintain optimal condition and using user-selectable power switches that allow you to fine-tune brightness levels as per environment requirements.

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