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Silica is one of the premier coaching institutes for students interested in design. Their courses are comprehensive and address all aspects of passing competitive entrance exams such as NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED & NATA.

Why do so many Faculty/staff members of Silica Coaching Institute remain?

How to use LMS

Education and technology involve many acronyms; one of the more popular is LMS (learning management system). This software enables both students and employees to access lessons, courses, and quizzes online, record employee progress, deliver professional certifications, and train and manage a sales team.

There are various LMSs available, but the key consideration should always be how well they meet your individual needs and objectives. Without knowing your desired outcomes, any platform won’t help. A reputable vendor should take time to understand your goals before helping create an effective strategy to use their LMS successfully.

First and foremost, you must source engaging and intriguing content for your employees in order to increase learning and retention of information. After that comes designing exam questions that measure their knowledge.

Your silica training course content options span from PowerPoint slideshows to SCORM-compliant videos. With iSpring’s content creation tools, it is easy to add and manage videos, live training, webinars, static course material, and mobile client apps that enable employees to learn anywhere!

Choose an LMS that supports eLearning standards, like SCORM or Tin-Can, to maximize the student or employee learning experience. These regulations determine how data should be exchanged between your LMS and any content being delivered; later on, this information can be interpreted and provide more personalized experiences for both parties involved.

An LMS should incorporate gamification features, which can increase engagement and retention by rewarding learners for their progress – these rewards could come in the form of badges or points; badge-based systems may even encourage learners to complete more courses while increasing performance, ultimately leading to improved training efficiency overall.


Customized learning management systems (LMSs) can assist businesses to expand and adapt with their members, helping to ensure that they’re always ready for change. LMSs also help companies to save costs by eliminating printed materials, traveling expenses, accommodation fees, and updating an old system – cutting the need for printed material and cost of training managers and instructors as well as the time and expense needed for updating an outdated system.

An effective LMS should also allow for easy customization and personalization, catering to each learner’s unique needs. Students can select their preferred interface, add content, and collaborate with peers; teachers can provide formative and summative assessments in multiple formats, including quizzes, questionnaires, or videos.

An additional advantage of implementing a tailored LMS is its ability to enable learners to track their progress in real-time. This provides learners with a clear picture of what they have learned and their performance in their current roles and will enable them to identify areas for improvement as well as set personal targets that make learning engaging and effective for both teachers and learners alike.

Customized LMSs make it easier for organizations to improve usability through visual design changes, leading to users having an improved training experience and increasing participation rates. Furthermore, their personalized interface will also be more appealing and help users understand how best to utilize it.

Since 2000, SILICA Institute has provided high-quality preparation and coaching for entrance exams such as NID, NIFT, NATA, CEED, and UCEED Art CET. Their experienced faculty hails from top design institutes around India and overseas, helping over 15,000 students start their design careers through personalized approaches.

The benefits of custom LMS implementation can be seen across industries and can help enhance performance in all. From supporting employee training to complying with regulations, an LMS is used to boost performance across many fields – but before making your decision on implementation, all advantages and disadvantages of an LMS must be carefully considered before committing.


Silica offers one of the leading design entrance preparation courses in Aurangabad, featuring meticulously prepared study materials that include video lectures by industry experts. Rewind/playback capabilities enable self-pacing learning. Furthermore, this institute hosts various workshops to further your education.

Our Silica training course adheres to regulation standards, covering topics like exposure and limits, controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE). This class also features intermittent practice quiz questions, with an estimated training duration of between 60 and 90 minutes.


Silica Training is a comprehensive course that meets OSHA’s respirable silica standards. The online course covers dangers associated with exposure to silica, the appropriate use of PPE, and how to mitigate risks through control measures; there’s even an OSHA-aligned final exam! Typically, the training lasts 45-60 minutes in total and is available both as a download file or trainer kit containing materials necessary for training employees as well as a “Trainer Designation Form.”

The Silica Institute provides students interested in designing with all the services and support needed to pursue a career. Their expert coaching programs have assisted over 15,000 students in securing admission into top design institutes in India and abroad. With tuition-free classes, online learning modules, and study material provided to each student enrolled – their courses are tailor-made to suit individual student requirements.

Silica’s study materials are among the finest of any design entrance preparation institute. Their comprehensive study materials feature some of the essential textbooks and videos from industry experts; additionally, Silica provides self-paced online study material so you can learn at your own pace.

Silica Institute not only offers an impressive variety of courses but also has a free app designed to help you practice for NID and UCEED entrance exams. With multiple mock tests and an intuitive dashboard – plus compatibility with most major mobile devices so you can access it anytime – they have everything you need for exam success!

Silica Institute provides another great resource in their LMS (Learning Management System). This online platform enables you to view course content and progress, communicate with classmates, and keep track of assignments, projects, and quizzes – and can even be accessed on a phone or tablet!