How Old Was Kobe When He Retired From the NBA?


Kobe Bryant began playing in the NBA at age 18 and went on to last 20 seasons – an unprecedented length in NBA history. Additionally, he won five championships and two Olympic gold medals during this period.

After retiring, he forged an influential second career based on his many interests. He invested in the BodyArmor sports drink company and established Granity Studios; additionally, he published books to motivate young readers.

He was 18 years old when he started playing in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23, 1978, and raised in Philadelphia. From an early age, he started playing basketball, leading his high school team to victory at state finals under his captaincy. This earned him the moniker “Black Mamba,” as well as numerous college scholarship offers from universities; eventually, he decided not to attend university but entered the NBA straight out of high school, becoming its youngest-ever member at age 18.

He joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996, quickly becoming an instantaneous star with his exceptional passing skills and quick shooting ability. Over his career, he amassed more than 26,000 points – an outstanding total that still stands today – earning five NBA Championships and two Olympic Gold Medals.

Kobe found himself struggling with injuries in later years despite his success. After suffering an Achilles tendon rupture in 2014, his level of play never quite returned to previous levels, eventually forcing him into retirement after 20 seasons in the NBA.

At 37 years old, he retired and made history by scoring 60 points in his last NBA game on April 13, 2016. Becoming the oldest player ever to achieve such an achievement.

Kobe kept himself busy during his retirement by participating in his daughter’s basketball activities, investing in companies like Body Armor, writing and producing films, and founding several charitable organizations.

Kobe Bryant’s decision to retire may have shocked some fans, but he was ready for more time with his family and less pressure from performing on court. Kobe was also motivated by Laker’s poor start to the season — they looked disjointed on both ends of the court — which ultimately contributed to him realizing it was time to step aside as one of the greatest ever NBA players and will always be remembered fondly around the globe as one of its legends despite dying tragically on January 26, 2020, in a helicopter crash.

He was 37 years old when he retired.

Kobe Bryant announced his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers after 20 years, being widely considered one of the greatest players ever seen in NBA history, winning five championships and two Olympic gold medals during that time. Following retirement, he continued his involvement through various investments and ventures while creating The Player’s Tribune television show and a multimedia production company to keep active within his sport.

Atwood has also written several books. As an active investor with a net worth of over $600 million, he is actively invested in various companies such as Body Armour and VIPKid and contributes considerably to charity.

In his final NBA game, he scored 60 points, leading the Lakers to victory. Instead of receiving gifts or ceremonies from fans, he preferred hearing boos over cheers while playing over 2,000 games and earning over 30,000 points during his career.

After retiring from the NBA, he and Vanessa continued living in California, where they raised Gianna while being actively involved with basketball as a sport. Together, they are an outstanding example of what it means to serve as role models for children.

Vanessa and Kobe married in April 2001 when Vanessa was only 18 years old. They met while filming a music video and fell immediately in love; after that momentous meeting, they continued being an item throughout their relationship’s duration, even through several difficulties, such as Kobe’s admission of infidelity and subsequent legal battle against sexual assault charges, they remain very much together and very much loved one another.

Kobe announced his retirement in November 2015 and played his final NBA game on April 13, 2016, against Utah Jazz – scoring 60 points during that game win!

He suffered numerous injuries throughout his career and often felt pain. Finally, it came time for him to retire as his body could no longer play at its previous level; he claimed that in his last game, he gave everything and didn’t wish to risk further injuries by returning to the court again.

He was 40 years old when he died.

Kobe Bryant was an iconic basketball player who held down a spot with the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years before retiring on April 2, 2016, following an announcement via a poem posted to the Players’ Tribune website on November 29, 2015. He played his final game against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center, where he scored 60 points – an extraordinary accomplishment!

Bryant was one of the most competitive players in NBA history despite numerous injuries that he experienced throughout his career, winning five NBA championships and two Olympic gold medals. Additionally, Bryant won various All-Star and Most Valuable Player awards during his time in the league and is widely considered one of the greatest players ever seen on an NBA court.

After retiring from basketball, Kobe became an entrepreneur and launched several businesses. His investments included BodyArmor SuperDrink – a sports drink manufacturer – and Granity Studios, an interactive multimedia production studio. Furthermore, Bryant-Stibel Investment Company and VIPKid were also established under his watchful eye.

Kobe amassed his fortune through investments in his salary from the NBA and lucrative endorsement deals such as Nike. His net worth reached over $600 million just three years after retirement.

However, tragedy struck again in January 2020 when he was killed in a helicopter accident near his home in Calabasas, California. The aircraft had been traveling towards a basketball game for Gianna (his youngest child). The cause of this accident remains unknown.

Kobe Bryant’s death sent shockwaves through the NBA community and beyond, as his daughter Gianna also perished in the accident. Former Lakers general manager Jerry West expressed his disbelief over their loss.

Kobe and Gianna’s deaths were deeply mourned throughout the basketball community. With close ties that ran deep between them, their deaths shocked many people, yet the NBA community banded together in their grief while honoring Kobe’s legacy, remembering his passion for basketball and desire to be the best at everything he pursued.

He was 41 years old when he died.

Kobe Bryant died on January 26, 2020, aged 41, after a helicopter crash near Calabasas, California. A former Los Angeles Lakers player and one of the greatest in NBA history, he played 20 seasons in the league, winning five championships over that span as well as two Olympic gold medals, being fourth on all-time scoring lists, two Olympic medals, two Olympic medals of honor from Brazil as an Olympian medalist.

Kobe Bryant continued his professional life after retiring from the NBA by engaging in business and television ventures. In 2013, he opened his basketball academy – Kobe Bryant Academy – and invested in numerous companies. Known for his love of fashion, he often attended fashion shows. Trendsetting is something which Kobe was well-versed in – both inside of sports and entertainment worlds alike.

At 18, Kobe Bryant became one of the youngest NBA rookies ever when he entered straight out of high school, making an immediate, impactful statement about himself in basketball and academics – graduating from Lower Merion High School with a 3.7 GPA and becoming an instant star on the court.

He won two NBA MVP awards and 18 All-Star selections, was part of two winning teams, and earned both of its Finals MVP awards twice. Additionally, he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020 as an internationally beloved figure who will forever remain an icon to many people worldwide.

He married Vanessa in 2001. Together, they had four children – including Gianna. Together, they were an incredibly loving couple who always supported one another.

Kobe Bryant was known for his generous philanthropy outside of basketball, with many charitable endeavors undertaken on his behalf, such as Donating to Make-A-Wish Foundation and Special Olympic events, supporting arts initiatives, music appreciation, etc.

Kobe Bryant will be sorely missed by family, friends, and millions of fans around the globe; his presence will be sorely felt everywhere, from family gatherings to sporting events in the world. A true sports icon who will long be remembered, Kobe was an inspiring role model to young athletes worldwide and will live on as part of his legacy.