How Old Is Salish Matter?


Salish Matter, born November 29, 2009, is an accomplished social media star first discovered through Instagram in 2009. With her attractive features and slim physique, Salish is known to eat only vegetarian food while regularly participating in yoga and exercise routines.

She is Jordan Matter’s daughter and an internationally acclaimed photographer/author. She can often appear in his Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube videos and being a level 6 gymnast.

She was born on November 29, 2009

Salish Matter is a well-established social media influencer who has amassed an enormous following across TikTok and YouTube. She hails from Jordan Matter’s family of photographers – known as Dancers Among Us photographer/author/NY Times bestseller Dancers Among Us/Born To Dance author, respectively. Hudson Matter (her brother) also holds photographic expertise, which he shares through his own YouTube channel.

She began her social media career by appearing on her father’s Instagram and TikTok accounts before creating her own YouTube channel using the username saysaymatter and amassing over 15 million subscribers. Additionally, she is an accomplished level six gymnast, has an active fitness-centric lifestyle, supports animal rights, and is vegetarian.

Parents are incredibly proud of her accomplishments and have encouraged her to follow her dream. She exudes positivity in life, serving as an excellent role model to young people in Nyack, New York, where she currently studies at a local high school before hoping to continue her education there.

She enjoys spending her free time with friends, playing, cycling, and painting. Her smile and alluring personality are infectious – with long blonde locks and stunning dark brown eyes, not to mention yoga and workout routines as fitness hobbies! She regularly practices both forms.

Salish Matter is an ambitious girl with dreams of becoming a renowned social media personality one day. At present, she’s hard at work making a name for herself in her career field – not dating anyone at this time as she wants to focus solely on creating an impressionful statement through her career path.

Salish is brilliant and has enormous potential. She manages her work and family life successfully, and her father has been an invaluable source of encouragement, helping Salish become the talented person she is today.

She is 12 years old.

Salish Matter, born Salish Leigh Leake and daughter of Jordan Matter (an internationally acclaimed photographer and author), has become an online influencer and gymnast with millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok – she also frequently appears in his vlogs on YouTube.

She is a level six gymnast and has competed in regional USA competitions. She has amassed over one million followers on TikTok. Additionally, she actively engages in anti-bullying initiatives through various charities while having strong bonds with her family, especially her brother.

The child of a celebrity boasts an easygoing disposition and charming smile, along with slim body proportions and captivating eyes. Her parents are proud of their daughter’s achievements and encourage her to pursue them further. She enjoys many hobbies and spending time with her friends; these include eating chocolates and sweet dishes, playing, cycling, and painting, as well as taking up cats as hobbies – not forgetting wearing quirky goggles and hair bands!

Salish is a young lady with great potential who continues developing her gymnastic skills and presence on YouTube and TikTok. Her hard work and dedication have propelled her toward a bright future, and she now inspires other kids to follow their dreams. Her success has become an inspiration to others trying to achieve theirs.

Her father, Jordan Matter, is an esteemed photographer and author renowned for writing bestseller books such as Dancers Among Us and Born to Dance. Additionally, Jordan Matter has amassed a vast following on Instagram and appeared alongside Salish Matter on several vlogs.

Nyack, New York-born Hudson Matter, is an Instagram celebrity and photographer and is her brother’s idol. They share a very close bond, evident by the frequent pictures shared on social media.

Salish completed kindergarten to fifth grade at a local school in Nyack before moving on to a small school in Los Angeles for her sixth and seventh grades, where she excelled as an accomplished gymnast, winning several awards along the way. Salish plans on attending an eighth-grade-only institution for an eighth-grade education.

She is a social media star.

Salish Matter, 13, is an American YouTuber, TikToker, and Level 6 gymnast who has amassed an extensive following online. She is the daughter of renowned photographer Jordan Matter and frequently appears on his social media accounts and YouTube channels under the user name saysaymatter; additionally, she has collaborated on videos with famous YouTube families such as Royalty Family.

Salish is an avid tweeter and Instagrammer with over 950K followers on both platforms – TikTok boasts 670,000! Her beauty and charming persona have gained many admirers.

In February 2020, she appeared in a dancing TikTok set to Ciara’s song “Get Up.” A vegetarian and very active, she has gained immense popularity very quickly, making both Instagram and TikTok followers proud while garnering huge followership for herself and making her father proud by featuring on the front covers of his two best-selling books, Dancers Among Us and Born To Dance – Celebrating Childhood Wonder.

Her mother is a veterinarian, and Hudson Matter is her younger brother. Alex Matter was an award-winning film director, while Paula Feiten provided support as her grandmother. Paula Feiten made sure she always looked beautiful by providing amazing smiles for Paula to wear when photographing them for work or events.

Salish is currently single and focused on her career. It would be easy for her to date at such an early stage in life, but instead, she prefers keeping her life out of the public eye. She lives a fulfilling and joyous life right now without being interested in relationships. Salish has an engaging sense of humor and a kind heart – she inspires many fans and followers, and they wish her the best in the future!

She is a gymnast.

Salish Matter is an ambitious young gymnast and social media star who rose to fame early. She has appeared on her father’s YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram accounts and created her account, currently boasting over 733K followers. With such a strong work ethic and motivation to reach her goals backed up by supportive parents, she has quickly made waves in social media circles.

Salish is a level-six gymnast who has competed in numerous competitions. Additionally, she loves dancing and received extensive dance training early. Salish regularly appears on his father’s TikTok and Instagram accounts and filming videos with other influential people; one video even featured famed talent show performer Sophie Dossi showing some contortion techniques specifically to Salish!

Salish is the daughter of Lauren Boyer and Jordan Matter – two professionals residing in Nyack, New York, specializing in photography. Hudson is her older brother; all three share an apartment. Salish recently appeared in her father’s YouTube video, “My Daughter’s First Day at a New School.”

She has an engaging personality; her fans enjoy watching her videos and following her social media platforms. She has amassed many loyal followers, and her posts have garnered many likes on social media platforms. She is an inspirational role model to her fans, inspiring numerous young people to follow their goals and aspire to reach for them!

In her free time, she enjoys shopping and traveling with her family. As someone who prioritizes health and well-being, her beautiful smile and toned body has won over many admirers – not to mention that her family and friends are encouraging her to pursue her dreams! As an attractive young woman with stunning locks and eyes that add an air of mesmerizing allure, she also boasts an hourglass figure to complement her mesmerizing features.