The Blocks Flyer Bike – Raising it Up With the Crew and Catching Some Blocks


Blocks Flyer is the perfect bike to bring the #SEBIKESLIFE movement alive! Featuring an internal headset and sealed mid-bottom bracket, its 26″x2.4″ Bozack tires offer smooth rolling action while offering excellent traction for performing wheelies – not to mention that its vibrant colors will undoubtedly get noticed out on the streets!


The Blocks Flyer bike is one of the most beloved SE bikes, boasting a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with an internal headset and mid-bottom bracket for a smooth ride. Equipped with 26″x2.4″ Bozack tires for added traction when popping wheelies or weaving through crowds. Equipped with Vans x Cult grips, pad set, Rad Plate, and Vans Cult Cult grips, this ride makes an excellent way to live out #SEBIKESLIFE – Vans was founded right here in Anaheim, CA so it has long supported top riders as sponsors while their shoes have become universally worn by top riders everywhere in BMX circles!


The 26″ Blocks Flyer bike is perfect for anyone looking to have fun and catch some blocks, with its 6061 aluminum frame featuring an internal headset and sealed mid-bottom bracket providing a smooth riding experience. Chromoly cranks and sealed rear hub provide added durability necessary for wheelie poppin’, with new SE Bozack 26″x2.4″ tires providing excellent grip during wheelies or swerves; Rad Plate and Wheelie pegs complete this package that exudes #SEBIKESLIFE! Available in three vibrant colorways!

This item is not eligible for online purchase and must be picked up from our Wantagh, New York, store. For availability, please call ahead.


Block flyer bikes require tires with exceptional traction and stability across various terrains. Tubular or clincher models featuring smooth or patterned tread designs can provide essential traction. While slick tires may be best suited to city streets, more robust models offer greater efficiency for dirt jumping or off-road applications.

SE Bikes’ Cub BMX 26″ Tire was created explicitly for BMX and dirt jumping applications, featuring rugged construction, low profile tread patterns, and large volumes to absorb shock absorption and provide stability. Compatible with multiple 26-inch wheels, this tire is an excellent solution for many different situations.

The Vans Blocks Flyer Bike is a high-quality street bike designed by two iconic action sports brands – Vans and Cult. Features a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with chromoly forks and sealed mid-bottom bracket for a smooth ride, 26″x2.4″ Bozack tires for superior traction when catching airborne blocks or popping wheelies; SE Bikes pad set, Rad Plate and Wheelie pegs ensure maximum durability; with its signature Vans x Cult tires and grips it will surely stand out on any street corner!


Got Blocks!

This unique ride is ideal for raising it with friends and catching some blocks. It is equipped with an internal headset and mid-bottom bracket for a smooth ride and 26″x2.4″ Bozack tires for extra traction during tight turns and swerves. Join the #SEBIKESLIFE movement today by riding this bicycle!

A high-intensity headlight, integrated taillight with brake light, and reflectors all combine to help ensure you ride safely in low light or near other riders. Furthermore, this bike boasts double wall rims and a sealed-bearing rear hub for durability in wheels.

The 2022 SE Blocks Flyer 26″ Bike is designed for fun cruising with friends and wheelie-popping. Crafted with lightweight 6061 aluminum for its frame and strong yet smooth ride quality. Double-walled rims with sealed rear hubs can handle abuse without breaking, while sealed bearings keep things rolling smoothly so you can focus on taking down those who come before.


The Blocks Flyer is the ideal bike to elevate your ride, catch blocks, and live the SE Bike Life. Crafted with lightweight 6061 aluminum frames with internal headsets and sealed mid-bottom brackets for ultimate ride control, 26″x2.4″ Vans x Cult tires to provide smooth rolling, chromoly cranks for wheelies of all kinds, sealed rear hubs to enable wild wheelies, Rad Plate and Wheelie pegs make this stand-out machine sure to make an impression in any neighborhood; just like its namesake brand did all these decades later!

Complete bike specifications may differ slightly based on manufacturer production and part availability. Please get in touch with Dans Comp for further inquiries. Thank you.