Gotts Burgers: The Best Burger in California


It takes a lot of work to come up with a burger that can easily stand and claim to be the best in an entire state. Gotts burgers are easily the best burgers in California is, not in America. This, not an empty claim, we have all the evidence we need to stand with the claim. There are good burgers, then there are great burgers and on top of the echelon there Gotts’s burgers. Do you want to find out why Gotts burgers reign supreme on the California fast-food market? Keep reading.

Gotts Burgers

Gotts Burgers

Joel and Duncan Gott conceptualized the idea of a roadside restaurant that did not anything but provide good food. They came up with Gotts in 1999 and the company has expanded rapidly and can boast of seven branches/. The backbone of this growth is certainly backed by the line of burgers that have now been rightly named Gotts burgers. There are many reasons why these burgers are popular and we are going to be running down the reasons in this article. Before we get into exactly why the burgers are great, we have to appreciate the story behind the Gotts restaurant. The story is one of the reasons why every bite into a Gotts burger feels magical.

Gotts Burgers: Variety

Fast food is amazing mainly because in a way it is exciting. Most restaurants though they tend t make the burger menu quite boring due to very few available choices. Gotts burgers have managed to shake up the burger menu and have brought up the most variable burger menu in the country. The California burger, the Kimchi burger, the American cheeseburger, and the Hamburger are some of the notable burgers present on the Gotts burgers, eleven-burger menu. We can guarantee that you will never get “bored” with the burgers at Gotts. There are so many of them and we can guarantee that there are even more coming.

Gotts Burgers

Gotts Burgers: Size

At a time where most businesses are trying to be as profitable as possible, Gotts has managed to stay principled and strive to provide nothing but value. Evidence of this hypothesis is the size of their Gotts burgers. Gotts burgers are huge! There are very few burgers that come close in terms of size to the burgers at Gotts. Do you want to know how big it is? Order one and trust us you won’t be disappointed. If you are going to spend money on a burger, you need to get the best value, and that what you get with Gotts burgers.

Gotts Burgers

Gotts Burgers: Price

Fast food prices have peaked over the years. Getting an affordable burger is not the easiest task out there. Gotts burgers are still quite affordable and for just about four dollars you can get yourself a vegan burger from the restaurant. We doubt there is a place in the entire United States that can give you so much value for four dollars and if you have not tried the four-dollar burger, you need to give it a try.

The California burger is the most expensive burger on the menu, with a $14.99 price tag. There is a reason why you need to part with fifteen dollars for this urger, it is out of this world and will certainly give your tastebuds a run for their money.

The burgers at Gotts are top tier and there is no argument about that. The setup at tall Gotts restaurants will also certainly excite you if you decide to dine there. The retro style and outdoor dining facilities at most Gotts restaurants are refreshing and will make your dining experience nothing but perfect.

Is there a vegan Gotts urger?

There are vegan burgers at Gotts

Can you order Gotts burgers online?

Yes, you can order Gotts burger online

Does Gotts offer takeout?

You can choose takeout or dine in the restaurant when you buy a Gotts burger