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Where is parallax restaurant?

Parallax restaurant – An Asian fusion experience of parallax restaurant in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. Chef Zack Bruell has created an Asian-inspired menu that highlights his culinary quality and creative style. Their emphasis on fresh ingredients can be seen from hand-rolled sushi to beautifully designed cocktails in their menu.

History of the Parallax restaurant.

More than 30 years ago, Cleveland Magazine credited chef and restaurateur Zack Bruell with exposing the city to an evolving western-coast trend in bistro dining and fusion cuisine.

Bruell took the idea from his experience with renowned chef Michael McCarty of a landmark food store, Michael’s Santa Monica — a restaurant that has been known for influencing dining perceptions around North America for its California New Cuisine.

Bruell imported a modern trend to Cleveland, where he launched Z Contemporary Food at Shaker Heights in the early 1980s. And when he finally sold Z, Bruell ‘s fans didn’t forget about him.

He returned to the game in 2004 with the opening of Parallax in the Tremont area of Cleveland. In only eight years, Bruell opened four more fine dining restaurants: Table 45 at InterContinental Cleveland, L’Albatros at Case Western Campus, Cowell & Hubbard in the historic theater district, and Alley Cat Oyster Bar in East Bank of the Flats.

Some reviews and ratings of parallax restaurant.

As you can see, the site took 4.8 stars out of 1764 reviews! That’s awesome. The reviews say it’s a very decent restaurant with lots and lots of positive reviews, if you want to try it, don’t hesitate.

Parallax restaurant – Down there, I will show you some of the shining positive and negative reviews about every service coming out of people who have tried the restaurant.

  • Seafood stew had a broth that tasted just generic hotness. The seafood had been overcooked. The fries come in between 6 “x 8,” soggy and greasy. Curried vegetables have always been raw. There was a warm mushroom dressing that was vinegar and inedible. When we complained, they traded it for a salad with less of the vinegar dressing — still inedible. It took 35 minutes to get every kind of food but bread. Don’t go back here.
  • Alert the back-dining room! It’s an enclosed patio with glass doors and curtains, so it’s raining. We felt a steady wind on the concrete, so our knees and legs were frozen. They’ve got heat lamps on the walls, so our heads were warm:-(Kinda spoiled the entire dining experience.
  • My dinner was an eruption of taste in my pallet. The presentations were great. The operation was well-paced and in the game. The seat is a little cramped. It was a fun experience all together this night out.
  • The food in parallax restaurant was great! I booked a birthday party to remember that they didn’t have a candle for the cake we ordered. The service was a good place to eat was tight.
  • Has my sister come to celebrate her birthday on a Saturday night? The food was terrific. I had the Beijing Chicken, the Seafood Stew of the Day. They were both excellent with a fine palate. The only bad point was that we were feeling a bit rushed. The dishes had been washed before we had all completed the course. I need to calm down, and it will be a full 10.

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Company or evening attire.

Should I try a restaurant?

Of course, you do! There aren’t many restaurants like parallax restaurants that have 4.8 stars out of nearly 2000 reviews! We can say that the restaurant is pretty amazing.