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Fitbit Charge 4 Reviews – Although smartwatches dominate the wearables market, a few businesses continue to advocate the fitness tracker form factor. Fitbit’s bread and butter are fitness trackers, so when it releases a new one, it’s a huge deal.

Fitbit Charge 4 review: it’s another good product from the Google-owned business. Should you buy it instead of a smartwatch? What about less expensive solutions, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 5?

Let’s get started to find out why Fitbit’s tracker is the best option in this Fitbit Charge 4 Review.

The Fitbit Charge 4 may appear to be very identical to its predecessor, but it has two critical new features that help it bridge the gap between smartwatches and fitness trackers, allowing you to leave your phone at home for runs and walks: built-in GPS, Spotify integration, and Fitbit Pay.

Fitbit Charge 4 Reviews

The Fitbit Charge 4 was released on April 15, 2020, for $149.95 / £129.99 / AU$229.95 / AED 699 — the same price as the Fitbit Charge 3. That’s very amazing since we expected a higher price in return for the Charge 4’s more sophisticated features.

It is significantly less expensive than the Fitbit Versa 2, which includes an Alexa connection for voice commands (which the Charge 4 does not), but does not have GPS or a music app.

Fitbit Charge 4 Reviews: The Design

In terms of style and size, the Fitbit Charge 4 Reviews is identical to its predecessor, with the narrow, rectangular face we’ve come to anticipate.

There are two options available. The Fitbit Charge 4 Standard Edition comes with a strong silicone strap in black, rosewood (a purple color), or storm blue/black.

Fitbit Charge 4 Reviews – Our testing sample was the Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition, which comes with two straps: one black silicone and one reflective woven nylon that looks like tweed and is a good choice for more formal settings.

Straps are simple to remove and replace and come in two lengths to accommodate different wrist sizes.

Some of the alternate watch faces may benefit from a little color (those with a lot of stats can be difficult to see), but if you pick one of the less congested alternatives, it won’t be an issue.

We’d also like that the screen stays at full brightness for a bit longer after being roused (either by tapping the side button or by lifting your wrist) since it dims swiftly. This is most likely yet another power-saving tactic.

Fitbit Charge 4 review: it’s charged using a USB cord that is attached to the watch via a big clip.

Fitbit Charge 4 Reviews – It’s simple to align the connections (it clamps tightly around the whole body of the watch, which is far easier than the equivalent charging clips used by Garmin devices), and a complete charge takes less than an hour.

Fitbit claims that the Charge 4 can last up to a week on a single charge, which we found to be accurate in our tests, however as with any fitness tracker, that timeframe is drastically reduced when you use the onboard GPS.

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Is the Fitbit Charge 4 good to buy?

Most of the Fitbit Charge 4 Reviews agree that the display should be improved, but it boasts a sleek appearance, long battery life, and is water-resistant. The Charge 4 stands out as one of the finest sophisticated fitness trackers you can purchase, and our Editors' Choice, thanks to the addition of GPS, Spotify controls, improved sleep monitoring options, and Fitbit Pay on all versions.

Is the Fitbit Charge 4 GPS reliable?

The GPS accuracy of the Charge 4 is more than acceptable, and it can keep up with GPS systems that cost 5-7x the price of the Charge 4. In addition, the HR sensor in running seemed to be rather reliable.


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