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In many respects, the finest piece of home cardio workout equipment you can buy is an exercise bike. They are more compact than a treadmill, rowing machine, or elliptical, and you don’t have to spend as much money to acquire a solid, high-quality machine.

Exercise bike reviews will help you to learn more about them, and decide what to buy, let’s get started.

Before we go into our top recommendations, let’s go over a few different sorts of home exercise bikes. The first type of bike is an upright bike, which is built for comfort and is ideal for beginners (as well as usually being cheaper).

Indoor or spinning cycles, which simulate the forward-leaning riding posture of a race cycle, are ideal for longer workouts and getting in condition for outdoor cycling.

If you go to spinning courses, you’ll be acquainted with them, and there’s a relatively new subclass of these bikes built to operate in combination with glitzy subscription applications that broadcast live or on-demand spinning sessions.

It creates a considerably more engaging experience, but one that is more expensive and has ongoing expenditures.

The recumbent cycle is the third and least prevalent type of exercise bike to consider. Because of the relaxed riding position, they are the most comfortable of all, but they demand more floor space.

Exercise Bike Reviews

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Exercise bike reviews: the JLL IC200 Pro

This is an ideal entry-level bike for folks who wish to replicate the spinning studio experience at home. Although the 7kg flywheel on the JLL IC200 isn’t as hefty as on more expensive machines, you can still increase the resistance to a point where it’s a struggle.

The lighter flywheel has the advantage of making the machine more portable, and it features wheels on the bottom to assist you to slide it out of the way after usage.

Exercise Bike Reviews – If you want greater resistance than the IC200 can offer, consider the JLL IC400 PRO. While it costs more than twice as much, at £599, it has a 22kg flywheel, ensuring that even the most seasoned amateurs will have a hard ride.

Exercise bike reviews: JTX Cyclo-5

This upright bike has a significant advantage in terms of connection. It is compatible with the Kinomap app, which automatically adjusts the resistance of the bike based on the real-world route you are following on the app.

Exercise Bike Reviews

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With a set of Bluetooth pedals, you can connect to Zwift, Sufferfest, or other cycling applications, however, as an upright bike, you’ll be at a disadvantage if you try racing other riders on spin cycles or turbo trainers.

For an extra £200, you can purchase a self-powered variant, which is great for garage setups without a mains connection. If you order now, your bike will be delivered between June 14th and June 28th (mains or self-powered).

Exercise bike reviews: Echelon Connect

If you want a Peloton-style workout on a budget, this is your best chance. The Connect Sport connects to the Echelon app, which has both live and on-demand exercises to be followed on a phone or tablet put on the bike’s handlebars (there is no built-in screen here, as with Peloton or NordicTrack spin bikes).

Exercise Bike Reviews

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Is it possible to decrease abdominal fat by riding a stationary bike?

Most of the Exercise bike reviews agree that riding a stationary bike can be part of the solution to losing stomach fat if you also modify your diet by eliminating high-calorie foods. However, this type of workout will not simply burn the fat around your stomach. No one activity can target fat everywhere in your body.

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