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Details about Hunting GPS:

Hunting GPS – About the best handheld GPS methods, the first and only name in which pops into our head are Garmin. This company has produced the highest quality GPS DEVICE in the 21st one hundred years, for an excellent price. Garmin’s products are well known for their incredibly sensitive positioning and traffic monitoring, as well as their long battery life and reliability.

Hunting GPS – The latest add-on to the higher end of the mobile GPS devices’ spectrum will be the Oregon series. The main differentiating feature of the Oregon sequence is the large, 3-inch dimension touchscreen. Yes, you no longer need 12 buttons on the handheld product, which means there’s finally adequate room for a large, color FLAT SCREEN screen.

All the models of often the series come with many attributes. I can’t think of many more handy features.

Here is a complete list, with some brief description:

Electronic compass

This is a beneficial tool. Most GPS units can only determine your course while you’re moving. A digital compass, however, will always show your method with pinpoint (2 degrees) accuracy.

Barometric altimeter

That shows your altitude wherever you are, with three toes accuracy. Another essential function to get hikers.

Wireless unit-to-unit shift

Hunting GPS – Now, this is a feature Patients looking for for a long time. You can show trails, waypoints, caches, and other information with your travel consorts very quickly if they also have Or GPS units. No cabling or SD cards necessary. Be aware that the Oregon 2 hundred doesn’t support this characteristic.

Other features include

Custom-made points of interest, picture viewer, looking and fishing calendar, geocaching mode, area calculation and much more. Garmin Oregon is the European army knife of mobile GPS systems.

There are about three different models in the series:

Oregon 200

Hunting GPS – This is the basic design for a list price of 435.00 dollars. It lacks many features (wireless unit-to-unit exchange, digital compass, altimeter) and possesses only 24 MB regarding memory. I don’t advise this one because the additional tariff of a microSD card (you’re likely to need one, 24 megs isn’t enough for anything) will make it cost practically as much as the next model, the particular Oregon 300. Also, it shouldn’t have some of the essential capabilities I mentioned.

Oregon 3 hundred

The next step, with all the features and also 850 megabytes of ram. It costs only 40 bucks more than the Oregon 250, making this the best handheld NAVIGATION unit in this price range.


This model is undoubtedly an extended version of the 500. It comes with 4 Terme conseillé of memory and some atlases installed. Three versions with the 400 are available:
– 400t, which comes with a topographic place of the US.
– 400c with Bluechart g2, in addition to
– 400i with atlases of inland lakes.
The entire group models cost 600 cash. Make sure you buy the one together with the map you need.

Hunting GPS – The Or series often chooses professional hikers, anglers, searchers, and other adventurous individuals. Due to the price, the Oregon 500 is the best handheld GPS on the market.

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