The reason why Conspiracy Theorists Have A split Brain


Each week I find out of a new conspiracy hypothesis gaining traction on social websites. And each time it tapisserie me how stupid individualized people can be. Many of these conspiracy theory theorists have good purposes, but that does not excuse these people from the charge of perpetuating lies.

These so-called real truth seekers are some of the ugliest conveyers of misinformation by themselves. If they would just go through the obvious they would see the advice. However, their propagation involving lies and mishandling of the truth makes a total impression when you see that they are victims way too, like most of us, of the matrix. They are programmed to think in a certain way and have not necessarily spiritually uplifted themselves to determine and think out of the field. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the condition goes much deeper than which. When you are taught that you result from a race that is outstanding, it’s hard to let in which idea go.

Let me present you with an example. Most scientists can not explain how the Egyptians designed the pyramids. They are an outstanding feat of the human executive. But wait: the conspiracy theory theorists have an answer. That they propose that the Egyptians acquired help from aliens along with there must have been speaking to and exchanging between the pair of cultures. You’ll find this concept prevalent over the internet. Yet, the facts of the matter are such a blow to their egos they might never accept it. It really is obvious that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans and also to say these black individuals built one of the great miracles of the world is too much to deal with.

In fact, one has to just look at the hieroglyphs which illustrate the Egyptians as dark to see evidence of this. However, how many conspiracy theorists possess stood up and recognized the whitewashing of the Egyptians as a conspiracy? Or even pointed out that the culprits would be the History Channel, The Breakthrough Channel, modern universities, numerous noted Egyptologists, and more! We have not seen conspiracy advocates cry foul in this area despite the fact that it’s so blatant. However, wait; it gets much better. Since the Egyptians incorporated brain thinkers, meaning these people used both hemispheres of the brain, one can easily observe how they were geniuses by these standards. Now, the contrast in which with most Americans who are left brain thinkers along with polarized in that hemisphere; you can then see how the Egyptians were able to create such magic. It’s alright to disclose that geniuses such as Nikola Tesla and Leonardo kc Vinci were able to use both equally sides of their brain. When it comes to early black civilizations like Egypt, however, they suddenly ignore that using both minds is the key to producing a semi-pro civilization. So, they tumble back to the alien input theory.

The buck will not just stop there. Conspiracy theory theorists have no problem declaring that the Illuminati plans mass extermination to depopulate the planet, put in place a new entire world order, and enslave humankind. You’ve probably heard this one sometimes. However, they overlook the idea that Africans were already patients of mass extermination, exactly where more than one hundred million were being murdered, raped, and captive to build the new world. Therefore, this so-called plan on the Illuminati has already been implemented; a single might consider the subjugation involving African peoples they analyze the pilot program. The latest conspiracy theory they theorized is that our own history has changed, and the Illuminati is responsible. The idea is the fact that much of the world’s history continues to be erased and replaced. African-Americans have known this almost all along and stated undoubtedly that our education system, particularly history books, are all situated and has been white washed.

It can downright baffle how these types of “investigative researchers” overlook these types of facts which have been right before their faces. They recognize that history was transformed, but seem not to want to deal with the fact that white colonizers never only invaded ancient civilizations but destroyed their communities and murdered their individuals. Then took it on themselves to justify their own murderous acts in the title of Christianity. Look at the civilizations we learned about in school–the Mayan, Chinese, and African cultures, for instance. Many of the historic artifacts have been stolen or even destroyed by white colonizers. It would seem that a plan was in place to destroy the historic knowledge. Moreover, we are informed that these indigenous people associated with color were pagans in addition to primitives, yet ironically made it possible to build magnificent cities, wats, and other structures. Why never have conspiracy theorists addressed the belief that there is a mass effort to help vilify people of coloring and destroy their ethnics and ancient civilizations? What they are called the guilty are not hard to come by: Christopher Columbus, King Leopold II of Belgium, and quite a few recently Zahi Hawass, ex-Minister of the State connected with Antiquities Affairs in Egypt, who was indicted on rates of theft. Hawass solely is responsible for hiding important information in addition to covering up the true start of the ancient Egyptians. In addition, I’m just scratching the surface of photos; this is just a short list connected with names.

Now here occurs the kicker. The new idea is that modern man is definitely barbaric, causing countless conflicts on the planet. I agree with this promise totally. But instead of looking into the real cause, they misdirect, saying the reason “we” are really barbaric is that ancient extraterrestrials altered our DNA. This can be beyond absurd. When they declare “we, ” who are they will refer to, precisely? It undoubtedly cannot be people of shade or indigenous native folks. Because no person of native culture has ever fought the global war, enslaved numerous people based on color, and also created nuclear weapons that may destroy the planet many times over. Also, wait! Could they end up referring to white men? In fact, it is white men who also created the system of racism and therefore are dominant, controlling push on the planet. Let’s get right who has the altered GENETIC MATERIAL.

If you understand climate variation, then you know that humans with white ancestry that produced in a cold climate grew to be more left-brain thinkers. The particular left brain thinks with regards to separation, individualism, labels, phrases, facts, logic, and so on. Pair this with the fact that they must fight for food in an inhospitable climate, and one can see how an aggressive tenderness came about. This specific left-brain dominance does not help to make one inherently evil, due to the fact all people are God’s men and Jesus’ women. Rather, when these tendencies are not spiritually inspected by the right-brain-which deals with values, cooperative efforts, unification, spirituality-then you get the corrupt universe you see before you–the incredible world the conspiracy theorist complains about. Yet, in place of looking at genetics and crisis evolution, they attribute all their aggressive nature to extraterrestrials tampering with their DNA. One could only laugh at this. It has to be taken into account that the basis of their idea comes out of the Sumerian drugs known as the Annunaki formation story where they saw the text to say that 445, 000 years ago these extraterrestrials came from space to alter humankind’s DNA.

Most of this can be summed up by saying this those in control of the world currently are left-brain thinkers, meaning they use half a mental. Instead of using both sides of the brain as most cultures connected with antiquity did, we are cornered in seeing and in the world from a skewed view. This is why our progress is definitely retarded. This is why we forget to produce the wonders frequent great ancestors of local cultures did. This is why I’m caught up in war immediately after the war with no hope regarding peace in sight. But the genuine question is, why don’t the conspiracy theorists notice this obvious fact?

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